MFC 36: Reality Check – Quick Results – Spencer, Mutapcic and Rama Pick Up Big Wins!


MFC-THUMBMFC 36 returns to the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta tonight with a stacked lineup including a pair of title fights in the Lightweight and Middleweight division as well as a #1 Contender bout in the Heavyweight Division. Those of you lucky enough to have AXS TV can watch the main card live beginning at 10pm eastern time. Limited tickets will be available at the door so if you’re in Edmonton get yourself down to the Shaw Conference Centre for an awesome night of fights.

Quick Results:
Graham Spencer submits Mukai Maromo by North-South Choke in Round 3, 1:01
***Spencer Wins Vacant MFC Lightweight Title

Elvis Mutapcic defeats Sam Alvey by Unanimous Decision (48-46, 49-45, 48-45)
***Mutapcic Retains MFC Middleweight Title

Smealinho Rama defeats Mike Hackert by KO (Punches) in Round 1, 2:28

Jonatas Novaes submits Kurt Southern by Armbar in Round 3, 1:06

Jason Zentgraf submits Clay Davidson by Armbar in Round 2, 4:57

Wes Swofford defeats Jay Silva by KO (Elbow and Punches) in Round 1, 0:41

Garett Nybakken submits Keenan Feeney by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 4:45

Marcus Hicks submits Paul Grandbois by Arm Triangle in Round 2, 2:13

Elvis Vukaj defeats Chris Mattock by TKO (Elbows and Punches) in Round 2, 1:23

75 Responses to “ MFC 36: Reality Check – Quick Results – Spencer, Mutapcic and Rama Pick Up Big Wins! ”

  1. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    You have 1000 Promoters in your database?

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  2. I'll Say It says:

    That is a lot of promoters MAD lol

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  3. Idolmaker says:

    Kyle was it not you who recently said you will only do business with the more established promotions? If yes then why is it necessary to have such an extensive database? I might be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure you said it.

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  4. I'll Say It says:

    I do remember That to Idolmaker.

    What do you guys think let’s put Kyle’s knowledge and connections to the test. Let’s find some fighters who are tough and have potential. And let’s see what Kyle can do with them, to somebody with so many connections this should not be hard to do, We can call it “the experiment”, 1 guy could be Sean Quinn he’s tough not the greatest record. But always ready to fight

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  5. Kyle Stoltz says:

    It’s down now as were adding pictures for all our guys from a photo shoot we just did. It’s typically Should be back up in the next couple days. I work with Dave Martin.

    Eddie Wineland, Darrion Caldwell, Gray Maynard, Michael Chandler, Tim Means, Efrain Escudero, Martin Kampmann, Mike Pyle, Aaron Simpson, Dan Hornbuckle, Chris Weidman, Gian Villante, Robert Drysdale, Ryan Bader, Jay Hieron, Robbie Lawler, Al Iaquinta, CB Dolloway, Luke Harris, Stipe Miocic and James McSweeney.

    NFL: Chad Greenway

    NBA: Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem

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  6. Idolmaker says:

    Awwww I see that’s an ok collection of fighters. Can you answer my question please?

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  7. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Marc yes I do. I’m sure some aren’t around anymore of stopped running promotions but I have a very basis list of all promoters and sponsors in excel spreadsheets with contact info and that is the number it’s around. I also for just under 2 years wrote down every sponsor for UFC guys or Bellator guys, so have a similar list of sponsors.

    @Idolmaker now yes as I managed guys for years and was not as selective then so was constatently looking for fights. Now most guys are in the UFC so don’t need to go outside of 4-5 promotions.

    @I’ll say it as you can see from my list of fighter’s I rarely take on guys outside of the UFC so I’m extremely selective now. But if you want to run your mouth I would place a bet with you. If I sign a regular guy who can’t get fights who you can pick and I get him 3 fights a year so a fight ever 4 months we place a bet. Of course said fighter has to stay healthy to take fights in that year. That bet being we put 20k in escrow and at the end of the year if he gets 3 fights then I win if not then you win.

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  8. Idolmaker says:

    I figured you had the best and brightest, not a knock on your guys, but there are much larger, more established management groups out there. Why would you find it necessary to knock old school management. It’s obvious they screwed up, but why would an individual of your self proclaimed stature find it necessary? Do you have small man syndrome? Or do you have ‘small man’ syndrome? I for one don’t like being condescended, and I’m going to take you to task and not let you do it to others!!!!

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  9. Robin Black says:

    Kyle is a workaholic who doesn’t take no for an answer for his clients. He knows what he’s doin I assure you of that.

    Managing is a challenging gig that earns very little $ for the most part. The guys who do it and do it well do it because they love it.

    You gotta have someone you trust and who always has your back.

    Marc-Andre. Kyle. Caporicci. Big Jake (we miss ya buddy). Woody. Deano. There’s a few guys who know the biz in Canada.

    None of them make much money but they work their asses off for their friends and clients.

    Challenging business but its exciting when you can help a good fighter get where he wants to go.

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  10. Idolmaker says:

    I know kyle is amazing, he told us he is.

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  11. Robin Black says:

    Jeremy from Fear the Fighter is also doing some great work with his guys.

    There’s others out there too.

    All of them will tell you it is a tough grind.

    I think Kyle is definitely one of the guys operating at the highest level right now.

    I learn something every time I chat with him.

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  12. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Idolmaker list what management groups have better rosters then we do? Most lists with top 20 list of fighters or what not we have more listed fighters then any management group out there. I think a couple rosters by fighter’s might have a similar roster skillset wise but most of those are sponsorship only, which is hilarious as that is not managing a fighter. I put us in the top 5 or so out there. MMA Inc, Zinkin, Roveta, Alchemist, Glenn Robinson and First Round to me have the best rosters out there with us. First Round and Alchemist have tons of sponsorship only fighter’s so doing half the job.

    About Old School not sure how me voicing my opinion and saying they should of had a new contract with all those changes is in your eyes bashing them. I also several times said everyone makes mistakes especially in this business. It was a mistake but we all make them I make mistakes daily.

    Okay big guy take me to task! Lol at small man syndrome, what a dorky comment.

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  13. Idolmaker says:

    The proof is here cupcake, you’re proving yourself a douchebag. I just keep typing, and wait for your response.

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  14. I'll Say It says:

    So all this guys are under contract with you? Not your partner you? As for your bet why is it that it has to be 20k. And now it’s down to 3 fights if it is that easy let find somebody who wants to get extremely busy 5-6 fights a year if they stay healthy.

    You are the one putting guys down amd talking how great you are and how it’s easy to find fights. You also stated that there is many last minute replacement fights. Correct tme if I’m wrong but take g last minute fight say against Ryan Ford is not the smartest decision for your career.

    I know I am all over the place with this post but bottom line you say it’s easy them show us, and the fighter must have 4-6 weeks camps no last minute fights.

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  15. Dean Panas says:

    Kyle is a great manager and a guy that is very good for the sport and the business! Him saying I fucked up isn’t an attack on me personally, it’s the truth.

    If Kyle wanted to take a shot at me I’m sure he would pick up the phone and call me, I know I would do it that way.

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  16. Robin Black says:

    Respect to Dean.

    When a guy makes a mistake and admits it without excuses, that’s the mark of someone that can be trusted.

    Good on ya Dean onwards and upwards.

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  17. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Idolmaker thanks for your opinion.

    @I’ll say it every fighter listed there is signed under one business umbrella. A business 3 people have a stake in and I’m one of those 3. So it’s a 3 part split. I will try this again with you where did I put anyone down? I said a mistake was made. I then countless times said everyone makes mistakes and also said I make mistakes daily. About the 3 I said a fight every 4 months which if your had a 1st graders math skills that’s 3 fights a year. To me 3 fights a year or a fight every 4 months is the same thing as it has the same activity rate. 80% of our roster is in the UFC, you think were taking bad last minute fights? One’s we take are like Hornbuckle vs. Spratt. Great match up for Dan so we took it.

    @Dean thanks for the compliment buddy. If I said anything that was bashing you I will publically say that was not my intent and I’m sorry.

    @Robin thanks for always having my side buddy.

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  18. Robin Black says:

    Cheers Kyle and congrats man.

    You have some haters.

    You have officially arrived. :)

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  19. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Robin only on here and I kind of get a kick out of it to be honest. I read the bashing and laugh, it’s humorous to me!

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  20. Robin Black says:

    If I’m being totally truthful every now and then on the rarest occasion the bashing gets can get to me.

    But for the most part you realize that people who don’t take risks never get bashed and taking some risks tends to enrich your life more often than not.

    Also, if I’m being totally truthful, I’d bash me too. :)

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  21. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Ive made mistakes…but the problem i have now…is honestly…no one wants to fight Craig…his record isnt the best because of bad decision last min fights… so guys with good records dont want to fight him because hes dangerous…and use their record as an excuse…and guys that are in his record range or up and coming dont want to fight him…because they dont want to take the chance of a loss….its quute the dilema…im on the phone or in contact with promoters daily that want him on their card… but just cant find him an opponent willing!

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  22. Cody Rempel says:

    What about Paul Cheng or Ryan Hunter?

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  23. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Still waiting to here on those….Hunter fell ill was supose to fight Craig in Mar in Calgary…Afc has expressed Cheng vs Hudson…but no date or show yet….he was suppose to fight Fortin this weekend…and that fell through…not sure why…just the way it goes for Heavies in Canada…

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  24. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @robin all you can do is your best, if people don’t like it there is nothing that you can do. For just under a decade I worked in corporate America and bit my tongue, now I speak my mind. Some like it and some don’t.

    @shane he is in a tough spot. If I were you tons of MMA websites have promotions listed. I would do introductions to them and tell them about your client. If you present yourself well you would be shocked how often that basic stuff leads to fights. Good luck.

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  25. Robin Black says:

    Hang in there Shane keep workin hard for that big Dog.

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