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A small crowd packed the Oasis Bar and Grill this afternoon as the weigh-ins took place for ECC 15: Carnage which will take place tomorrow at Olympic Hall in Halifax.  The card features a title fight with Syd Barnier and Stephane Pelletier going for the Bantamweight title.  The card also features Mike Kent and Cody Krahn with a catchweight of 195.  The reason for the catchweight is because of an injury Kent suffered during training camp. Some fighters were not able to make weight but it was by a pound expect for Jerome Wilson. No camps had any complaints so all fights will proceeds and no fighter will be docked 20%. Tickets are still for sale through Ticketpro.

Main Event
195lbs- Mike Kent (194) vs. Cody Krahn (194.4)

135lbs- Stephane Pelletier (134.6) vs. Syd Barnier (134.4)
***Bantamweight Title Fight

145lbs- Gavin Tucker (146.2) vs. Lyndon Whitlock (145.6)
185lbs- Chester Post (185.8) vs. Aaron Myers (185.2)
170lbs- Matt Heim (168.4) vs Jerome Wilson (173.2)
155lbs- Maverick Cowx (155) vs. Tyler Lee (155.8)

Maui Thai Exhibition
Nicole Bourdage vs. Claire MacEwen
Boyd Sharpe vs. Steve Goodfellow
Sebastian O’ Mally vs. Chad Symmonds

35 Responses to “ ECC 15 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Donald Duck says:

    Tucker missed by a hair but what’s with Wilson coming in 2lbs heavy?

    What was the penatly?

    Was this the first pass?


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  2. Allen hope says:

    Hey mike kent how many times are you going to use the excuse that you are injured ??? 10lbs ??? Good job

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  3. mike Kent says:

    Gavin didn’t miss . They don’t let you take you strip down naked so they give u a half pound .

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  4. Jerome is 49 years old and had his first cut, 17+lbs. Did good for an old timer!

    Gavin weighed in with shorts and a necklace on, would have easily been under 146.

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  5. mike Kent says:

    Hey Allen why don’t you shut the fuck up and train and take a fight rather then obsess about me.

    I am not gonna discuss the reason for obvious reasons but I let them know 3 and a half weeks ago and 195 was agreed upon . I didn’t wait till today. It was a month out almost.

    believe me if u had went through what I did the last 3 and a half weeks you would have pulled out so fuck your self and your whole loud mouth bitch made crew

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  6. Also in Nova Scotia you get ONE shot to make weight, no one hour extension.

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    So Ricky for fights a fighter can weigh in up to 1.5lbs over the limit?

    Like at 145lbs they allow up to 146.5? But just can’t strip down naked?

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  8. Allen hope says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  9. Allen hope says:

    And its funny because Cody posted on Facebook this morning that he just found out that his fight was going to be @a catch weight of 195lb ??? Funny you guys must have forgotten to let him no 3 1/2 weeks ago .

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  10. mike Kent says:

    Cody knew and agreed to it three weeks ago. He asked me monday if there was anyway I could try to make 85 for the belt and I told him then that I would give it a try and let him know thursday if it could be done . I tried amd was still way out so I let him know that it wasn’t happening .

    You always crawl out of your hole at the best times when u have zero knowledge about what your talkking about

    I’m 100 percent healthy and ready. I will explain when the fights done . If cody wins he will have beaten the best I’ve ever been and the sharpest and there will be no excuses. Drop dead

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  11. Allen hope says:

    Now your 100% heathy ?? Which one is it ?? Never mind I will give you a couple days to think of something then get back to me . And just wondering why are you on the forums 5 mins after the weigh inns and a day before your fight hahahahah your to much lol

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  12. Cody Krahn says:

    Holy fuck you two. Give it a rest, Al I appreciate you taking my side but you’re REALLY rubbing me the wrong way by making it about your own personal vendetta against Mike. At least have respect to wait till after my fight before you go on one of your smack-talking escapades.

    This is the same shit you pulled on me when we fought and if you keep it up we’ll do it again.

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  13. Mitch Clarke says:

    Al said he was smack talking you Cody because you stole his Orange County Choppers t-shirt…true story

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  14. Allen hope says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  15. mike Kent says:

    You have no idea what’s wrong all or what was . Injury , personal matters , there’s countless reason why I could of needed a catch weight. Yoy Don’t know so just shut yiur mouth . I’m on a forum to dk with my upcoming fight while I eat some food . Ur nothing but a loud mouth mutt .

    Its not unrealistic to think something happened a month ago and im fine now .

    Im stating right now for everyone to read that im sharp , ready and 100 percent if cody wins its because he is better then me nothing else at all and ill never state different

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  16. mike Kent says:

    I get this link posted on my wall went to look at it and allen is talking shit ,

    If i lose its becuase i browsed forums while at dinner . Theres your excuse

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  17. Cody Krahn says:

    It was an Ed Hardy shirt. And the sparkly gems on it really hurt when wiping my bum.

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  18. Allen hope says:

    It was a nice shirt

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  19. Fighters have the one pound, no one asked Gavin to take anything off or try again after the reading, Lyndon just jumped on the scale. I’m not agreeing nor disagreeing about any of it, just calling it how I saw it.

    And no, in Nova Scotia you can’t strip down naked. Undies could easily weigh 0.2 lbs but I’m not saying one way or another.

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  20. Jeff Harrison says:

    Do they have the one pound on title fights?

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  21. Cody Krahn says:

    The commission out here is a gong show too. I showed up 1hr early to double check my weight, I was 195.2, I was then informed by a commissioner who resembled Sammy Davis Jr that I needed to be right on the money. So I hit pads for 15mins then returned in time for the weigh ins to start to hear that there was going to be a half pound allowance for underwear.

    I also had to pay for me and my corners’ licenses, in cash right then and there.

    Still better than the Calgary commission tho.

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  22. Mike kent says:

    Just for anyone doubting what I am saying please go to , they have me and Cody’s fight being listed as 195 for at least two weeks now , hope this clears things up , I wanted this fight for a long time and neve would pull a fast one on Cody and come in ten over . Hope this puts this to rest

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  23. Mike kent says:

    Same thing happened to me Cody , I was .4 over and they told me that I had to be on the dot , went and sweated for a hour and found out that I was good the whole time

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  24. Chris says:

    Lol at the Sammy Davis Jr comment

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  25. Mike kent says:

    Lol at someone thumbs downing my validating what I said ! Love this sites poster

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  26. Jeff Harrison says:

    Don’t forget to sleep mike kent!

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  27. Donald Duck says:

    Is this what passes for foreplay between Mike and Allen?

    I see its been 30 minutes or more since either posted so I’m hoping you’re working out who gives who a reach around right now.

    Thanks for the info on the weigh ins. Gawd forbid there is a standard for weigh-ins in Canada.


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  28. Dean Panas says:

    Just to clear up any doubt, Mike did get hurt just under a month ago. At the time he called me and told me what happened and he wanted me to let Cody know that, although he knew he wouldn’t be able to train, he was not going to pull out of the fight. Mike knew the history of his and Cody’s previously scheduled fights falling apart because of Mike’s injuries and he didn’t want to put Cody through the same scenario. Mike also greatly ppreciated that Cody chose to fight for ECC and turned down another opportunity.

    At the time I talked to Cody he was disappointed that Mike got hurt and he understood that Mike wouldn’t be able to train. We discussed a catchweight of 200lbs but Cody did want Mike to put effort into cutting and agreed on a catchweight of 195.

    On Monday of this week Cody said he wanted to know how Mike was doing and to see if there was anyway he could make 185. Mike was feeling good and said he would give it his best. On Thursday Mike knew it wouldn’t be possible and at that point I told Cody of the news.

    I feel boh guys showed nothing but respect to eachother throughout the whole process!! Mike is 100% and ready to go and the trip away from Edmonton has done nothing but help Cody clear his head and have him in the best mindset I have seen him in in a very long time.

    At the end of the day Cody and Mike get to FINALLY settle it in the cage!! Something they both, and many fans, have been waiting for! I wish them both the best, I hope they kick the shit out of eachother, and I hope the both leave the cage healthy!!

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  29. harry balls says:

    Why can’t you just not strip down and make weight? Are people afraid they’re going to see somebody’s weiner? I mean, there is a reasonable chance that anyone going to the fights is going to see blood, right? This seems weird. And unfair to those of us who love the sight of naked men….

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  30. Mmafightman says:

    Thanks for clearing it up for us Dean. Everyone in the Canadian MMA community knows you know everything there is to know about MMA.

    Can’t wait to hear which one of these two loses. It will put everyone at ease over who is worse. Maybe they’ll KO each other?

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  31. Jana says:


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  32. Show has not started yet. There are three maui thai fights 1st so there will be nothing till probably about 9

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  33. Jana says:

    What happened to the Goodall fight? And Cole Peach?

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  34. Coel peach i am not sure of but Goodall is the main event for the next card march 9th

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  35. Cody Krahn says:

    Props to Andy from mm-eh for this article. Nova Scotia’s commission is embarrassingly bad.

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