Wrath of Krahn: Middleweight Goes for Title Shot at ECC 15

Cody Krahn throws a left against Ryan Chiappe (photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

Cody Krahn throws a left against Ryan Chiappe (photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

If you are someone who grew up listening to old school hip hop, chances are Public Enemy was on your mix tape with songs like Don‘t Believe the Hype. While Chuck D was talking about political issues, the line has also become a popular term in the world of fighting. While we have seen our share of fights that have lived up to the bill, there have been plenty of duds. We will see if that will be the case for Cody Krahn when he takes on Mike Kent Saturday night at ECC 15: Carnage in Halifax for the Middleweight belt. While Krahn is happy to get the fight going, he is using this opportunity to make up for lost time.

“I want this to be my chance to make up for a lousy 2012, “says Krahn. “I had two fights last year, I missed weight and lost both fights. I am looking to right my ship, redeem myself in the form of beating the shit out of Mike Kent. I generally think I am a better striker overall. I hit really hard. I know that for a fact and I feel I can be a more aggressive fighter. If I keep the fight standing, I can catch him with a head kick or a left hook. I am basically looking for a 1st round knockout. “

This match has been a long time coming. Over a year ago, Mike Kent was on this site’s forums looking for an opportunity to make a step up in competition. Krahn answered the call and the MFC booked the fight for May last year but the fight was scrapped because of a hand injury to Kent.  It was booked again for August, but the same problem arose. When the match was announced for ECC, it was hard to say if the MMA community still wanted to see this fight. The media did as is evidenced by the Top Ten Maple Leaf Match Ups but did fans forget about it?

“I get people all the time texting me, messaging me on Facebook, saying ‘Kick this guy’s ass!’,” says Krahn. “There is still quite a bit of interest in it. Me and Mike have kind of changed gears on this. I started this kind of bashing him on the internet or what not to get a response out of him. I think at the end of the day though, it will be just as hyped up. Everyone who saw us trash each other on Twitter wants to see us beat the crap out of each other. I think it might be past its prime a little bit but once the cage doors closes the fight itself will live up to the hype.”

Krahn celebrates win (photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

Krahn celebrates win (photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

Krahn did take a big gamble for this fight. Before accepting, he was already slated to square off against Paul Grandbois at MFC 36. When the fight with Kent came up, he dropped out of the fight and was released from his MFC contract. While he does hope to return to the MFC one day, he simply could not pass up this opportunity.

“I think it was just a step up for me. No disrespect to Paul Grandbois, but I think his record is sitting somewhere at 6-5 or something like that..,” says Krahn. “A fight with Mike could get me the potential of making it into the top 10 rankings for Middleweights in Canada. I think style wise it is a great fight. The fact that it will give me some exposure, the fact that it’s going to be a main event, it’s going to be for a title so the fight seemed like a good idea. “

With the match being for the title, Krahn originally did not like the idea because of his losing streak and Kent’s loss to Tim Chemelli. When asked if his opinion has changed, well not so much.

“To be frank, if I win this belt, I will probably never go back to defend it,” says Krahn. “I don’t think it would make sense for an east coast promotion to have their champion be from out west to fly out here and defend the belt. It would be a cool little piece to add to the mantle one way or another, but I really don’t care. As long as I get to fight Mike, I don’t care if it’s for a title or not. (The title)’s just something to tell girls at the bar.”

Cody Krahn (photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

Cody Krahn (photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

There could be one factor that could affect Krahn going into this. Krahn is giving Kent the hometown advantage. With the fight being in the Maritimes, Krahn knows it will be a tough challenge but he has all the loose ends tied up. Lucky for him, a friend named Josh Walker lives in the area and has places for him to train. While the time difference will be an adjustment, it does give chance for Krahn to do some traveling.

“The furthest I have been east coast wise has been Lloydminster (Alberta). Not only am I looking forward to fighting out there but just to see the east coast,” says Krahn. “Everyone that I told that I was going to fight in Halifax has only told me great things about it. So I am really looking forward to just seeing Halifax for a week.“

With everything all set for Saturday night, you have to wonder how the post-fight will play out because of the trash talking. While it’s hard to say what Kent’s reaction will be afterwards, Krahn leaves the fight in the cage.

“I met Mike after his fight with Tim Chemelli and he is a really nice guy. I do have respect for him and it will be there before and after the fight but during the fight I will try to rip his frigging head off,” says Krahn.

While I doubt fans will see a head get ripped off in the cage, I think they will least be treated to one hell of a fight this weekend.

6 Responses to “ Wrath of Krahn: Middleweight Goes for Title Shot at ECC 15 ”

  1. mike Kent says:

    As cody said we met after the AFC and did a local radio interview today and he seems like a funny nice guy . Tons of respect to him for taking the chance after me pulling out twice with injury and accepting this fight again . We will put on a great fight give the fans a show.

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  2. Genuinly like both these guys and wish them the best. Should be a slug fest.

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  3. After all the back and forth banter, we finally get the fight.

    I wish more fighters would get into it like you two did pre-fight because I am interested in this fight a lot more because of it.

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  4. BDC says:

    Please please post this fight video up after tmn

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  5. @BDC…If we get the video and ECC gives us the OK, we will post it for sure.

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  6. Cody Krahn says:

    I’m much more excited to see Bucky get revenge on The Tree.

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