MFC 36: Reality Check – Weigh In Results


MFC-THUMBMFC 36 goes down live tomorrow night from the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton Alberta. The main event features a Lightweight Title fight between Mukai Maromo and Graham Spencer. Also on the card is a Middleweight Title Fight between Elvis Mutapcic and Sam Alvey as well as a Heavyweight clash between Mike Hackert and Smealinho Rama. For those Canadian’s lucky enough to have AXS TV the main card will air live at 10pm et.

You can view the weigh ins live today at 4pm et on

Main Card:
155lbs- Mukai Maromo (154.4) vs. Graham Spencer (154.2)
***Lightweight Title Fight

185lbs- Elvis Mutapcic (184.4) vs. Sam Alvey (184.4)
***Middleweight Title Fight

265lbs- Mike Hackert (226.8) vs. Smealinho Rama (253.6)
155lbs- Kurt Southern (155.6) vs. Jonatas Novaes (155.4)
185lbs- Clay Davidson (185.2) vs. Jason Zentgraf (185.6)
185lbs- Jay Silva (185.8) vs. Wes Swofford (184.8)

Preliminary Card:
155lbs- Garret Nybakken (156) vs. Keenan Feeney (155.2)
185lbs- Paul Grandbois (184.4) vs. Marcus Hicks (186)
170lbs- Chris Mattock (169.8) vs. Elvis Vukaj (170.4)

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  1. I'll Say It says:

    I’m pretty excited to see this card

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  2. cavemanbully says:

    Why does’nt MFC seem to ever have any 145 and under fights anymore?

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: All results posted, all 18 fighters make weight

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  4. Good to see all fighters made weight!

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  5. BDC says:

    Is mike usually 225ish or did he loose some size?

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  6. Nathan Swayze says:

    That’s normal for him, we try to get him full enough to make 230 but…he must not have been very hungry today.

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  7. Thesubzero says:

    War Clay Davidson!

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  8. harry balls says:


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  9. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  10. Jamie Locke says:

    I’m jacked to see this card tonight!

    Honey Badger Hackert

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