Canadian Rumour Mill – February 11


Gossip Queen 6Very exciting MMA weekend from coast to coast! We have MFC in Edmonton, BFL in Penticton, and ECC in Halifax, as well as Ryan Jimmo fighting in England! If you’re an MMA fan, this will be one heck of a weekend for you!

  • One FC thinking about getting dirty? I’m hearing that the Singapore based MMA organization headed by Edmonton’s Victor Cui has shown interest in picking up Joe “El Dirte” Doerksen with a possible clash with Melvin Manhoef bandied about as part of 6 fight deal!
  • Speaking of Canadians finding success overseas… Ontario businessmen Joel Resnick and Saul Rajsky are RUFF guys in China! They are the founders of the Shanghai based Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation (RUFF), the only Chinese government sanctioned professional MMA promotion in mainland China. To date RUFF has held 8 successful events throughout mainland China.
  • Sheldon Westcott is taking on Nic “Naptime” Herron-Webb (12-3) at AFC 17 “Anarchy in Edmonton on March 23rd. The Anchorage based Hierron-Web was a member of Roy Nelson’s Team on TUF 16 and this will be the first time he will be fighting outside of the Alaska Fighting Championship.

  • Not too sure about Westcott vs Aaron Shmyr on Fivestar Fight League on April 13th in Yellowknife. I’m hearing noise from both sides on whether or not these two boys will go at it.
  • What does Tyson Steele have to do to get on the next World Series of Fighting event? It seems like maybe pounding on a Gracie may not have been enough… sigh!
  • No Rumble in the Cage this month, instead look for RITC to have an amateur show in Saskatachewan in May with their next pro show on September 21st.
  • “The Queen of Canada” Sarah Kaufman will be looking to detonate Leslie “Peacemaker” Smith (5-2) at Invicta FC 5 on April 6th.
  • MMA in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia this coming July??? Last year we thought so and it didn’t happen, this year I’m told it will happen! Free Crab and Lobster dinner for the winning fighters!!!
  • Add Muay Thai fighter Dave Hale to the growing list of Ontario 155ers looking for fights. He’s licensed and ready to throw!
  • MFC Welterweight Champion Nathan Coy defeated Kevin Nowaczyk by Unanimous Decision at Hoosier Fight Club 14 in Indiana.
  • Jake Hirsch has retired from managing fighters after 12 years in the MMA business. We’d like to wish “Big Jake” best of luck on his future endeavours!  Don’t be shy in visiting us at Top MMA News.
  • Last week we talked about Submission Ace in Red Deer, this week I’m going to mention a 32 Man – 16 Man Showdown (Peckerd Promotions) in London, Ontario. Just a few names I’ll mention are Brent Fryia, Jesse Gross, Seiji Sugiman-Marangos, and Misha Curkinov. There will be tons of other cool guys and MMA fighters, check out the whole event HERE
  • Jared Kilkenny, arguably at one time Canada’s #2 HW in MMA, will once again look to demonstrate the sweet science and compete in the boxing ring in Edmonton. J-Rod is matched up with Rob Nichols (5-1) on KO Boxing’s March 2nd show.

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  1. Nigel Guerin says:

    Randy Turner’s name is a buzz in here, and so it should be – I love it! A great human being he is.

    That would be a great scrap!!

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  2. Donald Duck says:

    @Duke – You must be new cause there are some very solid consiquences for not challenging yourself as a fighter and taking easy/safe fights.

    It’s called “Joe Silva won’t pick up the phone”…


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  3. Jeff Harrison says:

    Chad. Wooley coming on this site and goading a guy that is as fearless as Randy made me lose a tonne of respect for him. It is uncharactistic of Adrian, as I have known him since his first fight in TKO. If the issue is with management, why call out randy on being scared? Something that is obviously not the case. They both wear a uniform, the should both let management work it out. It is bullshit.

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  4. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  5. Jeff Harrison says:

    Shane.. If a fighter goes against what a manager/coach recommends and somehow books fights or accepts fights
    Without his team”s consent. He is a- a retard and b- disrespectful and c- hopefully kicked out of that team. I do not understand the logic. If a fighter went against what I said I would show him the door.

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  6. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Not what I ment Jeff…Craig Doesn’t go against what I say…I get fights proposed and I..give him my opinion on the pros and the con s of each fight…he’s 39 years… old a grown man…I’m not going to tell him no your not fighting…I’m gonna prepare him the best I can…my point was not to put owness on Pat for this fight not happening…if it Doesn’t happen…contrary to what you say…fighter’s do have alot to say about who they fight…this is not a team sport…it’s an individual against another…. I think this fight between Turner and Wooley is a great fight…and a good career move for the Victor….I was just trying to point out that it’s not just the coaches stopping this fight…first the promotion…would have to want this fight… second the coach/managers would proposed the match to their fighters and discuss whether it’s a good career path or choice…and 3rd the Fighter would ultimately make the decision…. I wouldn’t just tell one of my guys your fighting or your not fighting…and if you don’t listen…your a) a retard…b) disrespectful… or c) kicked of my team….

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  7. Michael Karkula says:

    Hey Jeff you talk to much! Wooleys my boy he knows what he’s talking about. Jeff what are you doing March 28th?

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  8. Jeff Harrison says:

    I will be cornering my boys Michael!!! See you at the afterparty again! This time i wont have a broken arm so feel free to get drunk and lip off again. Last time after i lost with my arm in a sling having you ask me to fight was pretty classy bro! I don’t talk too often..but the chirp towards Randy was out of line. I have alot of respect for you as a fighter and your team. I have so much respect for Adrian as my posts eluded to. But a spade is a spade and calling out randy or calling him “scared” is retarded.If you are calling me out I could care less. I am taking a break from the fight game and coaching for a bit. Good luck in the future.

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  9. Adrian Woolley says:


    My intent in my first post ever on this page was not to attack Randy, his coach, his camp, or his team on a personal level. My intent is simple – to fight the best fighters (ie: Randy), put on an exciting fight/show for the fans (which I believe it would be), and to prove who is the best 125er in Canada.

    This is the first time I’ve ever “called anyone out” to fight. My use of a well known Nick Diaz quote (“don’t be scared, homie”) was only to get my point across in a humourous way; not to disrespect anyone or to attack Randy as a person. I don’t believe for one second that Randy is scared of a fair fight with someone the same size, with a referee in a cage. He has faced things that people only have nightmares about.

    I believe that if Randy goes to 125 as I wish to, that we would be the top dogs (just my opinion). I further believe that it’s a fight that makes sense for both of us in our careers. It’s the best fight on paper and for the fans. It’s win-win!

    I’m aware that Wreck MMA has done numerous charity events and donations. They have done this to better the community they live in, as well as supporting our military and emergency services. If I was allowed the opportunity to fight, I would like to follow in the footsteps of Pat Cooligan and Wreck MMA, by donating my entire fight purse to a charity of their choice… Preferably something along the lines of Canadian Hero Fund, Cops for Cancer, or any worthy charity that they see fit.

    In conclusion, I’d like to reiterate that this is in NO way a personal attack at Randy, or anyone associated with him. I’m simply requesting a fight, as fighters do.. To fight the best, and challenge one’s self. I believe Randy IS that challenge

    Respectfully submitted,

    Adrian Woolley

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  10. harry balls says:

    The Bully: awesome at scrapping, fair-to-middling at using a computer.

    ….hope this fight happens…..

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  11. Adrian Woolley says:

    lol sorry for the triple post! Guess Jeff was right… I am rehtarded ;)

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  12. Chad Pearson says:

    You’re a class act Wooley. Way to step up…as a former Cop myself and supporter of the troops I applaud your submission and will start a campaign with my boys at TPS and Peel to raise money and match your purse for the charity as well should this fight happen.
    At least 4 weeks notice would be a big help :)))

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  13. Thanks for posting @Adrian Wooley. I think most realize that you are just dying for a fight at 125 and have found few takers. I would love to see a Turner vs Wooley matchup.

    PS. I removed the two of your three posts.

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  14. smash says:

    Adrian Woolley is a class act. Donating his whole purse to charity?? Wow. How can you not make that fight happen?

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  15. Shane BTP Mountney says:


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  16. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    How did everybody not get the Diaz reference in Adrians initial post. All time classic.

    Wooley is a classy dude, and has paid his dues. He should be one of the top 125ers, but hopefully somebody somewhere gives him the opportunity to do so.

    Jeff Harrison is a great guy, and always classy.

    Karkula, not so classy. Maybe if you didn’t speak so much, you’d get more opportunities, but how you approach things doesn’t give promoters much motivation to use you. Let your very capable coaches and manager do that stuff.

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  17. truth says:

    Karkula had this big interview on about how he is ready to take on the world. Here is a fact.. the guy has never fought anyone with a winning record. your 4-0 means nothing. like his opponent’s combined is 10-22 or something.It is nuts that you have the balls to chastize the fighting community..Calling out fighters on claiming their real fighters but never taking tough fights. It’s hypocrasy. Calling out a retired journey man who is 5-5.. is that your idea of taking on anyone and making it big? MAD is correct you are void of class.You sir.. are a punk. Good grappler.. but a punk. Get real and call out a top ten and let your ass cash that check your mouth writes.

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  18. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Nothing mma canada does is big :)

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  19. Robin Black says:

    Karkula is easily misunderstood. I know him to be a genuinely good dude at heart.

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  20. Robin Black says:

    And the dude is hella talented.

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  21. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    He doesn’t do himself any favors. He just has the social skills of a thug.

    Super talented grappler.

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  22. Jeff Harrison says:

    I didn’t get the Diaz reference.. guess I am retarded as well. Sorry I got so defensive over Randy! He’s a good friend.
    Wooley hope to see you fighting soon I am a huge fan:)

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  23. Chad Pearson says:

    Hollie Blue is proud to be Adrian’s top sponsor. The company commented on Adrian’s charitable offer last night and the story has been picked up by 8 on-line media outlets including Yahoo News. This fight could make the card Wreck’s most successfull ever.

    Cut and paste this link below to view the news release:;_ylt=A2KLOzISkR9RWy0AsnD_wgt.

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