The Black Eye: I’m Going to Wreck this Guy


The Black Eye THUMBSo I got offered an interesting fight.

There’s a documentary series being shot in Halifax called “Cubicle to the Cage” and it follows some regular office workers as they undergo a Mixed Martial Arts training regimen for a year and then fight in a pro MMA fight. I’ve seen a few episodes, and its very good. The director is a great storyteller and its some really good TV.

They asked me if I’d like to fight the main character, a 35 year old with one year of training in his first pro fight.

My first thought: are these guys nuts?

Look, I realize I’m far from the top of the heap in this sport, but it’s time to put on my analyst hat for a second.

I analyze fighting for a living and have done so for most of the past five years. I work as a color commentator and have called in excess of 2000 fights. As I said, I’m not a top fighter. I’m not even a middle of the pack fighter. But I’ll put my analysis and color commentator skills up against anyone.  So let’s break this down.

There is no way a 35 year old non-athlete can learn enough in one year to beat a guy with nine fights. No way.

Yes, yes, “it’s a fight and anything can happen” but, barring some perfect storm of new guy having the perfect moment at the same time as Mr. 9 Fights has a brain fart, the nine fight guy should be able to use the many advantages that he has and win this fight 19 times out of 20.

I believe that fighting skills, like all skills, are honed through deliberate practice. And one year of practice is not enough to be proficient in fighting. It’s just not enough. I will be more skilled everywhere.

I believe that a person gets acclimatized to the pressures and the mental battle of fighting only through doing it. This guy has not done it and has no way of knowing what he’s in for. I will be relaxed and confident and he will be a mess.

I believe that the physical and mental conditioning is developed exponentially through time and repetition and, in this fight, he is in the shape I was in four years ago. I have trained even harder with top people since my start. I should be physically able to wreck him.

This guy has some top coaching at Titans MMA with Peter Martell, so they are not taking this fight because they are stupid.
So why would they want this fight?

Do they think that he has a chance because, at 43, I am old and over the hill?
Do they think I am so low level that this guy can give me a fight?

Whatever their reasoning is, I’m offended.

Speaking of ‘Why’, the analyst in me has to ask ‘why I would want this fight?’

Well, I really did not think there was a winnable fight left out there for me at 43 years old. These young guys coming up are too much for me and the ol’ body starts breaking down.

People who take softer fights will often make up bullshit reasons to take the fight – reasons like pretending the opponent is legitimate or claiming no one will fight them or using cliches like “I’ll fight whoever they put in front of me”.

Not me man. I’m honest. I’m taking this fight because I believe this is the easiest way I can get a win in what is either my last fight or is at least very, very, very likely to be my last fight.

Also, it is a pretty cool way to go out. I mean, I basically was this guy four years ago. I trained hard while cameras followed me around and documented my journey. It was a ton of pressure. It was tough, dealing with all the extra stuff that came with it. A debut fight is hard enough. Never mind all this crazy pressure.

This is exciting for me, and awful for him.
I know what he’s thinking.
I know how bad he wants it.
I’m going to use that against him.

Also these days, really, my main reason for fighting is to become a better analyst and commentator. By having all of these different physical and mental experiences, I get a truer understanding of the sport to do the best job I can to do right by the great athletes I analyze and commentate on. I’ve experienced wins and losses and weight cuts and business things and diet and etc, etc, etc…

I’ve never experienced being a heel. At least not since I played one with my band.

So, if I’m going to fight this guy and contribute to this documentary, this is a great time to get to experience that too.

I am going to wreck this guy.

Really show him what it means to be in a violent confrontation with a professional athlete.


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  1. Robin Black says:

    Hey, I’m all for Boyd doing whatever he can to sell the fight and play the hero. Its his show, he’s one of the creators, and he knows what story he wants told.
    I’m happy to play along and play the villain, I’ll commit to it and do the best job I can.

    But a guy doesn’t have to make up stories here.

    He created this show with Greg Hemmings 3 years ago, not 1, and has been preparing for 3 years.

    He and Greg mentioned to me 3 years ago that they thought I’d be a perfect foil for him at the end.

    This whole shock and surprise act is beneath these guys.

    They wanted me because, of the short list of bantamweights who are known that can sell this fight, they believe I am the most beatable.

    A guy doesn’t need to make up shit to make himself more of a hero. Its a bit disrespectful of a guy who’d doing a bang-up job of being the villain already.

    But this guy doesn’t understand hype and tv any more that he understands fighting.

    I am going to ruin this guy.

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  2. Levitating Cards says:

    I don’t think I like this Boyd Sharpe. Never faught in his life and he spews perfectly crafted TUF style rhetoric like he is some sort of fighter.
    You say if you were afraid to fight you think you’re in the wrong sport? Well then maybe you are son.
    I’ve been in this business 20 years and I’ve seen hundreds of guys, incredible hard workers, say all the right things and do all the right things and look amazing in the gym. And then fold the second they step in the ring. It happens the worst to the ones who have the right words organize the sponsors plan their outfits and pick just the right song to walk out to. Guys who talk and think just like you.
    If you don’t realize while you are busy making yourself look like a hero on a small tv show that you are only a month or 2 from something that could break your bones and scar your face then you are in a lot of trouble.
    I see Robin every week in the gym and let me promise you there is no way you are outworking him. His work ethic is literally in the top 5 that I’ve seen in 2 decades.
    Also, I hope your coaches are telling you that nothing you are training will work the way you want it to in your first 2 or 3 fights. Your heart will be in your throat, all technique will deteriorate, and you will be standing in a cage in front of all these people and cameras with a trained fighter across from you and you would trade everything in the world for it to be over.
    You have no idea what you’re in for in any first fight, let alone against someone with experience.
    Good luck to you.

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  3. Levitating Cards says:

    And Robin if they targeted you for years because they think you are easy prey to make themselves look good then they are the bullies.
    You have done enough fight selling now just concentrate on training and the fight.
    See you Tuesday train hard.

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  4. wuzjustsayin says:

    Is this what local MMA has come to?

    If the only way a local promotion can sell a fight is to hype it TMN with the premise of TV show then I am sorry to tell you guys, you are wasting your time.

    I can understand that Robin needs something to occupy his time since his last big ticket (SFS) crapped out and Greg Hemmings time has come, so it may seem as a great opportunity for both of them.

    But seriously folks, take a lesson from SFS and spend some serious cash on marketing if you want to play with the big boys.

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  5. Daniel Vanderlans says:

    for the record Robin has only won 4 of his 9 fights…and when you look at the guys he beat…beat the same guy – Stephane – twice. Stephane is 2-2 but his 2 wins are against guys who are combined ZERO wins in 9 fights!!!! so really cant count those two wins as legit……then he beats this Matt guy who is 2 wins and 8 LOSSES….Matt specializes in losing and Robin specializes in wearing glam make-up so it was a win – win situation for both…..and then in Robin’s NINTH fight he decided to fight a kid who was 0 in 0 and never fought again……

    who am I am to criticize Robin’s pursuit of becoming an MMA fighter? I have no right…Yet Robin has no right to criticize Boyd’s pursuits either…..this actually seems like a FAIR fight and nothing less.

    Daniel Vanderlans
    Truro Nova Scotia

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  6. CP says:

    I find Robin Black interesting only because sometimes he seems incredibly highly intelligent and sometimes he seems dumb as my cat. Sometimes he has brilliant insight and sometimes he’s a moron.
    But for better or for worse if you need to get people talking you just need to involve this guy.
    Absolutely no one gave 2 shits about this cubicle bozo and no one gave 2 shits about this show. So they involve Robin and presto people are talking.
    I don’t know if he’s brilliant or an idiot (more likely an idiot) but you can’t deny he can get people goin good or bad.

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  7. Levitating Cards says:

    Daniel what you’re not understanding is that any of the guys Robin beat would probably have beaten your friend. Your friend doesn’t have enough training in only a year. If he thinks he does then that’s very dangerous for him.
    I hope he has some people around him talking to him in reality about the dangers and stresses of a fight. If he just has friends and yes men around telling him he’s going to do great he may wind up getting himself badly injured in there.
    This is not a game and you can’t help but think the coaches and training partners and tv ppeople are letting him down by not getting another first timer for him. I realize Robin has value as a name and for his ability to hype the media but they are selling out their guy and putting him in too deep here. In their quest for ratings and attention they are putting a 41 year old with only a year of training at unneccessary risk of personal harm.
    Shame on them.

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  8. wuzjustsayin says:

    When somebody who has been in this business 20 years says this I would think the “Commission” Nazi’s would step up!!!

    “In their quest for ratings and attention they are putting a 41 year old with only a year of training at unneccessary risk of personal harm.

    Shame on them.”

    Mad? Donald Duck? Where are you??

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  9. Robin Black says:

    Y’know when you put it that way maybe weneed to really consider this fight from a safety and fairness perspective.

    If I wasn’t in this fight what would I say?

    They asked for it but does that make it any better?

    They look at him and like how hard he has worked.

    But they have deeply underresearched his opponent.

    Well I accepted their fight offer. The promoter is this guys coach so you wouldn’t think he’s being set up.

    But they are making a mistake I can tell you that.

    Let’s see what the Halifax commission says this week.

    But if I hurt this guy it’s on his coaches and the producer.

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  10. Daniel Vanderlans says:

    Ok Levitating card:

    First off: I apologize for talking out of turn about your boy Robin – Robin is a man who was willing to put it all on the line and enter the cage NINE times – that makes him a warrior by any man’s account. I did not want to attack his courage or accomplishment by pointing out his shortcomings cuz any man who steps in the cage is a winner regardless of the outcome.

    However, I do not like how Robin says he is going to “wreck this guy” and show him what a violent confontration with a pro athlete looks like…” I simply dont like that attitude in our sport let alone a guy named Boyd ( whom I have never even met before) who simply wants to make a name and is using a clever angle to get it.

    Does not Boyd deserve the same opportunities as Robin to make a name? That’s all this is about: promoting the sport.

    PLUS: Boyd is training hard. VERY hard and he is training with BJJ Black Belts and world champion boxers and muay thai fighters. He is training with men who can prepare him for a three round war with Robin Black. statistically speaking, what’s the worst that someone Robin’s size and age can do to him? Knock him out and concuss him? choke him unconscious? tap him out and sprain a few ligaments? Yes to all the above. But the liklihood of anything less is extremely low. throw in a ref and a cornerman with a white towel and a coach who cares about Boyd and everything will be OK.

    I dont think any disrespect was ever aimed at Robin by wanting him for an opponent. I would have seen it more as an honor for Robin to get his name out there, do something cool, and introduce someone new to the sport.

    I would have kept my mouth shut and my opinions to myself if it weren’t for Robin’s talk about being violent and wrecking some man with a family who simply wants to promote a show which promotes MMA…..

    And dont count out Boyd – he has a chance – He also has a stellar team behind him analyzing his every move and perfecting his technique on a daily basis.

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  11. Robin Black says:

    Wow you sure know a lot about a guy you have never met before.

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  12. Levitating Cards says:

    “I would have seen it more as an honor for Robin to get his name out there”
    “a man with a family who simply wants to promote a show which promotes MMA”

    I think we all agree that no one gave a flying fack about this guy until Robin entered the story so maybe don’t complain about how he sells your boy.
    And I think its safe to say that using MMA to promote himself was his actual goal.
    He’s worked on this show for years and now thanks to Robin he’s finally getting the attention he craved so don’t bitch about the how.

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  13. mike Kent says:

    The show was pitched and created including a small pilot 3 years ago . They started filming a little over a year ago . Robin is someone very familiar with t.v so he knows that you just don’t have a idea for a show one day and start filming the next . Believe me boyd and cubicle to the cage aren’t sandbagging . When the show started filming is when boyd started training and that was just over a year ago . Hewent to the gym a few times before that and talked about the idea and shot the pilot to pitch

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  14. EPerez says:

    Violence wont be a good word to describe this fight.

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  15. EPerez says:

    I think mma is doing fine on its own as far as promotion goes. This is simply self promotion for Boyd which is fine but dont try to say he’s doing it to promote mma. The whole show sounds ridiculous btw.

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  16. Let's Be Serious says:

    Fighting Stephane Poirier is the equivalent to fighting a small 10 year old girl. He weighed 125lbs soaking wet at best. Great job.

    Boyd for Mayor

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  17. Donald Duck says:

    @Wuz – Sorry man I had ignored this and just assumed it was about Reality TV.

    Odd fight to be sanctioned though.

    Robin is not a cream puff (even if he looks like one) and has the ability and drive to make this a scrap.

    I know nothing of Boyd probably due to him not having a background.


    Fighters are fighters and will fight. End of story and you guys bagging on Robin for taking the fight are idiots. He’s just doing what he as a fighter is suppose to do which is fight.

    Boyd’s also going to take the fight because his coach has told him this is a good test of his skills. Again, fighters fight.

    The coaches of Robin and Boyd and the Commission are the ones who have to make the decision here. Clearly Boyd’s team is not worried about their fighter which means he’s either ready, he has skills we don’t know about or they just don’t care. I’ve met the guys training Boyd years ago at an MFC and they didn’t strike me as people who don’t care so it’s one of the first two.

    Robin’s team also must be comfortable with this fight again either due to knowledge of Robin’s match up with Boyd or the fact that this is a 40 something fighter who probably won’t fight again.

    Ultimately this is on the commission to step in and sanction. Who is the commission and what is their position on this?

    Out of curiosity, is Boyd training full time now or is he still working full time and training part time?

    I know Robin has a ‘full time’ job which will significantly impact his ability to train full time which could be the equilizing factor that Boyd’s team has identified.



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  18. Jerobe says:

    “But if I hurt this guy it’s on his coaches and the producer.”

    Oh get over yourself Black. You have not demonstrated the ability to hurt anyone in any of your fights. You really do think your a badass fighter. I think some of that hair dye has leaked into your brain and damaged it.

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  19. Marc-Andre Drolet says:


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  20. Robin Black says:

    Dearest Jerobe

    I am so saddened that you and other trolls who know nothing about fighting don’t take me seriously.

    It is truly one of the great failings and disappointments in my life that I have not convinced experts like you that my skills are nearing 6 out of 10 on the Liddell scale.

    Well, I’ll do my very best to carry on with my life.


    Go Fuck Yourself

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  21. Mitch Clarke says:

    Robin chill, there’s no use arguing with anonymous people on an Internet. Most of the time facts and reasoning will go no where with then because they won’t be stirred from their opinion. Always look on the positives, you get a chance to fight again, the best sport in the world and nothing they say or do will change that. I could get all mad and post on another forum right now but all that does is give the power right back to them instead of focusing on the good things I have going for me, a fully cleared bill of health and another shot at fighting again. Life’s too short to focus on the negatives. And people if you’re going to shit talk me please spell my name right at least. It’s a pretty simple name unlike BKB’s full name

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  22. Robin Black says:

    Dear Mitch Clarke

    Thank you my friend.


    Go Fuck Yourself

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  23. Robin Black says:


    Love ya Mitch all the best to you man.


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  24. Jerobe says:

    Dearest Robin Black:

    1. How do you know that I know nothing about fighting? I am a fan of MMA and combat sports. Am I an expert? No. But a 10 year old boy who has seen any of your fights knows that you are terrible.

    2. Don’t even mention yourself and Chuck Liddell in the same sentence.

    3. Please do carry on your life. A life devoid of fighting MMA. Do the world a favour and do this. Please.

    4. I will not go fuck myself. LOL

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  25. Robin Black says:

    I am a far of gardening and have been for 10 years.

    I think that qualifies me to say you’re an eggplant.

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  26. TK says:

    I will eat my iPad if you KO him.

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  27. Daniel says:

    why did Robin back out of this fight?

    does anyone know…? Robin did you get injured?


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  28. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    He didn’t back out of any fight.

    He wasn’t able to get medical clearance due to an injury.

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  29. Daniel says:

    Sorry to hear Robin is injured: I hope he returns to health quickly.

    Didn’t mean anything disrespectful by ‘back out’ – wrong choice of word


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