Canadian Rumour Mill – February 4


gossipWhen I heard that Score Fighting was no more,
I was sad all the way down to my core.
Their end was a big blow to the sport,
And it left Canada one top promotion short.
I was hoping that the news was a horrible dream,
But had my week brightened when Big Foot knocked out The Reem.

On to my rumours!

  • Tyson Steele will be bringing his Hulk Smash style for MMA back to Vegas, and hopefully this time he is on NBC Sports, when he appears on World Series of Fighting 2 on March 23rd. All aboard! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa! Tyson Steele is going off the rails on a Gracie train! Igor?
  • Worried about MMA in Quebec, I might have some good news for you. First, Wreck MMA is kicking things off and coming back on March 28th with a much needed Quebec MMA show. It looks like even more are MMA events are on the horizon as up to four new promotions are lining up for permits with the RACJ. Finally!


  • If a D-Bomb hits in Ft Mac, is it felt in Edmonton?
  • I guess Edmonton needs more MMA promotions… Legends Training Centre will be starting up an amateur MMA promotion, Legends MMA Series. Still not really sure about whether amateur MMA is legal or not, but I guess Legends MMA Series is confident enough in the legality of this situation to go ahead with ammy MMA.
  • Avant Garde will hold a MMA show this year in Sarnia, obviously there will be no working with The Score on this one.   :(
  • You want a fun fight?  How about Syd Barnier vs Dimitri Waardenburg at the Wreck revival show. The crowd will definitely be going home happy after watching that fight!
  • Jesse Fox lost his opponent (Cory Gower) for AFC Contenders 2 and Eric Wilson lost his opponent (Sean Quinn) for Fivestar Fight League 4. So what happened? Well, someone at Aggression FC got all smart on us and decided to pair up the two lone survivors from the injury frate trane that hit the Feb 22nd fights and have the Fantastic Mr. Fox take on Eric “Le’go my leg’oh” Wilson.
  • Jose Rodriguez is out against Stephen Beaumont at AFC Contenders. Tim Jenson replaces Jose at a catchweight of 158lbs.  Anyone else wonder if Jose will ever be back in the cage?  Or anyone from Team Ringshark for that matter!

  • The “real” and unauthorized reason for Sean Quinn dropping out due to injury of the previously mentioned scrap with Eric Wilson? Quinn suffered a mid-body injury while dealing with his morning sickness from him being pregnant with his first child. His body, HIS choice!
  • The Fist of the North Star, Matt Veal, will be looking to continue his utter dominance of the Minnesota MMA scene when he takes on Nick Compton for Driller Fights on March 23rd.
  • So it looks like the competitiveness hasn’t died off in Curtis Demarce and the lack of competition has lead to a whole buncha frustration. And I quote: ” For all the “fighters” out there that play the role that they will fight anyone at any time then when they get offered a fight they say ‘no’ or come up with a excuse. One week later, they complain they can’t find a fight or nothing is going on. If it’s a tough fight, that’s what you want. If its an easy fight, well then its a win. So why be a Coward? For all the so called ‘fighters’ out there that have done this and do it, Justice will be served and I will be taking over this Featherweight Division regardless. Time to put your purse away and grab a pair and step up. You know who you are!”
  • Oh, and Will Romero, Curtis Demarce is looking at you as well. The only reason Curtis Demarce says he “is happy to see the Score closing its doors is that he hopes Will Romero comes to the AFC where he can stop ducking Demarce.” Demarce wants Tristan Johnson and John Fraser as well! Wow, the Demon’s collar is hot as hell!
  • Josh Russell submitted Mike Yackulic and Garrett Curran submitted Andrew Gummer at Submission Ace’s Super Fights. There were a ton more competitors with MMA experience competing at the tournament, but you’ll have to find that info somewhere else cuz I’m not giving it to you!
  • It looks like “Showtime” will get his shot at K-1 redemption on February 28th . Markhaile Wedderburn will be getting his 2nd shot at K-1 glory when he competes for K-1 at the Arnold Sports Festival at Battelle Grand in Columbus, Ohio. Shortly after contract negotiations where complete, “Showtime” may have been heard yelling “I live to see you eat that contract, but I hope you leave enough room for my fist because I’m going to ram it into your stomach and break your goddamn spine!”
  • Brad Blood! Brad Causey and Brad Cardinal will finally square off in a Lightweight duel at Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 1 on March 30th.  Expect, Pride Gym’s CJ Bagg and Jordan Knippelberg to be added to the list of fighters appearing on this Grande Prairie event.
  • From the Yeesh Department: Tank Abbott will take on Warpath on April 13 in the USA.

NOTE: These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen. If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email:

70 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – February 4 ”

  1. fightguy says:

    Fighting words from Demarce, I like it! Demarce vs. Romero, make it happen!

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  2. Gossip Queen says:

    Curtis Demarce just asked me to add Tristan Johnson and John Fraser’s names to his Wanted list, so I just updated the piece.

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  3. MMAfan82 says:

    Damn, DeMarce is HUNGRY coming back and dropping down to featherweight. Love the fact he doesn’t care who he fights though. Sport needs more of that.He’s going to be massive at 145lbs. I think he will do very well at that weight. Hopefully now that the score is ceased more awesome match ups happen across canada!

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  4. Deelo says:

    Cudo will light up any of those three guys time for some beatdowns at 145 Brotha lets do this homie….

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  5. Deelo says:

    Curtis will murder all them mofos

    Man up boys and do what you were born to do fight don’t run don’t hide just step up!!!

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  6. Drain Bramage says:

    So Wedderburn won’t being doing the Blaber fight then? Way to talk shit and then ( eventually) back out.

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  7. Cody Rempel says:

    Wedderburn vs. Blaber is almost a month after the K1 fight… barring injury he can likely still do both!

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  8. Real fights says:

    Marcus Hicks will scrap on a dime so keep training and Marcus will fill in so you don’t waste a training camp @ AFC.

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  9. mike kent says:

    Showtime will be able to fight both and wants to but if he was injured or banged up from his K1 fight i would step in and take the fight for him if he couldnt.

    I would count on him fighting in both though. its almost a whole month

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  10. Jerobe says:

    LOL Westcott vs Aaron Shymr! Wow Sheldon pleeeeeease stop taking such hard fights! Gaaaaaawd forbid you would fight guys like Gunner, Omic, Machan or Ford. Ha ha ha.

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  11. Some really good fights there.

    Brad Causey vs Brad Cardinal – fight has been scheduled a few times already.

    Syd Barnier vs Dimitri Waardenburg – don’t blink! I blinked twice during Waardenburg vs Perez and missed two of the 10 first round knockdowns.

    Tyson Steele vs Igor Gracie – a Canadian going 2-0 vs Gracies would be cool.

    Tim Jenson vs Big Bad Beaumont could decide the next AFC LW challenger to Campbell if Jenson comes out on top.

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  12. Sean Quinn says:

    I’m gonna be a daddy :) but that had nothing at all to do with me dropping out of the fight. I damaged my ribs a week and a half ago. Wasn’t sure how bad it was but after 5 days no training and little improvement it seemed like the smart thing to do would be to drop out. At this point i still haven’t been able to train at all, but it is getting better. Hopefully we can reschedule for March.
    Shit happens. But we’re having a baby and that is fucking fantastic!

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  13. Cody Rempel says:

    Congrats to you and your wife Sean!

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  14. Sean Quinn says:

    Thanks Cody! 3 thumbs down. Insane! There are some seriously butt hurt little pussies on this site. Go fuck yourselves.

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  15. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Phew. Thanks or clearing that up, I’m sure most people on the site actually thought you got pregnant? Lol

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  16. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    On a more serious note, major congrats to Sean and Hajar on the great news that they’re expecting a baby. They’re great people with kind hearts and will be fantastic parents I’m sure!

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  17. Sean Quinn says:

    Bobby misses me!

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  18. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Wow you’re an emotional basket case

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  19. SHOWTYING says:


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  20. Drain Bramage says:

    I guess we will have to wait and see, but really, we already know youre pulling out with an injury. Motivated yet?
    Who is Blaber fighting before you?

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  21. mike Kent says:

    Showtime your gonna smash your K1 opponent and then KO blaber and shut em all up. I just meant of you got a little banged up one of us would be willing to step up for you!

    Showtimes determined and focused. 2013 will be a big year

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  22. Teddy Ash says:

    who is the zach “the burden” blabber?? I’m trying to get a fight on the feb 22 AFC card, got offered blabber, and now he won’t fight me ? he’ll talk shit and fight showtime, a word class K-1 fighter but won’t fight me for my pro debut. He’ll call out mike kent and talk shit on the computer, well step up and fight man! if your a fighter at heart, take the fight! showtime has no problem fighting k-1 and then fighting you a month later, so lets answer Drain Bramages question and say Blaber vs. Ash , AFC february 22, c’mon zach “the blabber mouth” blabber

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  23. AMLETHC says:

    I don’t think it really makes any sense for someone with 10 fights to fight someone with no fights, from a commission perspective or from a fan perspective unless of course you have some prior fighting experience or are a renowned grappler or something, I’d google but meh.
    Fact is Showtime is a tough opponent as is Zach Blaber and both sides should prepare properly, not take fights with people making their pro debut. Go fight Bodwell

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  24. mike Kent says:

    Teddy is one of the best fighters at our gym and is 3 and 0 amature .

    He was offered the blaber fight and instantly said yes. He isn’t calling any one out just wondering where his opportunity that was offered went.

    Ask cody rempel that’s seen him fight teddy is legit

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  25. Teddy Ash says:

    thanks mike.. yea I’m not trying to start an internet war here, i just want to fight!! i was told i was fighting blabber, and now he doesn’t want to fight. if the opportunity wasn’t taken i would have never posted on this site. guys are just always talking shit about other guys who won’t take fights, or pull out, and back out. and now its happened to me, and i think this would be a great fight for the fans to see!

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  26. AMLETHC says:

    Granted he may be a great fighter but as a fan I won’t pay money to see someone on their 10th fight fight someone debuting. If you look at the card the only legit fight is Beaumont and Jenson.

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  27. Teddy Ash says:

    well if your going to judge by numbers, look at blabbers 10 fights and their numbers.. pro debut or not, this fight would be a good match up and a good fight.. if it wasn’t i would never have gotten offered blabber in the first place, so obviously the people that know both fighters, think it would be a good scrap, maybe not if you don’t know the fighters and you look at their records, but thats your opinion, and if this fight happens you will be glad you seen it

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  28. AMLETHC says:

    Or maybe the promoters are scrambling to get more than 4 fights on their card. Either way, with the fights being 2 1/2 weeks away I doubt it will happen

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  29. Teddy Ash says:

    well thanks for your negativity.

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  30. SHOWTYING says:

    atta boy teddy and mike you no i was just busting your balls…we team mates meng….this year its all about the fights..haters going to hate family is going to just life got to keep it moving the show must go on

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  31. Drain Bramage says:

    Why would anyone book 2 fights back to back like that in MMA? Anything can happen injury wise. Leaving the second opponent with his hands taped and no gloves to put on.
    Further more how are people on an MMA board giving an amature with 3 fights, praise for calling out a guy who has 10 or so pro fights and already has another one booked? Ridiculous.
    From what I’ve been reading on here, everyone gives Blaber the gears for who he has fought, but now, he is fighting a K-1 level fighter, and you bone heads are all giving props to a guy with no pro fights because he wants to fight Zach mid camp?

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  32. Drain Bramage says:

    I’m not a hater. Just trying to shine a light so you can see your way to the fight I saw you call for on here. Good luck to you in K-1.

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  33. mike kent says:

    Im not sure if you can read or not but Teddy never called out blaber . I dont care who Zach has fought in the past he is a good fighter with power and good tools in the cage. Teddy was contacted about a fight with blaber so obviously Blaber wanted a fight before the showtime fight as well. Teddy said yes and then found out that blaber i guess said no ( all speculation ) He just wants the fight he thought he had. Hes not call out anyone and he is legit regardless of how many fights he has .

    Hell Robin Black has nine fights and is accepting a fight with someone that has 1 year experience training not fighting. Not only that he’s writing articals about what hes going to do to the poor guy .

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  34. Obviously says:

    Showtime is a world class K1 fighter like Kyle Vivian is a world class MMA fighter. He is a personality and nothing more.

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  35. Kennyrob says:

    At least we’ll get to see showtime knocked out again, well not knocked out cold because he gives up before that can happen.

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  36. Zach B says:

    Okay so my name has been mentioned enough , I gues it’s time to give my 2 pennies . I was offered Mr Ash and my management team and I declined ! It makes no sense to fight a guy in his pro debut ! I am sure teddy is a straight killer in the gym. But I am looking for fighters with bigger names and noteriety in the sport. ( no offence ) . When my teammate Corey got injured I called afc and offered my services if they were in a pinch . As for showtime fighting k-1 good on him . I hope he destroys the guy , comes out uninjured so we can put on a show . As for mike kent if spend more time on your diet and focusing on Cody , than on Internet forums !

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  37. BDC says:

    Would a commision even allow that fight between those two? O ya ecsc might somehow… I agree that fight makes zero percent sense for zach and if ash gets the shit knocked outta him o well it was his pro debut and zach gets heat for beating up a guy who is 0-0. If ash gets a ko, anything can happen he get “seen” and his stock goes way up. I would like to see it tho really would, besides the fact i want to see it cause ive seen both guys fight and wana watch a ko it makes no sense for zach.

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  38. mike kent says:

    I apologize for the confusion Zach I think we had just assumed that if Teddy was offered the fight then you had already agreed to it or known about it and were wondering why you didnt take the fight .

    I appreciate your advice on dieting and posting ill take that into account, Im not really interested in getting into any more internet arguements god knows i have had enough of them . I think your a great fighter . Me and you should fight sometime this year when our schedules are free.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 4

  39. Teddy Ash says:

    well sounds like this fight is obviously not going to happen.. it was worth a shot..BDC has a good point and ill respect that, i just wanted a gritty and gruesome fight and this fight would be great exposure for me. hopefully the AFC will find me a new opponent

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  40. SHOWTYING says:

    sorry iv never bin knocked out iv bin droped but never knocked out..thanks for you post..and zach thanks for understanding it nothing against you and im training hard for you as well cause i know you got what it takes to finish fights.but im signed with k1 they no i do mma and allow me to do both..again good luck on traning tell mukai i said hes still my boy and i understand its just the sport we are in..see ya soon buddy.the others can watch me live on tv k1.

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  41. Just Laughable says:

    “shoetieing” live and in person on TV

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  42. Drain Bramage says:

    Mike Kent, you really are confused. You asked me if I could read but it’s clearly you that is having trouble with that basic life skill. Teddy Ash did in fact use his words to call out Zach. Post 22.
    He makes fun of the mans name repeatedly – fighting words
    He says the man won’t fight him – fighting words
    He says the man is a shit talker – fighting words
    He questions the mans heart- fighting words
    Christ, he actually offers a date for which the the two men can fight- fighting words
    Mike, listen, in true Canadian fashion he fully typed the phrase “c’mon” -Nation wide fighting words.

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  43. Drain Bramage says:

    Also, Teddy, no offence. I think what your involved in is the greatest sport there is. From the sounds of it you’re doing great.
    You’ll get a good fight for your debut, all you have to do is knock on the right door.
    From what I’ve heard it’s very hard to get a good opponent with a young record like yours. Smash some more amateurs, build a name for yourself that way. Then after a fight, call a guy out on the same show you were on.
    Either that or just be normal and fight a guy with 1-3 pro fights.
    Good luck. I’ll be following your career now.
    Hands down chin up….. That sounds wrong….

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  44. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Hmmm… how about Zach vs Elias Thorudeou…hope i spelt that right….that would be a great fight…

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 6

  45. Teddy Ash says:

    no offense taken drain bamages.. and your right those were fighting words.. i woud really like to fight zach to be honest, and i may have to fight a guy thats 1-3 but id rather not just smash a guy like that like eberyone else does, id rather smash a guy like zach that has built up his record doing that, and is now afraid to fight an 0-0 fighter like me cause he knows i will whoop his candy ass!
    thanks for the support, and adivce, hands down chin up thats the only way to fight!!

    talk is cheap, lets fight!!

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 10

  46. AMLEHTC says:

    I doubt he’s scared to fight you, it makes 0 sense to fight you. Zach came on here and was quite polite about it and you continue to act like a clown

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  47. Teddy Ash says:

    well maybe ill join the circus instead if im such a clown.. maybe hes not scared of the “fight”, but scared to lose. its hard to have confidence i guess fighting a guy that poses a threat of winning

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 9

  48. AMLEHTC says:

    Yeah, join the circus, that’ll show me. Your trash talk is worse than Showtime’s grammar and spelling.

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  49. Marc-Andre Drolet says:


    Teddy, let your management do the talking for you. You are just going to come off sounding like a dick.

    You haven’t even fought yet, and are trying to call others out, or make it seem like they are afraid of you. Not a good start. The sport is tough enough as is, no need to paint a target on your back.

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  50. BDC says:

    Fuck that paint away, except the consequences that will come. Hes a grown ass man and made a choice.

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