Catching Up with Ryan Ford at Grizzly Cage Gym

photo: Mike Fischl

photo: Mike Fischl

Top MMA News‘ Cody Bargholz caught up with ‘The Real Deal’ Ryan Ford at Calgary’s newest MMA gym Grizzly Cage. In the interview, Ford discusses:

  • his plans for 2013,
  • his training in Edmonton and Montreal,
  • where he will fight next, and
  • his desire to fight War Machine.

20 Responses to “ Catching Up with Ryan Ford at Grizzly Cage Gym ”

  1. Anon says:

    His one-liners are terrible.

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  2. Oilcity30 says:

    Ford vs war machine be a good fight I give it to ford easy. To bad ford can’t fight in USA and War can’t fight in Canada. Man hope ford gets his border issues cleared if that’s even possible. He is missing out of good fights and opportunities and he won’t get grade a fight at aggression cause now way Bellator will approve a top tier fighter.

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  3. Donald Duck says:

    What ‘top tier’ fighters do Aggression have access to that that would match up with Ford?

    I can’t think of anyone not currently tied up in a contract that would fit the bill.


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  4. harry balls says:

    Would love it if he fought out this way.

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  5. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    I think that the AFC does have access to top tier fighters it is that they have to work with BFC to have approval!

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  6. Donald Duck says:

    @ Leon – Who? Not trying to be a jerk but who do they have access to that would build Ryan’s career and isn’t tied up contractually to another org?

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  7. Cameron McQueen says:

    This was stated when searching for a last minute oppenant for Ford at the last Aggression but I believe Dan Hornbuckle would be a nice test if he isn’t exclusive to WSOF. KO’ed Spratt on the weekend.

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  8. Donald Duck says:

    Right so thanks for confirming what I said.

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  9. fighterfan says:

    Dan Hornbuckle?? Why would that be good?? Ford finished Spratt 2x Hornbuckle wins decision. Ford finishes Santos, Hornbuckle losses to Santos. ???

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  10. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Donnie

    There was discussion of Hornbuckle before which would be a great test! I also think Ford vs Hulett II or Ford vs Parisyan II would be cool to see again, one for Ford to avenge a loss and the latter to silence critics who say he was being beat by Parisyan before fight stopped by Doctor! Also winner of Michael Hill vs Josh Kitchen and if Medler returns in 2013 then we got some potential match ups!

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  11. I would like to see Ford vs Powell or Ford vs Machan.

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  12. Donald Duck says:

    @ Keith – Those fights would be of more benefit to Powell and Machan than Ford.

    @ Leon – Dan would be a good test but can’t see it happening at Aggression. No interest, personally, in a Hulett rematch but I would like to see Ryan vs. Karo since I feel that fight was very tight until the stoppage.

    Thing is if I’m Ryan’s camp I’d never take a rematch with Karo due to risk (poor performance or loss) and a win doesn’t mean much.


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  13. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Donnie & @ Keith

    Good points, no disrespect meant leaving Powell and Machan out earlier! So we now hope the AFC reads this and thinks about a potential show down with Powell or Machan!!!

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  14. Donnie…agree that those fights don’t help Ford as much as Powell, Machan. Those are just fights that I would like to see that could get approved.

    I don’t think Ford can get a fight against a tough international name due to Bellator having to approve his opponent.

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  15. Sports live says:

    Why doesn’t Ryan just move to Montreal verse doing camps?

    With proper guidance from day one in the sport Ryan could have been a real threat & legend in the sport, much respect for his efforts however at almost 31 his time is ticking to make it to the top.

    Just my thoughts as Jordan Mein has be prepared his whole life properly by his dad & at a young age Jordan is in UFC and will make a massive impact on the sport, it’s the difference between proper guidance of a fighters career however I’m not sure who Ryan’s manager is and no disrespect.

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  16. fighterfan says:

    Powell 5-3 needs to fight some names before getting a chance to fight Ford IMO. Get him to fight a Santos, Spratt, Karo then maybe a machup with Ford.

    Mahan I heard had a chance to fight Ford but wasn’t Interested??

    The Karo fight was tight untill Ford split his head wide open. Wouldn’t even consider a rematch with Karo

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  17. Donald Duck says:

    @fighterfan – The whole point was that Karo/Ford was close and could have gone either way (I was scoring it for Karo at the point of the stoppage but I know others had it the other way) when it was stopped due to a cut. If Karo is fit why not?


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  18. black snake moan says:

    The pain is coming for ryan very soon ..

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  19. fighterfan says:

    @Donald yes that is tru the fight was close but as of right now Ford is on the Up while Karl is not.

    black snake moan ” the is coming for ryan very soon.. ???? Whats that mean?? Im sure thats the job they signed up for Lol

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  20. fighterfan says:

    * True

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