The Black Eye: My Privilege of Calling the Score Fighting Series


The Black Eye THUMBOver the last couple days, a lot of people have been asking me, “What’s up with The Score Fighting Series?”.

Well, to be honest, I really don’t know.

What I do know is that calling fights for The Score has been the most fun I’ve ever had in a “job” (in parentheses because it never ever felt like a job) and, trust me, I’ve done some pretty fun things in the music and entertainment and television and combat sports businesses.

But this was the greatest. Believe me, nothing compared to sitting beside Mauro Ranallo or Michael Schiavello or John Ramdeen and doing my best to describe these incredible fights between these brilliant athletes.

Wow. What a privilege. What an absolute privilege.

And nothing compared to the people I met, the people I worked with, the people I learned so much from.

The fighters inspired me, made me believe in true greatness. I will never stop marveling at the beauty and honesty of an elite Mixed Martial Arts fight between two special fighters. In a world of lies and distrust, these martial artists fight with such truth.

Brendan Fyfe, the 80-hour-a-week inspired tireless worker, tireless tireless learner, really taught me about drive and commitment. About research. About problem solving. He made me see that it actually is possible to be a great businessman and a great person at the same time.

Alex Caporicci, the matchmaker, always found a way. He always made it work. He brought together great athletes and gave them fair and exciting opportunities to show their skills, and it always thrilled the fans. Again, he’s as great a person as he is a worker. You always had fun with him, even while working your ass off.

Keith Crawford – the best announcer on the planet and the best guy to be around. Just the greatest man around.

Woody. Arda. Love you guys and look forward to working with you again in the future.

All the staff. Great people, great friends.

Just an incredible blend of talent. And an incredible group of human beings.

Nobody got rich working for The Score, the bottom line wouldn’t allow it. Most of us worked very close to free for the first few years.   We were in it together and we were going to help this thing work. When the budgets got cut near the end, before the Rogers purchase, some of us took pay cuts so we could make it work. But I didn’t care. We were doing something great. And we knew it.

There were so many special fighters out there, and we believed we could showcase them and put something great together.

And, by the end, I think we did.

From a personal perspective, I got so so much from this. I humbly believe I am a quality color commentator now. This is the first thing in my life I actually feel that I’m really good at. I believed these fighters deserved the best analysis, the best insight, the best verbal soundtrack to their journey. So I did my best to work to give them what they deserved.

I have The Score, AXS TV, and Mauro, Michael and John and all the fighters to thank for the opportunity.

I’m going to take the things I’ve learned and do my very best to keep getting better, and always contribute my very best on the mic for these great great athletes. This is a special job, and one I take very seriously. I will always be prepared. I will always do my best.

I learned that from working on The Score Fighting Series.

From the fighters.

Every show, every fight, they gave their all.

We can all learn from that.

If it is over, like it sounds like it is, I will always miss it.

It’s been one of the greatest experiences of my life.


And one last word to all the fighters: Thank you again for the privilege.

I hope I get the gift of calling your next one. And the one after that.

7 Responses to “ The Black Eye: My Privilege of Calling the Score Fighting Series ”

  1. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Well written my friend…and you were an awesome colour commentator…

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  2. BDC says:

    Robin i dont know you but would share a beer with you any day. You were solid each time. Hopefully we will see and hear more of you in the future.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 14 Thumb down 2

  3. Levitating Cards says:

    You and Schavello together did one of the best jobs we ever saw/heard down here.
    You break it down so we can all understand it but you are very very entertaining at the same time. A ton a ton of information and some great entertainment too.
    Keep doin it keep at it loved the job you did we’ll be hearing a lot more from you in the future I’m sure. Peace out.

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  4. steve hill says:

    I agree with everything said ,Robin you did a great job, I will truly miss your commentating and promoting local fighters….sfs was an excellent platform for fighters to come up thru , and get to the next level… fans , fighters all lose on this deal…

    Best of luck Robin I,m sure we,ll here you again soon….

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  5. JYD says:

    Robin’s improvement as a fighter and fight commentator over a short span of time is incredibly impressive. There will always be people who dislike Robin for one reason or another, but his work ethic, drive, and hair are fantastic. Yes I said it.

    You are the man Robin, lets catch up asap!

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Thanks guys really appreciate the nice sentiments.

    When I wrote this I was numb to the news but now, after talking about it all day, its bringin me down man.

    It was such a great thing tobe a part of.

    Thanks guys cheers.

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  7. Donald Duck says:

    If I could read this past all the “Chirp chirp chirp squawk chirp…” I would say this reads like a f**king obituary.

    Life moves on.


    PS – I will miss Alex’s matchmaking at this level of exposure as he made a few UFC careers out of his hard work but I’m sure he’ll get picked up by someone.

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