Press Release: No Decision Made on the Future of the SFS


TORONTO, January 30, 2013 – Contrary to reports, no decision has been made regarding the future of The Score Fighting Series (SFS).

We can confirm personnel changes were made this week in relation to the SFS. The Score will continue to assess the future of the SFS on an ongoing basis.

To clarify, Rogers Media plays no part in the operations of The Score Television Network (The Score). The Score is currently operating in trust until the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission approves its acquisition by Rogers Media. All decisions affecting the network and SFS are made by the management and trustee of The Score.

5 Responses to “ Press Release: No Decision Made on the Future of the SFS ”

  1. Former Rogers Employee says:

    Rogers sucks.

    They are not legally allowed to make decisions on anything Score related until after CRTC approval, but that is exactly what they are doing.
    Now they are releasing press releases from unnamed Rogers sources saying “no decision has been made regarding SFS”.
    This is a blatant lie that they are using to publicly cover their ass because they are have seized control of The Score and, among other moves, canned the SFS before the CRTC has approved it.
    Par for the course with Rogers.

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  2. Former Rogers Employee says:

    I worked for Rogers for 12 years and this is standard Rogers stuff.
    These guys are tough to work for- everyone at SFS should be glad they aren’t working for them.
    I work in advertising and teach yoga now and trust me I am much happier.

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  3. Lyndon Whitlock says:

    This don’t make sense. Personnel changes where made? This is code for the ppl that worked very hard to run SFS for the score got canned.
    Maybe there hasn’t been a full desision made on SFS but canning everyone that ran it speaks volumes. I hope Rogers and the score finds away to run events in Ontario’s. But the SFS died with the dismissal of the hard working ppl that organized the events.
    This truely is sad news for the fans, the Ontario fighters (even other fighters), and most importantly the ppl that ran the events.
    I think I can safely speak for all the fighters here and say we will miss SFS. They always put on the best shows, and always treats us fighters with respect (believe it or not a rare quality in a promotion)

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  4. Very well said Lyndon

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  5. MMAmgmt says:

    True say Whitlock… 100%

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