The Score Fighting Series Ceases Operations


Score-Fighting-Series-THUMBThe Score Fighting Series (SFS) has ceased all operations immediately as it has been shutdown by new parent company Rogers Sportsnet. Multiple sources have confirmed with Top MMA News on the unexpected decision from Rogers. All tentatively rumored shows have been cancelled.

The Score Fighting Series, run by Brendan Fyfe, emerged on the fight scene in June of 2011 and put on seven events in southern Ontario. Its last event was November 23 in Hamilton, Ontario. The Score Fighting Series brought such rising stars as Jordan Mein, Jesse Ronson and Josh Hill to the forefront of the Canadian MMA scene.

The Score had tentatively planned on running six events in 2013 prior to its purchase by Rogers and had recently performed very well on AXS TV in the United States.

Unaffected by the news is Sportsnet’s UFC programming that included UFC Connected, The Ultimate Fighter, and live UFC events.

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  1. Cody Rempel says:

    This sucks, I think Rogers is making a big mistake, but I’d love to see AFC continue their expansion and do some shows in Southern Ontario to fill the void… that is unless Fyfe and Caporicci are going to just re-brand and continue without the backing of Rogers!

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  2. Shawn says:

    Horrible news. Was really looking forward to having regular MMA in Ontario again. Depressing.

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  3. Mort says:

    This isn’t just a blow to Ontario, but all of Canadian MMA. For such a young promotion they were one of the best. With the airing of the live shows they gave the best exposure to the best fighters Canada has to offer. And their production was bar none the best out there. Hopefully Brendan and Alex continue on their own and move forward with the rest of the crew as well. A lot of people like to give Robin a hard time but he knows more about the Canadian MMA scene than any commentator on any other show. It’s a shame we are losing all of this. Good luck to all of you and hopefully it won’t be long before we are hearing something big come from this crew.

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  4. Daniel says:

    Man… The Score was the only network that gave a damn about amateur sports in this country. CIS football, CIS basketball, Score Fighting Series… Now chalk one off the board. Terrible decision. I’m not going to claim that I’ve watched every SFS event, but what a blow to amateur athletics in this country.

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  5. Louden Swain says:

    The score fighting series doesn’t have any ammy fights. but it is a huge blow to mma in Ontario and Canada.

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  6. Dylan da Chin says:

    I think he means amateur in the sense that it isn’t UFC.

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  7. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    This really sucks SFS…was the only promotion doing regular shows in ontario…the did so much not just for ontario based fighters…but for all canadian fighters….well looks like AFC is definitly gonna be the king of the hill…and the fact that they are willing to fly in fighters from other parts of the country and their coaches… will hopefully give the ontario based fighters who havent fought for them more opportunity…AFC…of the top of my head… guys to sign from ontario who fought for the score…Jesse Ronson..Ryan Dickson…Alex Ricci…Josh Hill if hes not o to bigger and better things…Lyndon Whitlock…Jesse Gross…Malcolm Gordon…Will Romero…John Fraser…Rory McDonnell…Elias Thorodeau…just of the top of my head…plus there are aton of young up and comers here in ontario…if i was you guys..i would sign as many as you can… your talent pool…would grow incrediably and i guarentee you half those guys would be your champions…

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  8. smash says:

    Fuck you Rogers, Im cancelling my cell phone and signing up with Bell out of spite.

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  9. Harris says:

    BTP / AKA tough guy – what no wardog? Lol

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  10. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    I didnt mention Craig because we are all ready in talks with the AFC…and did want to be jumped on because of it….but i guess damned if i do..and damned if i dont…

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  11. Safari_Punch says:

    If there is a media release, who is the Rogers official who cancelled it? What is the individuals name and where is the quote?

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  12. Harris says:

    No wonder your sucking up…LOL..I have to admit your one of the best.

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  13. Flash says:

    Until Ontario lowers the cost to license a show, there will be very few events in Ontario other than the UFC. If the costs were the same as in western Canada, Ontario would have as many shoes as Alberta. Until then, Ontario fighters are going to continue to receive very little exposure. Ontario has a lot of the top fighters in Canada(I’m sure robin black would attest to this), but with no local shows, fights are difficult to find. Financially, why would other provinces pay extra money to fly fighters in to beat up their local guys.

    Side note: any event Caporicci is involved in will fail. All promotions have up to this point and that will never change

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  14. Joe Doerksen says:

    I fought for the Score twice. Well run, professionally run show. Had good experience with Fyfe and Capporicci.

    Fighting under Ontario commission was not my favorite, but the Score wasn’t to blame.

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  15. Mcmax3000 says:

    I saw this coming a mile away when The Score was acquired by Rogers/SportsNet, especially with the rumor that it was going to be rebranded as a SportsNet channel.

    There is likely an exclusivity clause that SportsNet cannot broadcast any other MMA aside from the UFC (similar to the clause that prevented Spike from airing Bellator until the beginning of this year), meaning they couldn’t continue doing SFS events.

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  16. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Flash, why not use your real name if your going to slander people.

    Alex Caporicci is the best matchmaker in the country. He did some great work with the Score Fighting Series and it’s idiodic for you to claim he has anything to do with the promotion ceasing.

    This was a decision from Rogers and had nothing to do with Alex or the work he did. Brendan, Alex, Robin, Arda, Mauro, Crawford, these guys did a ton of work over the past few years and really did a great job. It was out of all of their hands and above their heads that caused it to end.

    Shitty low blow at a shitty time, and definately not justified.

    Alex Caporicci is the man!

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  17. cavemanbully says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  18. Very depressing news. Hopefully the guys from SFS put something together again. Their shows were great

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  19. david letourneau says:

    Some of the best fights I’ve seen were put together on sfs.

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  20. Gongshow says:

    I blame Pat Reid

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  21. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    There is a bunch of tucking going on now. They are only admitting that some personnel changes have happened, and that no decisions can be made until CRTC approval on the sale.

    But we all know what really happened. If they had any intention of keeping the promotion running, they wouldn’t have gotten rid of the people they did.

    No fighter would be prevented to compete for anybody else if they have no dates booked, and the future is unclear.

    Great job Top MMA News on breaking this. If the story wasn’t released yesterday nobody would be tucking today.

    There could potentially be some problems with the CRTC if this news got out.

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  22. wuzjustsayin says:

    Who did Rogers get rid of?

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  23. Former Rogers Employee says:

    Rogers sucks.

    They are not legally allowed to make decisions on anything Score related until after CRTC approval, but that is exactly what they are doing.
    Now they are releasing press releases from unnamed Rogers sources saying “no decision has been made regarding SFS”.
    This is a blatant lie that they are using to publicly cover their ass because they are have seized control of The Score and, among other moves, canned the SFS before the CRTC has approved it.

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  24. Former Rogers Employee says:

    I worked for Rogers for 12 years and this is standard Rogers stuff.
    These guys are tough to work for- everyone at SFS should be glad they aren’t working for them.
    I work in advertising and teach yoga now and trust me I am much happier.

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  25. BRAD says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  26. BRAD, you are an idiot.

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  27. Jordan Small says:


    Having been with the show since SFS 3 I can say that I’ve never met more hardworking, dedicated and awesome people than the ones behind SFS.

    Fyfe, Woody James, Caporicci, Al Duffy (in Sarnia).

    Others I worked beside and had the pleasure of meeting: Jhass, Ocal, Black, Bigg, Kellaway, AGP, VanDenBerg.

    I know first hand the amount of work they put in for the events to come together and there was nothing “grossly mismanaged” about it.

    There’s a lot of people (including the fighters and their teams) worth mentioning who also helped bring this badass show together.

    The fights and match ups were always fantastic. I couldn’t remember the last time I was excited from top to bottom for fight cards until SFS.

    Sorry, BRAD, it bothers me when people make cheap comments on something they don’t have the first clue about.

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  28. BDC says:

    M-A-D is mad….jordan great way to get through and lay it down.

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  29. I was born MAD!

    I forgot to mention Woody! Another great asset to Canadian MMA.

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  30. Alex Caporicci says:

    Thanks for the support Marc-Andre and Jordan. I really do not know what Flash or Brad have against me, but will not even bother to take them seriously unless they (or he) gives their real name.

    Our group at SFS has been amazing to work with and I love our team. I honestly do not know exactly what is going on, but I will wait and see what happens.

    Personally, I do not know what’s next for me. I love this sport and the people involved and hope to continue to be a part of it. But maybe it’s time to move on and see what happens next in Canadian MMA. But I’m not sure I’m ready to give it up just yet. I’m really worried about the sport at this level because if this couldn’t work, then I’m not sure anything can. I hope I’m proved wrong.

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  31. Dean Panas says:

    It really sucks to lose a great show like the SFS. As a fan I loved how they did there pre fight fighter bios and were able to preview upcoming shows on the network. The production of their shows was better than any other in the country and I truly enjoyed watching SFS.

    I don’t know all the people involved in the SFS, but I do hope they all continue to work in MMA. I have dealt a bit with Alex and I do know he is too damn good at what he does not to be in MMA. As far as Robin goes, he is the best in Canada at what he does and any promotion would be missing out if they pass on the opportunity to use the Birdman of MMA.

    It sucks that Ontario is losing out on the main MMA promotion in the province. I have felt for a long time that Alberta MMA promtions, fighters, and fans have been spoiled. Many fghters in Alberta, specially Edmonton, feel it is easy to get fights. Try being an up and coming fighter in Ontario these days and see how tough things are going to be. I have only had a couple of dealings with the Ontario commission, but I feel they could make things a bit easier for local promoters.

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  32. wuzjustsayin says:

    As Robin clearly stated in his Black Eye post SFS was in over their heads from the start.

    “Nobody got rich working for The Score, the bottom line wouldn’t allow it. Most of us worked very close to free for the first few years. We were in it together and we were going to help this thing work. When the budgets got cut near the end, before the Rogers purchase, some of us took pay cuts so we could make it work.”

    Maybe now the small local promotions will get the respect they deserve.

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  33. Robin Black says:

    I’ve written about it before- the costs and time spent vs revenue, the honest math, really doesn’t work in this business.

    Everyone that does it does it because they love it.

    Nobody does it for the money, there’s a million and one easier ways to make an honest buck.

    People do it because its their passion.

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  34. Brad Wall says:

    Crappy news, thanks SFS good memories. I’m sure Alex, Brendan, Robin and many of the others will go on to other successful Mma ventures. Hopefully someone can fill void left in Ontario Mma!

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  35. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  36. Gnp says:

    Hamilton place was full at all the score events, I truly hope someone can pick up that huge void that will be left in Ontario mma…. There is a proven market in Ontario, and some of the top talent in Canada …..Jesse ronson , John Fraser … And josh hill the #1 bw … The talent pool is huge… a longtime fan I hope something happens soon……Brendan , robin , Alex, find some backers and start ur own promotion…..

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  37. MMAmgmt says:

    BRAD and Flash are morons… true story.

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  38. steve hill says:

    Regardless whos fault it may be , if its budget cuts , or clauses in network contracts…the sfs will be missed by a lot of people….fans and fighters alike….Sad News for Ontario mma

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  39. believetheHYPE says:

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  40. Robin Black says:

    I like Mark and I like the MFC, so this has nothing to do with my response.

    You are an idiot. The Score did not lose money, the events were sold out and successful.
    They were extremely budget conscious, as smart all companies are, so that they could continue to grow.

    This fighting series is gone because the parent company, the $100 million company called The Score, was bought by a billion dollar company called Rogers.

    When billion dollar companies but businesses the decisions are made by 65 year old suits that know nothing about the smaller companies.

    In other words, its some Mitt Romney shit.

    If The Score had not been bought by a giant conglomerate the SFS, a small show with a built in TV deal, would have thrived indefinitely.

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  41. AMLETHC says:

    Wrong Robin Black, No one likes Mark!

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  42. Joe Doerksen says:

    MFC is number one? I’m trying to think of anyone other than the promoter of MFC who has said the same thing. And I can’t come up with a single name.

    If you have to tell everyone else how special you are, you’re really not that special.

    Not to mention the MFC has still never left Edmonton. I know, they did that casino show in WIndsor. But if I recall correctly, Mark told me to my face when I asked for access to a sauna for my fighter, “Hey guys, it’s not me. I’m not the promoter. Talk to the casino. I’m just the matchmaker here.”

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  43. Robin Black says:

    All that aside, and all bravado aside, even the haters should begrudgingly give some respect to MFC and shows like Lee Mein’s RITC.

    Shows come and shows go, for dozens of reasons, but these shows keep on truckin.

    Maybe Pavelich sold his soul to the devil.

    When you look up close and see just how many hundreds of moving parts these shows have, and how many business variables are always at play, longevity of any of these shows are impressive.

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  44. Joe Doerksen says:

    Robin I will respectfully disagree with you. Lee Mein promotes mma. Pavelich only promotes Pavelich.

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  45. wuzjustsayin says:

    Robin now you got me totally confused.

    If the Score did not lose money and the events were sold out and so successful, then why on earth would you and others take pay cuts?

    You can’t tell me that you felt so sorry for a $100 million company whose small show, the SFS
    with a built in TV deal, that you would sacrifice your livelihood because of “Budget Cuts”.

    If that was the case and you did it for the love of MMA then you and others sure got taken for a ride!!

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  46. Woodrow says:

    Avant guard productions will hold an event in Sarnia this year.
    I am definately continuing to work with robin, brendan, alex and arda

    But i am a huge fan of dumb posts without using real names!!!

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  47. Alex Caporicci says:

    Does it mean you finally made it when you have haters? Another person whining without putting their real name. Probably just the same person.

    My success as a matchmaker is due to many reasons. Most importantly is I’m not afraid to ask the opinion of the people I work with. Every fight was a discussion between Brendan and I. When we both agreed it’d be a good fight, we did it. Every idea I had for SFS went through Robin and/or Woody before we made it happen. Also, we treat fighters with respect and they want to put on a good show for us and the fans. That is VERY important.

    I’m lucky to work with great people and the team we put together is why the SFS put on some great fights. There are other great people out there that I never worked with and hopefully will be able to in the future.

    I never cared if we were the top show in Canada or what other shows in Canada were doing. I wanted a show I was proud of that made the fans in the arena and watching on TV excited to watch. I think what we are allowed to do is amazing. The opportunity to entertain hundreds of thousands of people is rare and we should be proud of what we accomplished; whatever happens in the future.

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  48. Robin Black says:


    The SFS was a separate company from The Score. Owned by The Score but with its own budget. It had extra resources in house like TV and design and stuff but, otherwise, it was no different than any other small show.

    The goal would be to work so that you could break even from successful events.

    If the SFS broke even, The Score was happy. They got free TV content.

    So, when you do the math if you wanted to keep growing and having bigger and better shows without raising ticket prices, the only way to do that was cut costs.

    By the time you streamline on every cost but keep on putting bigger and better shows and strive to keep growing, some of those costs will be personnel.

    If some of us had to take pay cuts to make allow our baby, this great show, to keep growing while being fiscally possible then so be it.

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  49. Robin Black says:

    You gotta understand, non-UFC MMA is on the bottom of the priority list for sports people.

    This 100 million dollar company and every other hundred million dollar company would not even bother with MMA if it cost them a penny.

    Brendan and his gang of committed people spent half a decade growing this from scratch.

    The Score made the TV possible and provided some other in house goodies which is an enormous help but, otherwise, SFS was exactly like any other small business.

    One promoter and one matchmaker and some valued trustworthy people and a bottom line that was met, regardless of what had to be done to make the puzzle pieces fit.

    If people only knew the amount of work from only a handful of people that it took to create this and make it work.

    It was an incredible this to witness.

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  50. Robin Black says:

    So basically imagine it like this:

    The Score said “go ahead and do your little fighting stuff and you can use some in house resources as long as we get free TV outta the deal and we don’t have to spend a penny”.

    And Brendan and Alex and the supporting cast said “well tis is going to take an enormous amount of work for very little reward but we get this small opportunity to really try to create something great for these fighters and this community. And we can take pride in being a part of it”.

    And that’s what we did.

    And I would do it again.

    It was so worth it.

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