The Score Fighting Series Ceases Operations


Score-Fighting-Series-THUMBThe Score Fighting Series (SFS) has ceased all operations immediately as it has been shutdown by new parent company Rogers Sportsnet. Multiple sources have confirmed with Top MMA News on the unexpected decision from Rogers. All tentatively rumored shows have been cancelled.

The Score Fighting Series, run by Brendan Fyfe, emerged on the fight scene in June of 2011 and put on seven events in southern Ontario. Its last event was November 23 in Hamilton, Ontario. The Score Fighting Series brought such rising stars as Jordan Mein, Jesse Ronson and Josh Hill to the forefront of the Canadian MMA scene.

The Score had tentatively planned on running six events in 2013 prior to its purchase by Rogers and had recently performed very well on AXS TV in the United States.

Unaffected by the news is Sportsnet’s UFC programming that included UFC Connected, The Ultimate Fighter, and live UFC events.

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  1. Robin Black says:

    @wuzjustsayin, to tie it all up, that 100 million dollar company was cool with letting a couple people make this “dumb fighting stuff” if it cost them nothing and got them free tv, but the billion dollar company can’t be bothered.

    Its easier not to bother.

    Like I said, its a Mitt Romney type scenario.

    Anyhoo, It was the best of times it was the BLURST of times??

    Talking (typing?) about this is making me depressed, I’m taking my wife for soup see you guys soon.

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  2. wuzjustsayin says:

    Thanks for the reply Robin, it really gives a clear insight to the nitty gritty of SFS.

    It truly is unfortunate for Brendan and the gang that business is so impersonal but that is the nature of the beast.

    If what you are saying is that the business model was successful and profitable then I am sure that the effort was worth it and we should see a spin off shortly.

    Enjoy your soup!!

    Oh by the way, I hear Mark is thinking of expanding…LOL

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  3. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    @Robin Black…your passion for this sport of ours…is timeless. My friend…you inspire more than you know…I had nothing but a blast working with SFS… Brendan..Alex…Robin…and of .coarse…Woodrow James…I hope you find some way some how to. ..keep your passion for mma alive and keep pursuing your dreams…gentlemen the privilege has been all mine…as a coach and as a fan…

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  4. Rogers/Bell just made a trade today which brought Gay, the Grizzlies’ leading scorer, to the Raptors. The player is due $53+ million over the next three years.

    I am so pissed at Rogers. This shit and the hundreds of millions spent on the Jays this year and they can’t put $500K a year into SFS?

    My brain understands the viewership/interest/ratings are vastly different between these top sports and MMA, but it is hard for the heart to digest.

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  5. mark says:

    First off, Rogers is garbage.
    SFS was great. Put on some great fights for Canadian MMA Fans. But I’m not wasting too much energy on this topic. It’s not in our control so, c’est la vie, SFS.
    When one door closes, another one opens.
    MMA will continue to grow in Canada. That’s all that matters

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  6. BDC says:

    Thats sum fucked up shit. No rogers for me anymore.

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  7. Joe Blow says:

    I am huge SFS fan, every thing about it was great..the fights were amazing, the production was great and I truly enjoyed myself..but the truth is the truth.. I attended every show from the Hersey Center to Hamilton Place and every show was hardly sold out..even the show in hamilton they announced that the event was sold out and the entire top level balcony was empty and closed off and the last show maybe had 600-800 people in attendance..watching it on tv proved that the place was empty..maybe 1/4 full..The fights were amazing and people that didn’t attend missed out big time…The bottom line, i am not blaming any staff at the score because they did a great job putting on the fights…the crazy thing Ontario MMA fans screamed for MMA but no one wanted to attend events outside the UFC..with that said, the same people attended every event and that was pretty cool as I made a ton of new friends..the crazy part SFS was just starting to gain more and more momentum..I agree that the OAC maybe the big problem and from what I understand they wanted this to happen hence why they made it very difficult for small shows to make it. Again, mad love to the boys who put it all together..i guess this explains why Alex, Robin and Woodrow got into the management business together.. I guess some people won’t have to worry about the potential conflict of interest. LMAO Good luck with your new business adventure boys as I sure you will do a great job and again I am sorry that your hardwork went unnoticed by Rogers.

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  8. wuzjustsayin says:

    Wow the truth hurts.

    600-800 in attendance!!!?? Are you kidding me?

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  9. @Joe Blow…there is no doubt that the high OAC costs and the poor Ontario fan turnouts affect the amount of shows in Ontario.

    Even with the UFC, I believe they gave away 6 or 7,000 tickets to the last Toronto UFC that Jon Jones main evented.

    If you can only get 9,000 paying customers to a Toronto UFC, how can you expect 1500 to a regional show?

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  10. Old School Jake says:

    I thought the SFS was a great product and organization. I’m sad to see them go.

    All I want to say on this is that I really hope Alex gets scooped up by another promotion that will appreciate his work as much as we all did as a matchmaker. Obviously, that goes for all the people at SFS who lost their jobs, that shit is never easy.

    But chin up Alex, I know you’ll bounce back and find something soon!

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  11. Alex Caporicci says:

    Thanks Jake.

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  12. Joe Blow says:

    That is crazy to hear UFC gave away 7000 tickets..maybe Ontario fans don’t really want MMA which is a dam shame..a lot of talented guys here in Ontario.

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  13. BodySnatcher says:

    ontario is fucked, especially london where i’m from. when i worked in the bars downtown everyone was asking when london was gonna have an mma show, and when i was gonna fight in london. so many people said they’d buy a ticket and go see it, and get their friends to come out. they didn’t even care who was on it. then when london did put on a a show they en-trusted a bunch of fucking idiot biker affiliates to promote it and they spent the money on booze and strippers and god knows what. just fucked it all up. and come fight night everyone flaked out and said they had better things to do or no one they knew was on the card so they didn’t want to see it. even though they previously stated they didn’t care who was fighting. just an overall meh i don’t want to, cause i’m too cool or lazy as fuck or i’ll ask someone whos going and if its good goto the next one etc. just all kinds of BS. i think ontario has fans. but not supporters and because of that no show will ever succeed in ontario. only one i heard of doing well and made good money. was slammer in the hammer that joslin put on in hamilton and i fought on that card.

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  14. EdHaymaker says:

    Ok, so let me get this straight : The Score Fighting Series is ceasing operations?
    So apparently, nobody goes to MMA events in Ontario even they were clamouring for MMA when it was illegal before.
    I’m no expert, but we should look to Alberta as to why our events are not sold out. I swear they hold all the stuff in small venues. And I know promotions like the SFS are trying, but, they should have looked into smaller places like bars instead of arenas off the get go. Plus, tickets could be expensive seeing as how the economy around the world kind of made a lot of people lose money and effected everybody including us here in Ontario. Alberta is always having some fight in a bar, a gym, whatever. They should start small, and grow slowly here.

    Rogers could easily save SFS if they wanted to. But I think it has to do with the UFC and non-MMA related Media. Just saying.

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  15. Darren Owen says:

    I spoke with Ken Hayashi this morning just to get all the information from the source himself. For those that don’t know Hayashi is the commissioner in Ontario. I was very surprised by the amount of negativity regarding anything to do with an event. I was told if I want to lose money then put on an event in Ontario and was told getting matchups approved is a nightmare with he laughs at these facts.
    Commission costs are astronomical compared to anywhere else in Canada and its not just the commission costs but there are a lot of other costs directly associated with putting on an event. Every fighter is on the hook for approx $1000 in medical requirements per fight. Plus $1700 per fight incase of KO’s. They bring in out of town officials which cost 6-8k to “mentor” some local officials. I made the argument that if costs don’t come down there aren’t going to be any events for them to officiate so what’s the point of mentoring them. So for an average 10 fight card you in the ballpark of 40-50k depending on the amount of KO’s. That included with a lower than expected gates it’s a really tough go in Ontario. I don’t believe in giving tickets away just to “fill the building”. It basically says what your putting on isn’t worth spending the money on and the expectation for future events is you should get free tickets. I feel sorry for the Ontario fighters that won’t get as many opportunities as they deserve. MMA could thrive in Ontario but everyone needs to put pressure on the province to change the commission rules and costs. We at the AFC will do what we can to help get these guys fights and keep our minds open for unique ideas that may allow for an Ontario event. However putting on a traditional event they way things are just aren’t feasible. It’s unfortunate…

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  16. Jeff Harrison says:

    Besides the completely unaffordable fees and they throw at promoters, the OAC has complicated Ontario fighter’s lives with the strickest and most expensive medical tests that are mandatory for licensing. Chest X-ray, MRI, EEG, eye exams , syphilis , all blood work EKG etc etc.. A fighter is usually looking at close to a G to get his year started, unless he knows a doctor that is willing to risk his license and break OHIP protocol.. First time fighters will generally lose money fighting in Ontario, or anywhere else for that matter, since a fighter must be licensed in his home province.

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  17. Woodrow says:

    The fees are very difficult. They are expensive yes.
    But mma is possible to succeed at a lower level show, watch and see.

    Good point tho darren. Good luck if u guys do come here in the future.

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  18. wuzjustsayin says:

    Just curious Woodrow, what would a lower level event have to do differently than SFS or AFC and how many paid attendants would be necessary for that event to be successful in Ontario?

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