UFC on Fox 6 Results – TJ Grant, Pettis Dominate


ufc-on-fox1 THUMBUFC is back on Fox with another great card. The main event features John Dodson challenging Demetrious Johnson for the Flyweight Title. Also, headlining the preliminary card is Nova Scotia’s TJ Grant who will be looking to extend his winning streak to four straight in the Lightweight Division. The preliminary card airs live on Sportsnet 1 at 5pm eastern time and the main card airing at 8pm eastern time on both Fox and Sportsnet 1.

Here are the results:

Main Card
Demetrious Johnson defeats John Dodson by Unanimous Decision
***Johnson defends Flyweight Title Fight

Glover Teixeira defeats Quinton Jackson by Unanimous Decision (30-27×2, 29-28)
Anthony Pettis defeats Donald Cerrone by TKO (Kick) in Round 1, 2:35
Ricardo Lamas defeats Erik Koch by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 2:32

Preliminary Card
TJ Grant defeats Matt Wiman by KO (Strikes) in Round 1, 4:51
Clay Guida defeats Hatsu Hioki by Split Decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)
Pascal Krauss defeats Mike Stumpf by Unanimous Decision
Ryan Bader submits Vladimir Matyushenko by Guillotine in Round 1, 0:50
Sean Jordan defeats Mike Russow by TKO (GNP) in Round 2, 3:48
Rafael Natal submits Sean Spencer by Arm Triangle in Round 3, 2:13
David Mitchell defeats Simeon Thoresen by Unanimous Decision

: (Fox/Sportsnet 1 – 8pm et)

22 Responses to “ UFC on Fox 6 Results – TJ Grant, Pettis Dominate ”

  1. Nice to hear Goldberg back in the UFC booth.

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  2. TJ Grant is a stone cold killer!

    Vicious standing elbows are becoming a Canadian trademark.

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  3. Jeff Harrison says:

    Grant! Sick dub for sure

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  4. Pettis just stole TJ’s cash.

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    TJ was awesome!

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    Showtime’s finish was sick! I love body shot KOs!

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  7. Hobnot says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  8. Oilcity30 says:

    Pettis would kill grant where did that come from?

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  9. Derek LeBlanc says:

    Pettis may gotten the liver shot but with TJ elbows, Wiman won’t be able to call himself some handsome anymore

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  10. Bigtoe says:

    Grant made a serious statement last night! Hopefully the UFC brass takes notice because the rest of the American mma media couldn’t give a shit! I was just checking out mmamania.com and mmajunkie.com and they barely even mentioned the fight. Mmamania did their regular bit about biggest winners and losers (fucking retarded article) and may no mention of Grant!

    So thank you topmmanews for keeping it real! Maybe you can do a story on how waving your hair around like a fucking monkey makes you win fights!

    Biggie out!

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  11. D.B says:

    Guida did not win that fight…a couple takedowns with zero offensive strikes, does not constitute winning a fight

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  12. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ LeBlanc

    Its funny you mention Wiman not calling himself “Handsome” after Grant’s elbows (thanks Keith for gif link) because at the weigh ins they were talking about how he dropped that moniker!

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  13. Bigtoe says:

    100 percent agree, Guida fights drive me crazy. It really makes me wonder what the hell the judges are looking at!

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  14. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Hobnot

    Pettis would not destroy Grant, cool your jets homie! Grant has got the best winning streak in LW right now, though they both deserve title shots!

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  15. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    And of course I mean Grant’s streak is after two Champs, Melandez then Henderson!

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  16. harry balls says:

    Grant looked just badassful. Glad Bader won too.

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  17. Jamie Locke says:

    I’d love to see TJ vs Miller.

    I don’t think Guida should have got that W, he didn’t do anything offensive that fight, just bobbed around and shot for 1 take down per round. I’m not sure what the hell buddy who gave him 30-27 was thinking.

    Pettis was awesome with the body shot KO for sure!

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  18. Idolmaker says:

    I have never been a guida fan, and never will be.

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  19. Keelan Smyth says:

    Grant has really proved me wrong, when he first entered the UFC I thought he was going have same fate as alot of his fellow Canadians (Valimaki,Hague,Clark,Bongfeldt,Doerksen) have a couple fights and get cut. Now he is a legitimate contender in the UFC most stacked division, he has looked straight savage his last few fight. Excited to see what next for him, hopefully Miller

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  20. Hobnot says:

    TJ looked good but he is nowhere near Pettis. Good for a Canadian, I guess.

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  21. steve hill says:

    TJ Grant looked great cool , calm and deliberate, Cerrone didn’t seem in the fight at all , seems whenever it gets personal with him he loses focus, like the diaz fight, not to take anything away from pettis!! I like clay guida but its true you shouldn’t win fights for good cardio and a 70,s porn star moustache….great to see big john in there….all in all great card

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