Elite 1 MMA: Unstoppable Play-by-Play


Elite1_MMA_ThumbWhile the weather may have been little messy in the Maritimes over the weekend, it did not stop a near sell out crowd to pack Casino New Brunswick in Moncton for Elite 1 MMA’s first event of the year. Besides the main event going to a decision, all of the other main fights did not go the full 15 minutes. Here is how the night’s action played out


  • Fight of the Night: Jon Foster and Morgan Rhynes
  • Submission of the Night: Dan Fowler
  • Knockout of the Night: Matt Desroches

Mark Holst vs. Matt MacGrath
Round 1
MacGrath wastes no time as he starts the match going for the takedown and is able to secure it. MacGrath is able to move him around and pin Holst against the cage. MacGrath is moving around trying to get a better position. One fan yells for MacGrath to punch him really hard in the face so loud that everyone in the venue can hear. Holst is defending of some major hits but MacGrath is able to maintain top position and land the occasional shot. This goes on for a while until he stands on his feet and is able to land a few punches on Holst. Holst looks for the opportunity to get up but MacGrath is quick to put him back down against the cage. MacGrath then tries to stand up when Holst is able to get a hold of his arm but MacGrath drops back down before he can get a submission attempt. While not much action going on, Roger Dorion stands the fight back up. Holst is able to land a few punches but MacGrath is able to land a solid jab to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 MacGrath

Round 2
Holst is looking for an open hole to start the round but MacGrath recognizes it and hooks up in the clinch. MacGrath is able to maneuver around and pin him against the cage. MacGrath then goes for a single leg takedown and gets its. MacGrath has him pinned against the cage. MacGrath is on top content to stay and work on some ground and pound but Holst is able to defend it. MacGrath stands up on his feet where Holst tries again for an armbar attempt. MacGrath is able to get back down before Holst can get a good hold of it. With the odd punch being thrown, the ref decides to bring both fighters on their feet to resume the fight. Holst goes for a leg kick that MacGrath is able to catch. MacGrath is able to circle around and grab a knee for a single leg takedown. Holst is able to land a few shots off his back. Holst tries to turn off his side but MacGrath keeps him down. MacGrath gets a hold of his foot but let’s go. Holst is still able to land punches off his back but MacGrath gets a good elbow over the eye. The ref decides to stand them up again. Both fighters circle around when MacGrath is able to get a clinch but Holst is able to land a few punches on him. MacGrath tries for the takedown but Holst is able to get on his back. MacGrath then is able to get back on one knee but Holst is able to keep him down. Holst is landing some shots when MacGrath tries to get back up. Holst then decides to stand back up while MacGrath lays on his back. Holst waits but then lets MacGrath get back on his feet. MacGrath looks for the clinch but then goes for a leg kick but slips. Holst lets him back on his feet. MacGrath is able to land a few punches as the round ends
Top MMA News scores a close 10-9 to Holst

Round 3
Both fighters throw in a kick as they circle around the cage. This continues for a bit until MacGrath is able to push him against the cage. MacGrath looks for the single leg and he takes Holst down. MacGrath is on top and is landing a few body shots. Unable to find an opening, MacGrath stands back up and is able to punch Holst’s face. MacGrath goes back down and continues to lay on top of Holst and land a few elbows. MacGrath gets on his feet again for another punch. Holst is able to grab his foot but MacGrath is able to move his way out and retain top position. Unable to land many shots, the ref stands both fighters back up. MacGrath goes for the clinch and is able to land with a couple of knees but Holst is able to get in a few right hand shots. MacGrath goes for the takedown but Holst stuffs it. MacGrath moves around but Holst is able to get his foot and tries to secure a heel hook. With Holst still holding on, MacGrath is able to get a heel hook on him at the same time. Holst lets go and tries to get on top but MacGrath grabs his arm for a kimara attempt. He is able to use the move to turn around and get back in top. The ref stand them back up again shortly afterwards with 30 seconds left. Holst lands a few jabs then tries for the right but MacGrath is able to get a hold of him for another takedown. As the round comes to an end.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 MacGrath
Top MMA News scores the fight 29-28 for Matt MacGrath
All three judges score the bout 29-28 as MacGrath wins by Unanimous Decision

Todd Westcott vs. Dan Fowler
Round 1
The match starts out with Fowler throwing a right hand that connects on Westcott’s face. Fowler then waits a second and throws a leg kick. Westcott tries to counter but Fowler is able to go in for a takedown. Fowler is trying to pass guard and hits with a couple of body punches. He is able to move up and secure a arm triangle. Fowler holds on until Westcott passes out.
Dan Fowler wins by submission (Arm Triangle) at 1:20 in the 1st round

Mike Thorne vs. Brandon Chaisson
Round 1
Both fighters throw a jab to get things started. Chaisson then throws a few leg kicks but Thorne tries for the takedown. Chaisson is able to stop him and push against the cage. Chaisson is able to get him down but Thorne has a hold of his head. Chaisson is able to stay on stop and scout him to the cage. Both fighters get up and Thorne tries to push him against the cage. Thorne then looks for the single leg but is only able to get Chaisson down on one knee.. He is able to get back up and push him along the cage. After working it Thorne is able to get him down. Thonre not doing a whole a lot on the ground besides the occasional punch. Chaisson is able to get to his knees and back up. Thorne is able to contain him but getting in the clinch. Thorne is able to land one knee before Chaisson pushes off and gets him against the cage. Thorne tries for a takedown but Chaisson is able to defend it. Chaisson is able to throw a few jabs before he gets him with a hip toss that sends him to the mat. Chaisson gets into side control but Throne tries to see if he can get his back. Thorne moves around and is able to give a knee to the body on the ground. Both fighters are able to get up and they get in the clinch but nothing really happens in the exchange until Thorne is able to get a takedown. Thorne is able to keep him down but uses some ground and pound as the last few seconds are done.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Chaisson

Round 2
Both fighters meet in the middle of the cage and get into another clinch battle. Thorne pushes him against the cage and work some Maui Thai in.. Thorne then breaks off it off and lands a few more hits. Thorne tries for the takedown but Chaisson sprawled out Thorne tries to get back up but Chaisson is able to get back up but Chaisson tries to get his back. He is not trying to see if he can get a rear naked choke in. He works a little ground and pound in to see he can get Thorne’s arms loose. Chaisson then unwraps his legs and looks to go for an armbar but he can’t get a full extension . Thorne is able to use this and got back on top. The action slows for some time until Chaisson is able to push him off but Thorne is back down. Thorne goes to work the ground and pound before moving into side control while Chaisson uses his feet to get off the cage. Throne tries to turn around until Chaisson is able move on top and work some ground and pound in before the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Thorne

Round 3
With the fight still up for grabs, Chaisson is able to work his jab to start off the round. Chaisson continues to go as Thorne tries to moves forward and pushes him against the cage. Chaisson is trying to push off the cage before Thorne is able to take him down. Chaisson keeps doing what he can. Thorne is able to get a full mouth for a short period but Chaisson is able to turn on his side. Thorne keeps working on the ground and pound Chaisson does get a small window and almost pushes him off but Thorne gets back on top. .Chaisson is able to push off and get on top but it is a costly move as Thorne is able to get the arm and get the triangle choke of his back for the win.
Mike Thorne wins via submission (triangle choke) at 2:31 in the 3rd round

Maverick Cowx vs. Joshua Allen
Round 1
Allen comes in with a right hand swing to begin the match but Cowx is able to block it off. Cowx is able to clinch with him and take him down. Cowx is on top trying to land some ground and pound but Allen has a hold of his right arm. Cowx gets control and pins him against the cage. Cowx stands back up but Allen is able to get a hold of his leg but he gets back up on his feet. Allen then looks for the single leg but Cowx is able to stuff it. Allen does eventually take down only for Cowx to switch it around and get on top. Cowx then throws some elbows and then hits him with a knee. Both fighters are back on there feet. Cowx goes for the leg kick and Allen pushes him against the cage. Cowx is able to move around and gets Allen’s back. Cowx is able to get him down and work the ground and pound until the ref stops the fight.
Maverick Cowx wins via TKO (Ground and Pound) at 2:37 in the 1st round

Brain Mazerolle vs. Matt Desroches
Round 1
Mazerolle comes in with a jab to get things started. Desroches comes in to take the center of the cage. Mazerolle lands a leg kick with Desroches countering with a jab and then a right hook. Both fighters are circling around with some small exchanges until Mazerolle is able to pin Desroches against the cage but Desroches is able to hit him with some knees. Desroches is then able to use some dirty boxing to push off. Mazerolle gets him against the cage. Desroches is able to move him and both fighters clinch with each other and Desroches lets go. Mazerolle is able to pin him against the cage but Desroches is able to circle him around easily and regain control. Desroches is then able to connect with a big right hand. Mazerolle then gets him against the cage again but is looking for a takedown. Mazerolle is able to get a hold of one leg but Desroches moves around to break free. Mazerolle is trying to keep this fight against the cage but Desroches is able to hit him with a knee to break loose. Desroches is then able to hit him with some punches then sends some Mazerolle’s blood in front of my laptop. Desroches throws a leg kick that Mazerolle catches but he is unable to do much. Desroches circles around but then clinches up with him and pins him against the cage. Desroches continues to use a mix of dirty boxing and knee strikes as the round continues. Mazerolle is able to circle him around but Desroches counters right back. Desroches is able to keep throwing punches as the round ends but the ref had actually stopped the match just before it went off
Matt Desroches wins via TKO (strikes) at 4:59 in the 1st round

Jon Foster vs. Morgan Rhynes
Round 1
Rhynes starts the match working on his leg kicks. Foster goes in for a punch but Rhynes is able to land one back. Rhynes goes for a leg kick but Foster is able to use his hands to block it off. Rhynes just continues to work those legs kick knowing that it is doing some damage to Foster. Foster is able to block a couple off but Rhynes hits one on the knee and on his thigh, Rhynes lands a kick that sends Foster down but Rhynes just lets him back up. Rhynes lands a punch on the chin and goes back to working those leg kicks. Foster then tries to match him with a leg kick to the shin and then attempts a front kick. Rhynes takes the center of the cage but Foster goes for a leg kick but Rhynes falls down but is back up quickly. Rhynes then looks for a double leg but clinches up and puts Foster against the cage. Foster gets a hold of Rhynes head and tries to circle him around. Foster hits him with a knee but Rhynes uses the opportunity to get his head out. Rhynes breaks out of the clinch and then goes for a roundhouse kick that catches Foster. Rhynes uses the chance to hit him with some punches. Rhynes goes for a clinch but lets go. Rhynes then goes for a jab and grabs Foster to pin him against the cage. Rhynes looks for the leg sweep but can’t get it. Rhynes is trying to push him off but Foster is able to hold on. Rhynes is able to break out and put Foster on his back. Rhynes lands a couple of legs kick and gets side control. Foster then tries to roll over but doesn’t have much luck. Rhynes is able to sit up and work some ground and pound. Foster tries to get up off his back but Rhynes pushes him back down. Rhynes then starts dropping some vicious elbows until ref decides that Foster has had enough.
Morgan Rhynes wins via TKO (ground and pound) at 4:46 in the 1st round

Amateur MMA
Ryan Cameron vs. Tyler Bridges
Round 1
Cameron goes a roundhouse kick to start but doesn’t connect. After that both fighters end up in the clinch. Cameron goes for the takedown and is able to get full mount but Bridges is able to sneak out. Cameron is still on top as he forces him against the cage. Bridges gets a hold of his leg but can’t hold on. Cameron then moves to side control but lets Bridges get back up. Both throw some good punches. Cameron is able to land a few kicks on Bridges and then works the jab. Bridge is able to get in the clinch and land a few knees. Both fighters are along the cage with Cameron in control. Cameron keeps using his leg kicks while Bridges is looking for the takedown.. Cameron looks for the guillotine but decides to let go. Bridges is not doing much on top but Cameron tries for a triangle choke attempt. Both fighters are laying on there sides when the ref decides to stand them back up. Cameron hits with a couple of jabs and avoids the clinch to end the 1st round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Cameron

Round 2
Bridges decides to start round 2 with the roundhouse but Cameron gets out of the way and pins him against the cage. Both fighters start swinging for the fences but neither one really seems to be connecting. Cameron throws a leg kick and then another that Bridges is able to catch and pin Cameron against the cage. Bridges gets him down and is trying to get full mount. Cameron gets his arm trapped and gets the arm triangle for the win.
Ryan Cameron wins via submission (Triangle Choke) at 1:10 in the 2nd round

Luke P Noel vs. Justin MacCallum
Round 1
Things start slow in the match as both fighters circle around the cage. After about 20 seconds, MacCallum goes for a takedown but Noel is able to get back up. Noel is not up for long as MacCallum is able to put him down back on the mat. MacCallum hits him with a few body shots as he moves into side control. MacCallum continues to work the ground and pound for a bit of time. MacCallum is trying to pass guard but Noel is able to get a hold on an arm but MacCallum is able to break out. MacCallum keeps working the ground and pound for a little while until Noel tries to get out only for MacCallum to slam him back down. MacCallum works a little more ground and pound to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 MacCallum

Round 2
Noel leaves his heads down low to begin the round before he attempts a roundhouse kick, He then goes for a kick to the knee but MacCallum able to get him against the cage. Noel is able to get a couple of knees in and is able to maintain control. MacCallum tries to break out and is able to get a leg sweep and take him down but Noel ends up on top. MacCallum is able to get back around and both fighters are back on the feet in the clinch. Noel tries to take him down but MacCallum’s mouth guard falls out and the ref pauses the fight. Things resume with both fighters starting in there corner’s. Noel looks for a leg kick and for the clinch. Noel is able to work some knees in before MacCallum is able to grab a hold of his left knee. MacCallum has him against the cage. Both fighters are getting the odd strike but Noel is able to break the clinch. Noel goes back to that roundhouse kick but he misses again. Noel also continues to leave his hands down and then goes for a right hook. Noel is able to hit him with a couple of big shots before the ref stops the fight five seconds before the round is over.
Luke Noel wins via TKO (strikes) at 2:55 in the 2nd round

Trent Moses vs. Cass Jacques
Round 1
Moses begins the match with a kick and then proceeded to get Jacques in the clinch and hit with repeated knees. Jacques is able to push him against the cage but Moses is able take him down and move into side control. Jacques tries to grab his head for a guillotine attempt.

Round 2
Moses continues to be the aggressor in the second round as he starts things off with a takedown. Jacques stuffs its originally but Moses is able to move around and get side control. Moses is trying to move around until he is on top of Jacques in half guard. Jacques is trying to do what he can to get off but Moses is using his strength to prevent him. Moses stands up and while Jacques is able to get a hold of his head, Moses is able to do a body slam. Moses is using his knee for leverage on his stomach as he moves into side control for a guillotine attempt but he can’t get his arms around. Jacques tries to get up but he gives up his guard and Moses has full mount. Moses is trying to get on his back. After a few attempts of trying he is able to get in the rear naked choke for the victory.
Trent Moses wins via submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:35 in the 2nd round

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