Nick Penner, Joey Gambino, 7 Others Released From UFC

Nick Penner (photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

Nick Penner (photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

Canada’s Nick Penner and Tristar’s Joey Gambino have been released from the UFC, among others. According to MMA Opinion, Chad Griggs, Nick Penner, Marcus LeVesseur, John Cofer, Joey Gambino, Jeff Hougland, Jared Papazian and Yasuhiro Urishitani and Henry Martinez are the nine UFC fighters who have been released.  The group had a combined 3-19 record with the UFC.

Nick Penner was 0-2 in the UFC, but was hoping to stay on with the UFC after a Fight of the Night performance in his last bout with Cody Donovan. Unfortunately, the UFC needed to make room for ex-Strikeforce fighters, so Penner was released.

Joey Gambino was also 0-2 in the big show. His most recent fight was against Diego Brandao at UFC 153 in Brazil.


17 Responses to “ Nick Penner, Joey Gambino, 7 Others Released From UFC ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Too bad… Hope to see Penner back in MFC or Aggression!

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  2. Dean Panas says:

    We have been talking to the AFC for a couple of weeks when we were informed of Nick being released. With AFC going back to Winnipeg it makes a lot of sense for Nick to be on those cards.

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  3. Jerobe says:

    Is Dana White giving Mitch Clarke another shot? I think Mitch is 0-2 in the UFC as well. Hard to keep a spot in the UFC with so many beasts all across the world trying to make it

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  4. mike Kent says:

    Don’t think we saw the best Nick pebner in those fights. I feel he can hang with a lot of those guys. Just have to have your A game ready on those nights . He can make it back

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  5. Joe Doerksen says:

    UFC as far as I know is the only show in the world where you can get fight of the night and get your walking papers the next day.

    This is why their top athletes are often boring as fuck to watch. You get a big bonus for winning a boring and shitty fight, and fired for losing in the fight of the night.

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  6. Darren Owen says:

    The UFC’s loss is hopefully the AFC’s and his hometown fans gain.

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  7. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Cody

    Hope to see Penner back in MFC… That’s comical!

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  8. Joe Doerksen says:

    After the shit he went through with the MFC before his Zuffa run, going back would be insanity. Not gonna tell anyone what to do, but I’d waste no sympathy on anyone who went back after that kind of treatment.

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  9. Allen hope says:

    Nick will be back in the big show

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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    I actually completely forgot about the MFC situation!

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  11. Cam Yallits says:

    @Jerobe, Tough to cut Mitch after he fights 13 minutes in the clear runner-up,(some would argue they deserved the FOTN) for Fight of the Night with a broken kneecap and tears in his knee against Anton Kuivanen.

    But I agree, with so much talent building around the world, its going to get tougher and tougher to earn and keep your spot on the UFC roster, especially in the Lightweight division, so stacked.

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  12. Cam Yallits says:

    And that split decision could have easily went to Mitch.

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  13. harry balls says:

    Agreed on Clarke. He’ll get a W next time out.

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  14. Mike Davis says:

    Penner to AFC yeah add up to that division would be great. Won’t be shocked if more cuts come right away.

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  15. Chris W says:

    Sorry too hear about Penner. He should be happy for a natural kick boxer to make the UFC though. Hope he continues to work his ass off. He will make an awesome addition to AFC and probably two wins from being back in the UFC

    On a more exciting note – does this mean we get to watch him back in the ring kick boxing?

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  16. Adam Bodwell says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  17. Coach Carter says:

    Bring Penner back to fight in Winnipeg, the hometown fans will eat it up!

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