Canadian Rumour Mill – January 15

photo: Jason Bouwmeester

photo: Jason Bouwmeester

Love is in the air… Congrats to Julia Budd and Lance Gibson who got married this week!

Now here’s a whole lotta Gossip Queen love for you basement dwelling nerds and computer tough guys!

  • Wondering what’s up with Josh Machan, his eye seems to be ok but he is working on bettering himself through school. Don’t expect Josh Machan to defend his KOTC Featherweight title in the next couple months as he has school obligations.
  • The Black Prince said we’d never see him in the MFC ring after pulling out of his fight with Victor Valimaki way back in MFC 12 “High Stakes”. Well I’m hearing rumours that Mark Pavelich and Marcus Hicks have made peace after all these years and The Loadmouth Assassin will be looking to give Paul Grandbois a “Reality Check” this February at MFC 36 in Edmonton.
  • There are rumblings from BC that recently retired Chad Freeman is looking to get back at it and looking for a fight or two.
  • Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Alpha Fight XC “Reloaded” from February 9, to April 13, 2013 in Saskatoon at the Saskatoon Soccer Center.
  • Could John Alessio be Shane Campbell’s first AFC title defense? Alessio and Campbell are going back and forth on Twitter!
  • Andrew McInnes will be competing at Fivestar’s show in Yellowknife.
  • Neal Anderson will take on Ryan Rother and Roy Park will square off against Evan Cardinal on the March 29th Unified MMA show.
  • Due to high ticket demand, Unified has decided to throw in an extra show between their previously scheduled March and June shows. Unified MMA will now have a show on May 3rd as well. Some names that have been thrown around for this show are Chase Maxwell, Mike Davis, Daniel Mark, Mike Wurz and Matt Spisak.
  • Start saving your money, UFC returns to Toronto in September at the Air Canada Centre!
  • AFC’s second installment of their “Contenders” series line of cards is taking place in Edmonton, most likely on February 22nd. Rumoured match ups for the show are former AFC title holder Stephen Beaumont vs. Jose Rodriguez, Mike Newton vs. Jason Gorny and Jesse Fox vs. Corey Gower. Don’t forget competitors from AFC’s Make Me a Fighter Series will be competing on this show as well in amateur bouts! By the way in case you were wondering,  AFC Contenders 1 was the AFC Full Throttle show in Comox, BC last year.
  • Also hearing Big Bad Beaumont is looking to scrap the month following his Contenders 2 fight on the AFC 16 card in Edmonton.
  • One of Canada’s best MMA minds is putting his management hat back in the mix. Alex Caporicci is returning back to the game of MMA management.
  • Battle on the Border 2 will take place on May 3rd or 4th in Cranbrook, BC!
  • Fan favourite and a 1st Ballot ‘Big Win’ Hall of Famer, Elmer Waterhen will defend his King of the Cage Welterweight strap at KOTC Canada’s first show of 2013 on April 5th.
  • It looks like Curtis Demarce has nearly recovered from his car crash injuries. The Demon could complete his long road back and make his return to MMA in Winnipeg at the AFC card.
  • Remember last week’s column when we told you that Brent Fryia will main event in the USA?  Well, forget about that.  Instead, Louis Fisette will battle it out vs Brent Fryia. Winner gets a shot at the AFC Bantamweight title.
  • The toughest man to write a live fight play-by-play on, “Iron Pol” Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz will fight at AFC in Winnipeg.
  • I once heard “The Godfather” say “Never let anyone know what you are thinking” well I know that Giuseppe DeNatale is thinking of bring the Canadian Fighting Championship back this year and holding CFC 8 in Winnipeg!

NOTE: These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen. If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email:

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  1. Dave Mah says:

    Ps. Dairy Queen makes really good Blueberry Milkshakes. I’m going to be fat :(

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  2. mp says:

    caporici has sunk apex, ringside and now score.
    he has a huge ego and reality is he is a fanboy who went from air conditioning to mma matchmaker and some sort of expert? lol get real

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  3. canadx says:

    My prediction
    Showtime will show up over weight and badmouth everyone.

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  4. Slim says:

    Who’s the match maker for Battle for the Border?

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