AFC 17: Anarchy – Edmonton – March 23


AFC-THUMBDate: March 23, 2013
Venue: Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta
Tickets: TNT Tickets  – (780) 426-7653

Fight Card:
205lbs- Tim Chemelli (10-3) vs. Razak Al-Hassan (11-4)
***Light Heavyweight Title Fight

170lbs- Ryan Ford (19-4) vs. Brendan Tierney (10-4)
155lbs- Stephen Beaumont (6-1) vs. Tim Jenson (7-1)
170lbs- Sheldon Westcott (6-1-1) vs. Nic Herron-Webb (12-3)
170lbs- Steve Dubeck (3-5) vs. Simon Shirt (1-6)
205lbs- Teddy Ash (0-0) vs. Terik Carter (0-0)

Amateur Fights:
185lbs- Aaron Bosiak (0-0) vs. Boris Babsky (0-0)
150lbs- Mark White (0-0) vs. Tony Touch (0-0)
155lbs- Ralph Mendita (0-0) vs. Matt McLeod (0-0)

375 Responses to “ AFC 17: Anarchy – Edmonton – March 23 ”

  1. MMA Freak says:

    @MMA lol so you train to fight a striker with no ground then within a weeks notice your pushed up to fight a 11-3 ground guy, come on,


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  2. mike kent says:

    ^^^^ this exactly . Completely different opponent on a weeks notice when your getting some great momentum behind you. What’s the point.

    This card has some very exciting match ups on it. chemilli , ford , wescott, Beaumont. that’s 4 fighters in back to back matchups im really looking forward to

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  3. Doctor MMA says:

    Well said Mike

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  4. Fighter says:

    So why did the AFC drop Showtime off the card? He’s not even in jail. He has only been accused not convicted….That’s not right. Or is this the commission pulling the strings.
    Let them fight!!!!

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  5. AMLEHTC says:

    A lot I negative press around Showtime, I dont blame AFC for not using him

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  6. Fighter says:

    Sometimes bad press is good press.
    Believe me nobody cares about his issues expect for people on this site.We all want to see a fight, that’s it.
    There is no press about this, there is no press at all about this card.
    The only people that even know this card is even happening are the fighters and the friends and family they sell tickets to.

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  7. Fans says:

    These fights seem they will be over quickly it seems like possible a quick night.

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  8. showtying says:

    marcus whats up man are we fighting or not any weight your at lets do it bro

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  9. Oilcity30 says:

    I was really stoked for that fight and can’t believe Marcus won’t fight Omic!

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  10. Oilcity30 says:

    Ok the reason I am confused Marcus won’t fight Omic is sure Omic is different style fighter than the show and Marcus wouldn’t have time to properly train for him I get that. But let’s face Marcus record is not that great granted lately he is improving dramatically and win or lose a great performance might get him a bigger fight, especially a win!! Just don’t see the big show calling anytime soon so what does he have to lose in facing Omic. Just my opinion

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  11. Smart Call says:

    @showtime get a lawyer and with your life issues going maybe focus on your family vs the $500 you would make fighting this Saturday cause that won’t go far in a trial lawyer!

    @Oilcity Marcus may not have the best record FYI Mark Hunt is in the big show with a 9-7 record now fyi records where cool before but guys padding records aren’t so entertaining for the fans.

    Just my thoughts and for the record if AFC is as big as they talk finding ADVIN OR THIS SHOWTIME guy should be a very easy task and no offence to Marcus he should’nt be thier only contact in the fight game to save a drownding card.

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  12. Just Laughable says:

    @SMRT Call….. your are correct $500 is not worth much to someone who actually is concerned about forking out thousands of dollars for a lawyer….. BUT someone who just had 20 some odd thousand dollars at his disposal and a whack of drugs and also could post bail immediatly obviously has no trouble securing funds for legal service..

    Which is why he is still on here trying to stroke his ego, hear people mention his name, and feel the least bit relavent in this world besides to low lifes and people who are to sick to realize he is helping kill them..

    Without this fight with Marcus the lowlife wedderburn is nothing more than a petty criminal thug and unfortunatly he is tryiong to use our great sport to hide that loser life and have people mention his name….

    Go to jail , get bum poked and worry about your damn poor kids who you have and will continue to scar for life with your actions until you can get your head screwed on right and forget marcus, forget fighting, get yourself through your jail and life issues and go home and take care of your young kids before they get old enough to realize what you really are without getting help and fixing your life.

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  13. mike Kent says:

    Bringing up showtimes kids is dead fucking wrong and dispicable . No line u people won’t cross .

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  14. Fans says:

    Should the kids be takin care of thou ?
    Jail isn’t an all ages facility

    @mike kent agree but showtime has allot coming , IMO I loved his smack talk about ford and then fight night he got banged up in the fight and after the fight !!!

    Not saying its right but karmas a bitch

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  15. AMLEHTC says:

    Mike haven’t you brought up people’s girlfriends and wives?

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  16. mike Kent says:

    Its none of anyones business about shows kids . Shows a teamate and I know him Inthe gym . Top notch training partner, takes times to help people that wanna learn , nice to eveeybody ! Always has his kids with him and they’re probally better kick boxers then half the people in here .

    No matter what u say coming on here and talking about whether someone is a good dad is crossing the line ! I’ve only been in the gym with him a handfull of times and I can tell he thinks the world of his kids.

    Too far to say anything that’s personal . Losers

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  17. mike Kent says:

    Amletic you always got a problem with me ! Who the fuck are u anyway and what have I done to u ?

    I haven’t brought up people wives unless u mean jana then yes I brought up his wife steve rogers.

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  18. mike Kent says:

    And before there’s a big fight I’m kidding . I did argue with jana but its was with her personally.

    It wouldn’t matter if it was your kids athlemtic or mine or shows . I spoke up becuase I don’t think its right

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  19. Gunner says:

    I am gonna try and tread lightly on this subject but Mike i think you are overlooking a few major things here and again i am speaking on the grounds of anyone not just Markhaile that way maybe it will be in persepctive

    First i do not think the environment of having drugs, guns, money, drug equipment and the social contacts that follows this stuff around anyone is smart , safe, responsible. Never mind around kids.

    Second the person may be the greatest dad in the world and most amazing friend and partner and all that stuff

    BUT what about my kids, my friends, my friends kids that end up with this crap in there hands and end up losing there lives and dreams or the people who get caught up in senseless shootings and brawls and everything else that comes with these drugs and the people who deal with them??? So certain people can become rock stars and have money until the law catches up to them ?

    I have lost 2 uncles, one sister in law , and have watched many other lives destroyed in one form or another due to drugs and these situations

    So i truly hope Markhaile if indeed he is in the wrong uses this as his warning to get out of it for both him and his families sake.

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  20. Oilcity30 says:

    Where are the weigh inns and are they openin to public and will there be tickets 4sale there?

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  21. Fighter says:

    I heard Hicks signed on with the MFC. Probably the real reason he’s not fighting Advin Omic

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  22. Fighter says:

    Weigh-ins are at the Sutton Place Hotel at 6pm

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  23. mma freak says:

    Great night of fights.

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  24. Wow says:

    @fighter if that’s true sweet!!!

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  25. Fighter says:

    Glad to see everyone made weight, Ryan’s fight looks like a go. Getting pumped for tonight, I think I’ll buy a ticket at the door.

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