Canadian Rumour Mill – January 7

What does the Gossip Queen have for you this week? How about a nice set of juicy rumours!

What does the Gossip Queen have for you this week? How about a nice set of juicy rumours!

Great news with Jordan Mein moving over to UFC, looks like the sinking ghost ship of Strikeforce didn’t take him down along with it! The UFC stole my thunder on that piece of news, but here’s some more stuff I’ve read on the bathroom wall, heard from some boy toys, and had little birdies whistle in my ear that I thought I’d share with you all!

  • AFC is looking to launch their “Contenders” Series of events in February. This series of shows will showcase both professional and amateur fighters. Some of the amateur fighters that will be featured are competitors from AFC’s reality show, “Make Me A Fighter”.
  • Tyler Davis is publicly campaigning for a fight with Eric Perez. He’s requested promoters setup a fight between him and Perez at any weight above 135lbs.
  • In a battle of two top Saskatchewan Bantamweights, Sean Quinn will be taking on Eric Wilson at Fivestar Fight League in Grande Prairie on February 22.  Winner of this fight will inch back towards the top 10, while the loser should not quit their day jobs.
  • Brent Fryia will be fighting in the main event of Big John’s MMA show in St. Ignace, Michigan, at Kewadin Casino
  • All fighters drug tested by the Edmonton Commission at MFC 35 passed their test according to Pat Reid. Well done boys!
  • Fivestar Fight League will return to Yellowknife on April 13th.
  • Sounds like the Real Deal is still waiting for that phone call from Bellator to tell him when he is suiting up next.  Maybe we will see the previously scheduled Ryan Ford vs TNT Jackson scrap if that phone does not ring.

  • Congrats to Noah Ali of Champions Creed for his Muay Thai win in Phuket, Thailand. Check it out HERE!
  • Wondering when the next SLAMM show will be? Well, we’re not too sure, as there is still no word on whether Interboxe was satisfied with SLAMM and will put on a SLAMM 2.
  • Sarnia promoter, Woodrow James (3-0) is fighting for the first time in nearly three and a half years on February 9th in Port Huron, Michigan! He will compete at Middleweight in the amateur AFC card (no relation to Aggression FC).  Many other Canadian schools will be represented at this show including Supreme, Adrenaline, Joslins, and Tapout.

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  1. If Woodrow James wins his ammy fight, I think him and Nick Castiglia could have a Middleweight promoter’s battle!

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  2. Ryan Jimbo says:

    Zach Blaber vs Markus aka LMA Hicks ? Quick Moin Harvey make it happen before The Fairy God Father Of mma puts it on his show?

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  3. Ryan Jimbo says:

    Zach Blaber vs Markus Aka Hicks? Quick, Darren Owens Make it happen before The Fairy God father of mma steal ur thunder!!!

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  4. Idolmaker says:

    Fairy of mma is right, sans the godfather part.

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  5. Gladius says:

    were quinn (twink) and wilson not training together not long ago?

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  6. Robin Black says:


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  7. pistols 4 pandas says:

    Perez vs Davis you guys talk like you want to fight, do it up.

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  8. You're an idiot says:

    Yes, we have.

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  9. Brent Fryia says:

    Turns out I won’t be fighting… The whole card is canceled to be rescheduled. Bummer.

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  10. EPerez says:

    Why is he campaigning? I said Ill come back when he puts his purse up for grabs, winner take all. Its pretty simple.

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  11. mark says:

    perez i always thought you were a good dude but you sound more like a dick everyday!!! obviously you don’t want this fight so fly to fuck

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  12. EPerez says:

    How is it obvious? Either way.

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  13. Jamie Locke says:

    Why not just fight him with normal purses?

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  14. smash says:

    Because he’s retired….. If your gunna come out of retirement, I say its gotta be for something special. Do him up Perez!

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  15. EPerez says:

    I chose to retire so I can eat whatever I want, not train and teach and Im doing all of those things.

    If Im going get off the couch to fight a skid whose been asking any promoter to fight me at any weight whats wrong with asking him to put his money where his mouth is? I know Ive lost a step and I dont mind saying it but I know I can dust Ty, handily. Even as easily as he says he beat Sean Quinn.

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  16. Louden Swain says:


    Regardless of your reason for retiring, it was you who started chirping davis. In pretty poor taste i might add. You are ruining the reputation you built for yourself fighting, by acting like a dick.

    Either come out of retirement and fight him for regular purse, or shut your trap and quit acting like a douche bag.


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  17. Idolmaker says:

    Or Tyler accepts the fight, and puts his purse up!!!! What’s wrong with Perez upping the ante? Aggression already said they’d do it, all Tyler has to say is yes!!!

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  18. Oilcity30 says:

    Why would he put his purse up are you insane?? If Perez don’t wanna fight that’s fine but Eric come on man who’s gonna agree to those terms so ridiculous. If you won’t fight him under normal circumstances stop chirpen man.

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  19. Louis Fisette says:

    All I can say is put your money where your mouth is! I mean Perez has like 80lbs to cut lol. To have to diet that much, why not ask for some extra cash

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  20. Louden Swain says:

    If he has too much weight to cut then he should shut his trap. both guys deserve their purse win or lose. Perez made that demand knowing it wouldn’t be accepted and thats his out. I understand he’s retired, I don’t understand why he’s stirring the pot.

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  21. Louis Fisette says:

    Why does it bother you so much? If he fights great, if not who cares… They both have talked shit and have hyped this fight! Ain’t nothing wrong with that? Or do you disagree?

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  22. Louden Swain says:

    Doesn’t bother me too much if they fight or not. but hyping a fight thats not going to happen is a waste of time. I don’t know either of them personally, my point of view is purely based on their chirping on topmmanews and i think perez is starting shit with no intention of fighting, and he’s being unreasonable.

    like i said previously, he’s ruining the reputation he built for himself while fighting. Either fight with regular terms in the contract, or don’t, but why become a keyboard warrior?

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  23. Idolmaker says:

    Oh c’mon Tyler swain just say yes you pussy

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  24. Louden Swain says:

    And if theres anyone who knows about cutting weight, its me. Perez could make the weight, he just doesn’t want to.

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  25. Louis Fisette says:

    Hahaha nope you’re so wrong it’s embarrassing… Perez, given 6 month MIGHT make weight. But other than that not gonn a happen… I do in fact know him personally and PS he does have the intention of fighting Davis. Under his terms though

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  26. Idolmaker says:

    Anyone know who Odin verhees is?

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  27. louden swain says:

    ok he can’t make weight. no fight, end of story. I’ll stop talking about it.

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  28. cj says:

    im gona drop to 170 and fight the shoot coach

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  29. EPerez says:

    The people that need to know, know. Davis knows what I want him to do. I have every intention of fighting if the fight is interesting enough.

    How do I know him saying he’s boycotting this site means doesnt mean he’s taken it far enough and really doesnt want me to absolutely embarrass him. Pleading on your Facebook doesn’t count. The offer is there and it needs an answer.

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  30. Brodes says:

    Lets get some clarification. Is this supposed to be a winner take all?
    Or is Tyler supposed to fight for free, win or lose?

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  31. EPerez says:

    Winner take all.

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  32. Idolmaker says:

    Sounds good to me. Tyler must need be all that confident in himself!!

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  33. Donald Duck says:

    I like the idea of Winner Take All, basically a put up or shut up offer from Perez.


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  34. Logical Solution says:

    Either way you slice it, Eric put the offer out there, and now someone has disappeared.

    Winner take all.

    If you think you can win, accept the offer. Otherwise log in with a different account and continue to avoid the fight.

    Not that hard, so many excuses.

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  35. Idolmaker says:


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  36. Robin Black says:

    I like the winner take all aspect, really adds to the drama.

    Popcorn please!

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  37. cavemanbully pretending to be Tyler Davis says:

    I have no problem fighting Erika Perez but word is she’s turned into a fat chick and there is no winning in a fight with a fat chick, thats why i’m not putting up my purse…..
    now how do you like being Heckled Eric! Hope this has taught you a lession on throwing
    But in all seriousness Eric Has Is and Always will be a heckler/shit talker so dont think he’s tarnishing his rep, if anything he’s living up to it.
    Hope they can make this fight happen as if it keeps building intrest like this for the next 4-6 months for Perez to get back into fight shape, we all could see quite the kick ass fight! would love to see it.

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  38. Louden Swain says:

    I’m glad you know whatsup, CJ.

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  39. Louis Fisette says:

    So are you really Tyler Davis?? Sound about right ^^^

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  40. cavemanbully pretending to be Tyler Davis says:

    Oh….yes of course I em

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  41. Idolmaker says:

    Turns out Tyler was the one with the out!!!

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  42. AMLEHTC says:

    This fight is as likely to happen as the Hope/Kent fight

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  43. Tyler Davis' Left Nut says:

    Hello all,

    Been hanging out with Owen Carr’s nuts and Mike Kent’s neck and chest tattoo so I’ve been a bit busy. Perez we’ll kick your dinosaur butt anytime, anywhere and anyway you want. You can even bring your walker to the cage cause I respect the elderly that way.

    Hope you’re doing well and enjoying your diet of smoothies (I’m assuming cause I’ve been told old people don’t have teeth).

    Left Testy

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  44. Tyler Davis' Right Nut says:

    I’d like to formally state that the Left Testicle does not speak for Tyler of the rest of us and that was in fact a non-official statement.

    Right Testicle

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  45. Darren Owen says:

    AFC is in to make it happen $6,500 purse offered to the winner and $1 to the loser. Fight to take place in Winnipeg in the late summer or fall of 2013.

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  46. Just Sayin' says:

    This fight will not happen because 1) Tyler only fights cans to pad his record. 2) Tyler only fights small, Alberta shows. 3) No way Tyler will fight for free, he thinks he is too much of a big shot for that. 4) Tyler is holding out for his big shot in the UFC because he thinks he is all that and a bag of chips.

    Anyone else sick of coming onto this site and reading about the overrated Davis Brothers constantly? What a joke! Not sure how these guys are able to pull the wool over so many people’s eyes. I mean, Mike the champ fought a chump at his last fight and weighed in over at a higher weight class than he holds a belt in!!! C’mon!!! Talk about a horrible representation of a belt holder!! It seems to me as soon as these guys signed with some American management team they have been going down hill as respectable pro mma fighters. One day they will realize the hundreds of other people who share their same dream all over North America, and fighting cans in local shows is not going to bring them a 6 figure contract. Don’t quit your day job boys!

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  47. Tyler Davis says:

    Hey guys sorry it took so long to respond, i was training. Eric absolutely lets do it, but dont be to much of a diva. Why wait? my meds are still good!!!!Theres fights in Calgary or grande prairie coming up immediately!!!that way if you dust me as easily as you say you can, ill still be able to work up until the day of my wiegh ins. But brilliant play!!! start shit talking me then get you fight in your hometown, make all your sponsors, ticket money. touche. To me its about you shit talking my friend mark and im gonna punch you in the face for it, its pretty simple. so lets screw all the formalities then? you cant make weight? do 145, 155, 170 whatever. i got bigger and better things lined up so lets put an end to this asap. Done with the internet shit talking, ill just do my talking in the cage

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  48. Tyler Davis says:

    just to clear it up i have already agreed to fight for Pure fighting Championships against Michael Imperato for a belt in May. So as long as i can work around that, fall would probably work out great though Darren!!! Eric lets do this im sure itll be a great fight…..if i dont get….dusted?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 7

  49. Tyler Davis says:

    but seriously who wants to wait????? if your shit talking right NOW back it up now!!!!

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  50. Tyler Davis says:

    sorry one more thing guys!!!
    Just sayin’… my bag bitch!

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