Canadian Rumour Mill – January 7

What does the Gossip Queen have for you this week? How about a nice set of juicy rumours!

What does the Gossip Queen have for you this week? How about a nice set of juicy rumours!

Great news with Jordan Mein moving over to UFC, looks like the sinking ghost ship of Strikeforce didn’t take him down along with it! The UFC stole my thunder on that piece of news, but here’s some more stuff I’ve read on the bathroom wall, heard from some boy toys, and had little birdies whistle in my ear that I thought I’d share with you all!

  • AFC is looking to launch their “Contenders” Series of events in February. This series of shows will showcase both professional and amateur fighters. Some of the amateur fighters that will be featured are competitors from AFC’s reality show, “Make Me A Fighter”.
  • Tyler Davis is publicly campaigning for a fight with Eric Perez. He’s requested promoters setup a fight between him and Perez at any weight above 135lbs.
  • In a battle of two top Saskatchewan Bantamweights, Sean Quinn will be taking on Eric Wilson at Fivestar Fight League in Grande Prairie on February 22.  Winner of this fight will inch back towards the top 10, while the loser should not quit their day jobs.
  • Brent Fryia will be fighting in the main event of Big John’s MMA show in St. Ignace, Michigan, at Kewadin Casino
  • All fighters drug tested by the Edmonton Commission at MFC 35 passed their test according to Pat Reid. Well done boys!
  • Fivestar Fight League will return to Yellowknife on April 13th.
  • Sounds like the Real Deal is still waiting for that phone call from Bellator to tell him when he is suiting up next.  Maybe we will see the previously scheduled Ryan Ford vs TNT Jackson scrap if that phone does not ring.

  • Congrats to Noah Ali of Champions Creed for his Muay Thai win in Phuket, Thailand. Check it out HERE!
  • Wondering when the next SLAMM show will be? Well, we’re not too sure, as there is still no word on whether Interboxe was satisfied with SLAMM and will put on a SLAMM 2.
  • Sarnia promoter, Woodrow James (3-0) is fighting for the first time in nearly three and a half years on February 9th in Port Huron, Michigan! He will compete at Middleweight in the amateur AFC card (no relation to Aggression FC).  Many other Canadian schools will be represented at this show including Supreme, Adrenaline, Joslins, and Tapout.

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72 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – January 7 ”

  1. T.L says:

    @tyler davis, the Imperato fight is a much more important fight to be concerned about, than with any of the chumps on here

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  2. smash says:

    Replace DIAZ with DAVIS and this clip sums it up.

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  3. Just Sayin' says:

    Tyler, do you want to fight Eric so bad right away because you know he is rusty right now and you need him to be a can to win? Do you need this to be like Quinn’s fight – four days notice? Do you fear fighting him when he is ready? Oh, and I think I will pass on eating your bag ‘bitch’…I’m not into men…didn’t know you were….interesting.

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  4. Joe Doerksen says:

    I remember when fighters were men. Wasn’t that long ago. How quickly things change.

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  5. harry balls says:

    I’m flying out to wherever this fight is; I’m not even fucking kidding.

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  6. Wooly says:

    Yes Joe i also remember when fighters were men and sheep were nervous! Those were the good ole days.

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  7. evan blakely says:

    Noah’s a stud nice work dude

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  8. Jerobe says:

    Tyler your brother Mike said in his interview video that he’s a far better grappler than you. Better work your TD defence kid, cause Imperato will rape you on the ground. Fun fact tho, on the Arashi Do webpage your head instructor Gary Vig has on his bio:

    “Athletes always represent themselves in a sportsman-like, professional and respectful manner.”

    Clearly he wasn’t talking about you Tyler lol

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  9. Louis Fisette says:

    Now im confused… Tyler you semi accepted the fight, but not really? The terms were all or nothing, Darren offered $6500, IN WINNIPEG FOR AFC END OF SUMMER OR BEGINNING FALL… You said yes but now want it sooner and in alberta on a different show. I just wanna know is this is gonna happen or not


    Now, Eric Perez do you accept???
    And FINALLY Tyler Davis do you accept?
    comment he to make this shit legal lol

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  10. Jamie Locke says:

    Thsi is entertaining… I think Tyler should take the fight.

    The weight should be realistic for both guys being in good shape with the summer to train.

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  11. Derick says:

    Full duck motion. I will now quote a young martial arts student who fell prey to running his mouth a bit too much.

    “What ever happened to honoring challenges, and keeping your word. You know, the stuff martial arts is supposed to teach?”

    – Tee Davis

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  12. Just Sayin' says:

    Tee Davis is more of a ‘Johnny’ than a ‘Daniel’ of the martial arts scene…

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  13. Donald Duck says:

    Can’t imagine a Davis going back on his word.



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  14. Brent Fryia says:

    There’s no way Perez has to cut as much weight as I’ve seen Louden cut. He used to pretty much live in his sauna suit.

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  15. tyler davis says:

    Id would much rather fight Eric asap just to put an end to all this bullshit. Why would you shit talk just yo get a fight half a year away? Cause Eric won’t untuck his sack and fight outside of Winnipeg?That’s why. Jerobe yes IM sure IM lose horribly based on your comments I should probly just back out now? But if I have to.wait till fall (late sept or Oct, as IM celebrating my birthday overseas) to fight Eric so be it. But I love how he come out bashes on my opponent(who i consider a good friend )on Facebook then lays back and acts like IM the one who started this. Now he plays the diva gets his outrageous terms for this fight in his hometown? Don’t really care though it’s not about money it’s about me punching you in the face for talking shit…..satisfaction enough

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  16. Idolmaker says:

    Be satisfied 6 months from now! Man you’re coming across as a goof!!!

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  17. Louis Fisette says:

    soooooooooooo yes?

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  18. tyler davis says:

    Well let’s ask Eric? Yes he will leave Winnipeg to come fight me immediately, or is he to scared judges won’t be on his side out west? But like I said I got a more important fight than you Eric as you are coming off a lose and have not fought recently so I’ll try to pencil you in when I can….first I have a belt to fight for. Hey internet warriors, keep typing…..or do somthing productive.I’ll do my talking in the cage. Peace out topmmanews!!! Haters get some lives or get some fights of your own, or more realistically criticize shit half you could not do if your lives depended on it.

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  19. Hawkes says:

    Eric perez is an asshole. He always has been. But he’s one of my favourite assholes and he’s a good friend.

    That is all

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  20. Louis Fisette says:

    Sooooooooooo no??

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  21. Donald Duck says:

    Summation of Tyler’s argument:

    1. I’m ready to fight and I know Perez has been sitting on his couch. Advantage goes to me if I can fight him now instead of later. Besides my brother already beat up Bodwell so I’d look silly doing it as well.

    2. I’m still worried though about what Eric could do to me though so while I won’t commit to the fight and will instead point out the other things I have going on.

    3. Dear fans, f**k off I have no interest in what you think so please don’t bother showing up to see me fight. This is also known as an ‘appeal to authority’ which is a logical error.

    4. Repeat of above point.

    Overall summary:

    I will not fight Eric for any number of reasons that I’m not willing to fully commit to just one.

    Hope this helps.


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  22. Derick says:

    Eric is a dick anyways. Fuck him.

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