Best of Canada 2012: Upset Of The Year


Best of defines “upset” as to disturb or overturn a natural or stable order. With the winners in this category doing just that, when a non ranked or lower ranked fighter comes from out of nowhere and dethrones a top dog and no one saw it coming.  Here’s Top MMA News’ Canadian Upsets of the Year for 2012.

Top MMA News Top 3 Upsets in 2012

1. Mike Hackert vs Tim Hague 1 at Prestge FC IV
Prior to their first bout Tim Hague was head shoulders above all other Canadian Heavyweights.  He was the reigning kingpin of the division and was riding a two fight win streak with two first round finishes of Craig Hudson and Vince Lucero. Hackert at the time was considered a blown up Middleweight who hadn’t fought since November 2010 where he dropped a unanimous decision to Nick Hinchliffe. Who did Mike Hackert think he was moving up two weight classes to take on the perennial number 1 in the country? Why would one even wanna watch Tim Hague put a shellacking on a fat 185 pounder? Well, every one of us that doubted “The Honey Badger” were dead wrong. On brisk May night in Fort Mac, Hackert turned the Canadian Heavyweight division on its head. With three rounds of crisp clean boxing, Hackert was able to overwhelm Hague at every corner never allowing the former #1 Heavyweight to even start an offense. Hackert showed much improved movement and was able to hit Hague with straight jabs, knees, and punishing body shots that all but took the fight out of Hague. At the end of the night, a new number 1 Canadian Heavyweight was crowned and fans were left wondering where did this “Honey Badger” come from. To cap off the year and prove to everyone it wasn’t a fluke, Hackert gave Hague a rematch three months later in the MFC  and the results were even more brutal as Hackert TKO’d Hague in under three minutes in the first round to solidify his new number 1 ranking and retire Hague. Watch the 2012 Upset of the Year HERE

Hackert vs Hague I (photo by Dave Scantland)

Hackert vs Hague I (photo by Dave Scantland)

2. Roland Delorme vs Nick Denis at UFC on Fox 3
Prior to this May 2012 match up, Nick Denis was Canada’s 2nd ranked Bantamweight who was coming off a two fight win streak that included him slamming Nick Mamalis through the ring at Wreck MMA and home run style elbows that sent Joseph Sandoval crashing to the canvas. On the flip side, Roland Delorme was Canada’s 7th ranked Bantamweight who had returned from a year-long hiatus to compete on TUF 14 and earned his first UFC win with a third round submission win over Josh Ferguson. The odds going into the fight show a starker image with Nick Denis the overwhelming favorite at -275 and Roland Delorme being a massive underdog at +215. Throughout the first three minutes, Denis’ power and volume of punches had Delorme on the ropes as two big right hands and knees to the body and chin wobbled him. Delorme persevered and with two right hands of his own had Denis back pedalling, Denis waded in and clinched up in his corner to avoid a further onslaught by Delorme. Roland trips Denis to the ground passes guard and locks in the choke before his hooks are set and forces the “Ninja of Love” to tap out with just a single second left in the first round. It was an epic 4 minutes and 59 seconds as both men were rocked and fought back from adversity but, in the end, Delorme knocked off the number two ranked Canadian fighter and earned his spot as one of the top dogs among Canada’s stacked Bantmweight division.

3. Tyson Steele vs Gregor Gracie at World Series of Fighting
This fight was supposed to be a stern test for Steele, who had won six of his nine victories by way of submission as he tested himself against a Gracie with BJJ motor oil running through his blood. How could Steele, a purple belt in BJJ, submit Gregor Gracie, a black belt with an incredible BJJ lineage and a genetic disposition to torque, squeeze and choke? Not to mention Steele had just returned from a year hiatus to barely squeak a win over prospect Jarod Milko. Even the betting lines were against Steele as he was a very heavy underdog at -310 while Gracie was the clear favorite at +230. For the first two minutes, it appeared as though the betting lines were correct as Gracie forced the bout to the mat and put Steele in a brutal arm triangle choke but Steele persevered and just barely escaped the precarious position. When Steele did escape, he made the most of it by pummeling the Brazilian with pulverizing punches and sending him crashing to the canvas. Steele kept up the assault with ground and pound and hammerfists forcing the ref to jump in and save Gracie from further beating. Not only did this win finally put Steele on the international stage, it was just enough to climb him into the Canadian Top 10 Welterweight rankings. Watch it HERE

Honorable Mentions

  • Lenny Wheeler vs Adam Lorenz at AFC 14 The unranked Wheeler needed just :33 to submit Canada’s 6th ranked Featherweight Lorenz via Guillotine Choke.  Lenny really became the “Show Stealer” at AFC 14.
  • Mike O’Neill vs Agostino Denatale at KOTC Genesis Denetale was a feared striker from an impressive lineage and Mike O’Neill was supposed to be just another win on the CFC protegé’s ledger. But just 4:40 into the first round O’Neil used his size and strength advantage to neck crank Denatale into submission at KOTC Genesis.
  • Louis Fisette vs Diego Wilson at AFC 13 Former top 10 ranked Bantamweight Wilson was supposed to rekindle his career with a win over upstart prospect Fisette at AFC 13: Natural Selection. But just :37 into round 1, a big right hand from Fisette dashed Wilson’s hopes at returning to the Top 10.
  • Tyler Davis vs Sean Quinn at Evolution FC 12 This fight was considered by most as “man vs boy” as the younger Davis brother was still considered unproven as Quinn was the feared Bantamweight that no one wanted to fight. Quinn was confident coming into the fight as he had knocked out Kyle Oliveira in a fight a mere two weeks earlier. However, at EFC 12, Davis used a high pace and great wrestling to nullify Quinn’s onslaught and upset “Tink” en route to a unanimous decision victory in a Fight of the Night performance.
  • Mukai Maromo vs Adam Lynn II at MFC 34 In their first fight, Mukai Maromo won a split decision victory, however everyone who watched the fight believed that the Afrikan Assassin benefited from a home judge decision as Lynn clearly won the fight. Going in to their MFC 34 rematch, fans expected Lynn to walk away with the win that he should have gotten at MFC 33. Mukai Maromo’s knee in the second round gave him the spectacular finish and a huge upset win.

12 Responses to “ Best of Canada 2012: Upset Of The Year ”

  1. AMLEHTC says:

    I think the wheeler Lorenz upset should be top 3. Lorenz was a proven commodity against good competition and wheeler was mostly unproven. Great list you guys

    Well-loved! Thumb up 10 Thumb down 0

  2. Robin Black says:

    I agree with DYSLEXIC, Lenny’s win should be top 3.

    Both Rolly’s and Mukai’s wins were awesome finishes, but +215 over -275 is not a massive upset in days where some guys are +400 and +500 underdogs,
    and Mukai was a Vegas favorite in his.

    Hackert’s win (wins) was definitely a massive upset. Great list.

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  3. Robin Black says:

    Upsetting a proven stud winner like Adam is a huge accomplishment.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

  4. cavemanbully says:

    Nice was curious if mine and DeNatales scrap would make it on the list, kinda did lol I’ll take Honorable mention anyday
    thanks for the mention

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

  5. Lenny wheeler says:

    I never thought much of it, just two guys that love to fight and compete. Thanks for the honourable mention. Robin black is the man

    Well-loved! Thumb up 15 Thumb down 0

  6. Idolmaker says:

    Robin Black is a man????

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 10 Thumb down 6

  7. Robin Black says:

    I’m man-ish!!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 2

  8. Marc-Andre Drolet says:


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  9. MMA FAN says:

    I remember at Unified 13 this very large steriod guy fought a kid with a mullet and the mullet actually won the fight with pure heart after getting light up bad.I think he needed to be cared off cage.

    great come back.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 3

  10. Louis Fisette says:

    I like the honorable mentio, but common did anyone REALLY think I was going to win??? I think EVERYONE including the promoters were surprised by my KO. I didn’t even get offered a win bonus lol they didn’t think it was worth the time to even offer it. I was just there to get killed haha. K that’s a lie I got a win bonus. But seriously Grienke gave me what 20% chance of winning?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 9

  11. Shows how brilliant my analysis can be!

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  12. Ryan Jimbo says:

    Never underestimate the power of the mullet. its worked for the likes of Roy Nelson.

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