Merrick Duggan to Challenge Shady Smith for Unified Title


Unified MMA ThumbUnified MMA has announced that Tim Smith will defend his Unified Lightweight title on March 29th against Merrick Duggan at Unified 15.

‘Shady’ Smith (12-7) last defended his title against Matt Spisak at Unified 14, looking great in the process and TKO’d Spisak in the third round.  Smith commented on the bout with Duggan,

I am very excited for this fight because I know who I’m fighting and he’s a beast and a huge challenge for me, so I’m gonna put in tons of work preparing for this fight and I know he is as well…. He wants my title and I don’t want to let it go, and that makes for an exciting fight!

Duggan is the clear number one contender for the Lightweight title having gone 6-1 for Unified MMA while winning his last five in a row.  In his most recent fight, Duggan submitted Neil Doty with a rear naked choke.  The Doty win was similar to Duggan’s five other wins with all finishes coming in the first round.  Duggan stated that facing Duggan is a “huge step up.”

Along with the Duggan vs Smith contest, Denny Houle, Jordan McKay, Rocky Biggs, and Corey Lautischer are all expected to be on the March 29th card.

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  1. This fight will not happen Merrick wont make 155. If it does happen it wont be for a title.

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  2. Actually he will. And I will make sure of it. He weighed in for his last catch weight fight at 160 at 159.4. And we easily could have gotten him down to 155.

    He missed weight once. ONCE. And I have taken responsibility for that. We have now an impeccable cutting system, that actually worked for all 3 of my guys – Merrick, Shady, and Chase – in the last Unified.

    But I am pretty proud to say that of the 50+ fights I have coached guys for – 4 of them have missed weight. Yes, it should be zero. But sometimes, things don’t go as they should when trying new things, etc.

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  3. Congrats Shara was one of your prospects that missed weight Victor the Matrix Valimaki?

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  4. The Dirty Hamster shaves his whiskers he could make

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  5. Actually no – he was not. Victor Valimaki has never trained with me.

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  6. ruckus780 says:

    I’m going to on a lil rant here….First off nothing againt TopMMaNews fantastic site…And nice too see all the regional fighters And canadian athletes participating on this forum…However and this might sound like the pot calling the kettle black….But you fanboys out here posting and shit are rediculous…Your gang up clique ass mentality shows your vaginas….Look when I went in on John Allessio…everybody was all like you cant dissrespect him like that blah blah blah…When my reasons was nothing personal But fight related….He popped off saying things about my Homeboy When confronted he changed his tune…And with his name I just wanted him to give my brother a chance to prove his merrit…When John was still at ww…You guys as a group have Dissrespected Personal mistakes/slip ups records of Tim Hague Ryan Ford Merrick Duggan Devin Neville consistently and constantly…Be it missing weight 1 time A brush with the law a stint in jail…Whatever the case…Every single one of these guys mentioned are good stand up human beings…who would help a complete stranger out. Before most of you would carry in your mothers groceries..this is a combat sport that has evolved At an insane pace the last ten years…Merrick missed weight 1 time in the infancy of his still infant career..Ryan Ford devin neville have had brushs with the law…Paid there debts so let them move on…Its a beautiful thing that MMa can give people a chance to grow into better people and change lives…If you guys aint a fan of a particular style…Record Padding consistently not Making weight…Ducking fights whatever Speak your mind…But all your gang up judgmental character lynching mentality is disgusting too me…My name is Cody Wood I am not an athlete I dont hide behind a screen name…If anybody got a problem I am always at the fights unified aggression etc…Support the fighter..Forget his personal life…Imagine if we got all the fighters from a monastary..Everybody got a past nobody perfect….Juss muthafucking saying

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  7. ruckus780 says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  8. AMLEHTC says:

    You consistently rip on fighters, but when people makes digs at fighters you know and like you tell people to stop. We’ve seen you go on rants about fighters, but if someone digs on Ford or Merrick you say people are being unreasonable?

    Get off your high horse ruckus

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  9. Donald Duck says:

    Hey Ruckus, I’d normally look the other way during your stupid ranting since I try to reduce my exposure but in this case your flappy jowls caught my attention…. Nevon gets the exact amount of crap on this board as he should get. No more no less.

    You said:

    neville have had brushs with the law…Paid there debts so let them move on…

    Ignoring the shitty spelling contained in this, Nevon beat up the cabby in ’11 and was only sentenced this past Sept. You’ll forgive me if I reserve judgement on his redemption at this point. That coupled with the fact that he’s still running with the “No Remorse” nickname (yes he said he’d get rid of it) doesn’t leave me with a, “Praise be to Jeebus!” feeling all through me.

    Go back to posting about fat chicks on your youtube channel because you clearly are struggling with why the community as a whole is worried about the attention that Nevon and his actions can bring to the sport.

    Is he changed? Time will tell. A few internet posts and well meaning comments won’t do half as much as a solid change in life style and focus on being a good guy.


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  10. JAMES says:

    Merrick will either miss weight or hurt his foot. i hear he has problems with his feet when it comes to hard training. i think he will need to kick it in high gear to beat shady

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  11. Numb Nuts says:

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  12. Tim Hague says:

    When has he gotten cold feet before a fight? Merrick Woke up at 161.8 the day of weigh ins for this past fight. 155 shouldnt be a problem. This will be a sick fight and I hope both guys stay healthy through camp.

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  13. This is a well matched fight between two successful guys who have primarily fought in Unified.

    I want to see this one. Sunny should internet PPV it.

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  14. MMA town says:

    Just not PPV Internet that AFC uses please!!!

    That is a massive waste of money.

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  15. TimBer says:

    I think Connor needs to get back on his meds. You have no idea what you are talking about and made absolutely no sense or points

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  16. Bdc says:

    Will it be the ol dawg or the new breed? Good luck fellas.

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