Canadian Rumour Mill – New Year’s Day Edition


Gossip Queen THUMBHappy New Year to all the GQ fans out there. Hope 2013 is a great year for everyone!

  • UFC head Dana White says that UFC 149 in Calgary was the low point for the UFC in 2012. Although he does not specify a time frame, White told Ariel Helwani that he promises to “deliver next time” the UFC is in Calgary.
  • Canadian Boxing Federation will be changing their name to the Canadian Combat Sports Federation to better reflect their governance of other martial arts besides Boxing.
  • The Hard Knocks event in late January has been pushed back to February 8th. Look for Ryan Machan vs Michael Madrid, Joe Keesick vs Aaron Gallant, and Jesse Veltri back with HK as well following his stint with Maximum Fighting Championship.
  • Again with Ryan Machan, there were rumours of Machan facing Michael Hill fight at Xcessive Force Fighting Championship in Grande Prairie, however, sources out of British Columbia tell me that fight will not be happening.
  • Congrats to Ryan Jimmo for placing #9 on the UFC’s Top Newcomers list.

  • Aggression Fighting Championship is sniffing at a March 22nd return to Winnipeg.
  • Look for AFC to fill the void left in Quebec by Ringside and Instinct and hold a show there this year.
  • Joel Powell will be on the AFC Calgary card and could face a former TUF fighter.
  • Possible Sheila Bird opponents thrown around for AFC 15 include two fighters from Cristiane Cyborg’s camp. Don’t be surprised if the UFC watches this fight closely and snaps Sheila up if she wins. Bird has the tools to possibly become the next Canadian UFC champ!
  • Rumble in the Cage is looking to expand their shows outside of the Lethbridge area this year.
  • Wondering what Matt Bagshaw’s been up to? After defeating Greg Welsh, Bagshaw has taken an MMA hiatus and wants to finally capture a No Gi World Championship. He is targetting the Gracie worlds, NAGA worlds, FILA worlds, and the Sport Accord.
  • Shane Campbell’s next two fights will be Full Muay Thai. On January 25, Shaolin will be fighting in Vegas at The Hard Rock on AXS TV. On March 3, he will be competing in the final of the Journey Fight Series eight man tournament in Calgary for the World Muay Thai Council North American Title.
  • Remember that Cory MacDonald prisoner assault issue from Dec 2011? To recap…Cory MacDonald, as well as five other prison guards, were charged in December of 2011 with beating two handcuffed prisoners in Kingston Penitentiary’s Segregation Unit. All 6 prison guards, including MacDonald, have been given conditional sentences to serve in the community, plus community service. MacDonald, described as one of the ring leaders, lost his job as a prison guard after 12 years on the job and received the longest sentence from Justice Judith Beaman. All six prison guards plead guilty in Kingston’s Ontario Court of Justice to two counts each of assault. It has been quite a fall for the amazing fighter who was signed by Bellator in 2012.  For more info, check out the Whig’s story.

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5 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – New Year’s Day Edition ”

  1. mark says:

    cory macdonald, now that was stupid wasn’t it

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  2. Cord says:

    Its also pretty big to have both Sheila Bird and Charmaine Tweet on the same Card AFC 15, This entire card is going to be stacked , but is also going to be epic for WMMA in Canada.

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  3. You're an idiot says:

    Stfu, Cord. How do you put Sheila Bird and Charmaine Tweet in the same league? What the fuck has Charmaine done for WMMA in Canada?

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Just looking through Sherdog this is the only girl from Cyborg’s team I could find that would make sense for Sheila… although I’m sure there are lots of fighters that don’t have their affiliations listed but this girl looks like a good test and with that last name I’ll bet her Jiu Jitsu is great! haha

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  5. Keelan Smyth says:

    It’s wicked seeing Shane back to breaking bones in muay thai again

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