Canadian Rumour Mill – Christmas Edition

(photo: Jim Beattie)

(photo: Jim Beattie)

Merry Christmas to all!  Here’s some gossip to keep everyone in a joyous mood!

  • Aggression Fighting Championship looks to be “Evolving”. Word is that the Evolution Fighting Championship will team up with the AFC and make the MMA group four organizations strong!
  • Congrats to Mukai Maromo for winning the 2012 Bazzie for Rising Star of the Year!
  • Instinct is talking about holding a show in late January, but it will most likely occur in February in Quebec.
  • Merrick Duggan is most likely the next challenger for the Unified LW Title that is held by Tim “Shady” Smith. That is if Duggan finally makes the move down to 155lbs for the March show.
  • Speaking of Tim “Shady” Smith, rumour has it he’s looking to move down to Featherweight.
  • Denny Houle will also be appearing on the Unified March show.

NOTE: These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen. If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email:

14 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – Christmas Edition ”

  1. MMA~Thoughts says:

    With all fairness to Unified it makes sense that Merrick challenge for te belt as he’s on a good streak of wins for unified & Tim has the belt. There’s really no one else for Merrick to fight in the division. It sounds like a fun fight & very good match up.

    Merrick vs Tim makes sense on every level.

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  2. CRAIG HUDSON says:

    Really looking forward to fighting in the new year against some great top heavyweight fighters from Canada.Ryan fortin,Ryan Hunter,Paul Cheng,waiting to watch my boy Rama take out the Honey Badger,would like to make a another run at the top five MMA heavyweights in Canada this year hope there ready for a show,feel like I’m getting better with every fight. it’s going to be fun.

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  3. Darren Owen says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  4. purple monkey dishwasher says:

    I know for a fact that the deal is almost done.

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  5. AMLEHTC says:


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  6. Joe Doerksen says:

    It’s the Rumour Mill, Darren. Doesn’t have to be true. Hell, doesn’t even have to make sense. I’m gonna start a rumour that I’m marrying Sean Quinn. Then when everyone says it’s not true, I’m gonna make it happen.

    On a more serious note, I’m fat.

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  7. David Letourneau says:

    I’ve got it on good authority that Quinn would make a great wife.

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  8. Idolmaker says:

    Oh Joe you like em petite don’t you?

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  9. Gossip Queen says:

    While this merger has not been finalized and could fall apart, the rumour has been swirling about Evolution and AFC Alberta for months.

    It has been posted here as a rumour because it has picked up credible steam over the last few weeks culminating with mentions by multiple sources from different areas in the past two weeks.

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  10. Joe Doerksen says:

    purple monkey dishwasher has the best screen name I’ve ever seen. That’s a fact.

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  11. hmmmm says:

    “The WarDog and his team are calling out all comers. Two rumoured fights for the WarDog in 2013. Ryan Fortin vs Craig Hudson at Fivestar Fight League in February and Ryan Hunter vs Hudson at AFC Calgary in March. Let’s hope one or both of these pan out! Some other names in the mix: Paul Cheng, Jared Kilkenny, and Jordan Tracey.”

    Wasn’t War dog suppose to fight Misha Cirkunov?

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  12. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    @hmmmm….yes you are correct…back in October he was suppose to fight Misha…but a knee injury sidelined him for that…the only reason Craig was going to fight Misha was because…it was all that was being offered…Craig is looking forward to 2013 and hopefully taking a run at some of the top 10 Canadian Heayweights…Misha is not in this ranking…and does not fight Heavyweight…Craig was taking fight to stay active….there have been some rumored fights for Craig early this upcoming year…and we have had a few tenative offers…but nothing concrete…it is are hope that we will be able to secure some of these fights…especially with the guys on Craigs fight wish list…and hopefully on more than a weeks notice…;-)

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  13. Ryan Hunter vs War Dog makes sense to me. Book it Fader!

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  14. EPerez says:

    The Lion is a killer. Looking forward to see his next fight.

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