Canadian Lightweight MMA Rankings – December 2012


It’s Christmas time and several Canadians fighters will have their letters to Santa answered as three of them make their debut or return to the Top 10 Canadian Lightweight Rankings.

Unfortunately, that means that three fighters have dropped out of the Top 10.  However, a new year is right around the corner for each of them to regain their lost form and recapture their spots.

Here are the Top 10 Canadian 155 pound fighters:

Top 10 Canadian Lightweight Rankings

1. TJ Grant (19-5) – Previous Rank (3) – Wow!  An incredible performance by TJ Grant against Evan Dunham at UFC 152 not only gave TJ Grant a Fight of the Night bonus but it also moved him to the upper echelon of UFC Lightweights and to the #1 spot on this list.  Grant has looked unbeatable since his move down to 155.  Hopefully, things keep going well in the new year and Grant gets by Matt Wiman and stays on the path to a Lightweight title shot.  Next Fight: vs Matt Wiman at UFC on Fox 6 on January 26.

TJ Grant vs Ricardo Almeida

TJ Grant is Canada’s #1 Lightweight

2. Mark Bocek (11-5) – Previous Rank (1)Mark Bocek has been ranked as the #1 Canadian Lightweight since these rankings began, that is until he lost to Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC 154.  In that fight, Bocek could not take his opponent down and was outclassed on the feet. Bocek is a student of the game and the Canadian fighter will surely rebound from this setback and return to his usual winning ways.  Next Fight: TBD.

3. John Makdessi (10-2) – Previous Rank (4) –  Facing a possible exit from the UFC if he lost his third fight in a row, John Makdessi executed his game plan and outpointed Sam Stout at UFC 154.  Makdessi showed his striking prowess and worked his jab for three rounds en route to a Unanimous Decision victory. With the win, The Bull moves ahead of Stout on this Top 10 list. Next Fight: TBD

4. Sam Stout (18-8-1) – Previous Rank (2) – After winning the Spencer Fisher trilogy, Stout took on John Makdessi at UFC 154.  Did his hair make Makdessi’s punches look worse than they were?  Did Makdessi not engage as he should?  Neither matter when it comes to the rankings.  Makdessi won, Stout lost.  Sam Stout is a consummate professional and will be back better than ever at UFC 157 against Strikeforce’s Caros Fodor  Next Fight: vs Caros Fodor at UFC 157 on February 23.

5. John Alessio (34-16) – Previous Rank (5) –  Since the last rankings period, Alessio had two AFC fights scheduled. Unfortunately, the first fight ended in a No Contest after John Alessio was inadvertently poked in the eye by Dave Mazany. Due to the injury, the second fight was cancelled as well. Top MMA News felt that Jesse Ronson could have taken the number five spot, but Alessio managed to hold onto the spot due to his fantastic record over a who’s who of international fighters over the last three years. Next Fight: TBD

6. Jesse Ronson (10-2) – Previous Rank (9) – With two huge wins since the last rankings period, Jesse Ronson advances three spots on this list.  First, the Bodysnatcher defeated former #10 Lightweight Alex Ricci and then Ronson dominated the ultra-tough Ryan Healy.  It was felt that his impressive seven consecutive win streak was enough to vault over Mike Ricci, who was the fighter who handed Ronson his last loss.  Let’s hope that, like Mike Ricci, Ronson gets the call to the big leagues. Next Fight: TBD

Jesse Ronson head kicks Ryan Healy

Jesse Ronson head kicks Ryan Healy (photo: Jeremy Penn|Pennography)

7. Mike Ricci (7-3) – Previous Rank (7) – 2012 was a stellar year for Mike Ricci.  The Quebec Lightweight was called by the UFC to appear on The Ultimate Fighter at Welterweight and Ricci rose to prominence on the show.  Ricci won all his fights en route to the Finale where he lost a decision to Colton Smith.  Unfortunately, all the fights except the Finale loss are exhibition fights and are not considered for rankings.  After the Finale loss, Ricci vowed to return to 155 and we may see him on the March Montreal card. Next Fight: TBD

8.  Guillaume De Lorenzi (10-1) – Previous Rank (NR)Guillaume De Lorenzi was #3 on this list two years ago.  Then injury struck and De Lorenzi disappeared from the MMA scene.  The former Ringside champion returned in November at Bellator 79 where he manhandled Jonny Carson.  Next is a big task for Il Toro, who will face Patricky ‘Pitbull’ Freire in the 2013 Bellator Lightweight Tournament.  Does De Lorenzi have what it takes to become Canada’s first Bellator tournament winner? Next Fight: vs Patricky Freire at Bellator 87 on January 31

9. Mukai Maromo (8-2) – Previous Rank (NR) – Fans said that Mukai Maromo should not have been awarded a Split Decision victory over Adam Lynn at MFC 33.  A rematch was granted and The Afrikan Assassin silenced all critics with a highlight reel knockout.  Maromo has impressed since losing fights against Graham Spencer and Kurt Southern in 2010. In fact, he has reeled off five consecutive wins since then.  In Maromo’s MFC future are the two fighters who have handed him his sole losses.  If he manages to get by Spencer at MFC 36, he will finally get the Lightweight title he has already earned.  Next Fight: vs Graham Spencer at MFC 36 on February 15

Shane Campbell (photo: Rob Trudeau)

Shane Campbell with his Unified MMA Welterweight title (photo: Rob Trudeau)

10. Shane Campbell (6-1) – Previous Rank (NR) Shane Campbell squeaks past fellow Lightweights Mitch Clarke, Jason Saggo, Alex Ricci, and Brad Cardinal into the tenth spot.  In his last fight, Shaolin dominated the previously unbeaten Steve Beaumont to win the AFC Lightweight title.  Campbell, who also holds the Unified MMA Welterweight title, has been greatly improving his all around MMA game and has not lost in close to two years with wins over the highly thought of Derek Boyle, Unified Lightweight champ Tim Smith, and Beaumont among others.  Next Fight: vs TBD.

Fighters who dropped out of Top 10 – Kajan Johnson (was 6th, inactive), Mitch Clarke (was 8th, lost Anton Kuivanen), Alex Ricci (was 10th, lost Jesse Ronson, won Kevin Morin),

Just out of Top 10:
Brad Cardinal (16-8)
Steve Beaumont (6-1)
Mitch Clarke (9-2)
Thierry Quenneville (16-9)
Tim Jenson (7-1)
Jason Saggo (8-1)
Alex Ricci (6-1)

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19 Responses to “ Canadian Lightweight MMA Rankings – December 2012 ”

  1. Josh Machan says:

    Lol I am glad I left this division, it’s stacked. You could make arguments for fighters outside the top ten to be in the ufc

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  2. mmafans says:

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  3. mmafans says:

    beaumont is not top 20 barley took any names

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 2

  4. BigDaddyKane says:

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    Poorly-rated... Thumb up 2 Thumb down 17

  5. Nathan Swayze says:

    To me if Ricci last beat Ronson it’s pretty tough to rank Ronson over him. That said his last fight was a thing of beauty.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

  6. mmafunfan says:

    Finally, Clarke is out of the top 10. Highly over rated fighter who would be owned by any name in the top 10, and anyone who there when his name was in.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 12 Thumb down 11

  7. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Ronson vs Ricci 2 would be a sick fight for the Montreal UFC Card…the Bodysnatcher would get a chance to avenge a loss and make his UFC debut…Dana get it done!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 0

  8. @Nathan Swayze…at some point, the past loss can be overcome. Ricci was 2-2 since the win over Ronson, while Ronson is 7-0 since that loss including a more impressive win over Tony Hervey than Ricci. That was enough for TMN to rank Ronson ahead of Ricci.

    Take Middleweights…
    Doerksen has beaten Denis Kang and Patrick Cote. Should Doerksen be ranked ahead of Cote and Kang indefinitely until those two avenge their losses?

    Or just until they beat a guy who has beaten Doerksen like Cote did by beating Jason MacDonald?

    Top MMA News diminishes the value of past wins over time. Ricci vs Ronson is fairly recent and does have more value than Kang’s loss to Doerksen. We don’t consider the Doerksen win any more while the Ronson loss to Ricci does enter the discussion and is a significant factor.

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  9. booboo says:


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  10. tyler davis says:

    Ronson is the man, he should be ahead of John Alessio. Look at their fights against Ryan Healy, and see the difference. But understandable argument looking at the records. Jesse will be sure to jump higher up as soon as they find another victim….I mean opponent

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  11. Biggest debates this time around was who should be higher – Ronson or Allesio and who should be #10.

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  12. Graham Weenk says:

    Kurt “the hurt” will be back action finally on feb 15th and continue his run to the top of 155lb division!

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 11

  13. Harris says:

    No disrespect to Shane Campbell but ..Saggo, Alex Ricci, Ronson would all beat him from what I have witness on the Score. Campbell should fight any of the guys mentioned above for his title defence at 155..Campbell wins he win rightfully deserve the number 10 spot but until then..My opinion Ronson would destroy him and Ronson had great fights against Ricci and Saggo..Again, nothing against Mr. Campbell…by the way i was just told that his record is wrong..he is 6-1…his first two fights listed on Sherdog were Thai fights on the Six Nations Indian Reserve and were not MMA. This was from a good source..Can anyone else confirm this?

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  14. @Harris…those first two fights on Sherdog were Muay Thai fights.

    It’s something we looked into but always forget when we update our sheets.

    We agree Ronson is better. That is why he is rated much higher. The difference between Saggo and Campbell is very slim. 10th could have went either way.

    Ricci did not look that great against Morin in his last fight in my opinion. He got the W but clearly lost the first round to a much lower ranked opponent. He did come back well though.

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  15. Cody Rempel says:

    I’ve actually contacted Sherdog about this but they said they won’t removed the fights without proof that they were muay thai fights and not MMA… I’ve searched the internet but can’t find anything on either of these events!

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  16. BodySnatcher says:

    Lol I know sean sivell personally. and it was a thai fight on the reserve and can probably get a dvd of the fight of him and campbell to show you all the proof but it really doesn’t matter.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

  17. BodySnatcher says:

    As the thai fight between him and sivell was counted as mma. They wore boxing gloves and all just fought in a cage. Campbell shoulda just fought him mma. He would of beat him then regardless lol

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

  18. Harris says:

    thanks guys. you hey Bodysnatcher, would love to see you fight Campbell for the AFC title. watched the score on TV over the holidays and holy shit…looking forward to seeing you in the UFC soon….if the Bodysnatcher is not available then I say lets see Saggo vs Campbell. Like I said before, just love good fights nothing against any fighter as I have mad respect for any fighter willing to do this for a living..Either AFC or the Score make it happen..

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  19. Harris says:

    noticed someone changed from 8-1 to 6-1? much respect

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