Fivestar Fight League 4: Resurgence – Grande Prairie – February 22


Fivestar THUMBDate: February 22, 2013
Venue: Jackpot Casino in Grande Prairie, Alberta
Tickets: Jackpot Grill, Champions Gym and ROCK 97.7

Pro Fights:
205lbs- Raphael Bergmann (4-3) vs. Jon Ganshorn (4-3)
185lbs- Jordan Beecroft (4-1) vs. Duncan Wilson (2-3)
205lbs- Nick Campbell (3-3) vs. Mariusz Zastawny (2-2)
135lbs- Derek Abrahamson (2-0) vs. Tang Thongpheng (2-2)
145lbs- Travis Mathews (2-0) vs. Justin Bloomer (2-1)
195lbs- Cory Knipe (2-0) vs. Brandon MacArthur (7-24)
205lbs- Dave McLennen (1-1) vs. Taylor Bull (1-5)
160lbs- Zach Gait (3-3) vs. Cameron Loutitt (2-2)

Amateur Fights:
155lbs- Robert Pierro (0-0) vs. Bill McMahan (1-1)
145lbs- Dane Newell (2-0) vs. Rylee McKay (2-1)
155lbs- Ken Elter (0-1) vs. Todd Vatcher (1-1)
145lbs- Bryant Burrin (0-0) vs. Brayden Kersey (1-0)
265lbs- Alexander Kuiper (0-0) vs. Matt Campbell (0-0)
185lbs- Brad Laboucan (0-1) vs. Chris Cardinal (0-0)
145lbs- Dylan Leilke (1-0) vs. Mathew Gador (0-1)
135lbs- Dexter Grywacheski (0-0) vs. Tate Rawling (0-0)

149 Responses to “ Fivestar Fight League 4: Resurgence – Grande Prairie – February 22 ”

  1. gorny says:

    Hope i get on this card!

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  2. showtying says:

    hey i hope to fight on this card to …i think me and jason ^^^ would make for a good fight

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    Wedderburn vs. Gorny, Wedderburn vs. Hicks, Gorny vs. Hicks… any of these would be awesome!

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  4. Fivestar Canada says:

    Anyone wanting on the card can contact myself or Orest Zmyndak at

    Will be releasing full card and event details next week.

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  5. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Just to clear up a couple things quick,I think these two would be a good matchup for each other. Showtyng was offered to fight me a month ago I said yeah if he wanted to,& he sent me a message that we’re boys & he doesnt want to fight me cause of that,which i understand & he is my boy & believe Im a bad matchup for him. My mans trying to get on course like I have had the opportunity to. Respects to Markaile. Jason & I would also fight,except for the fact hes joining our team in the new year,so he would be one of my training partners for this fight. either guy can correct me if im wrong.

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  6. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    & to the guy who turned down fighting me on this card. LMAO! Uve beat one guy with a winning record & the rest of ur wins have never even been out of the 1st rd in any of their fights,one guy has made it past a minute once in what 5 fights lol,did u ask the promoter to find u some homeless guys to fight too? Wow this is MMA. Enjoy ur nxt handpicked opponent. I just wanted to whine once before i move on. Looking forward to fighting on this card! The progression continues……..

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  7. Zach b says:

    To Marcus you are right that I turned down the fight against you ! You have more losses than everyone in my gym combined ! I don’t get excited for this fight ! I don’t think it is worth my time ( amount I spend away from my family ) the amount of money I put into a fight ( training , amount of time I miss at work ). But thanks

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  8. Oilcity30 says:

    Can definitely understand that, think Marcus has had bigger fights even though his record is not that good. Hope they can get someone zach can test is skills against all this hype around zach I just don’t see it but that’s my opinion. Like the new Marcus though looks awesome!!!!

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  9. DevonNoRemorseNeville says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  10. Just Laughable says:

    Mr Neville please stick to politely trying to get fights as you have already proven yourself to be a coward low life so try the high road now and hush your mouth and try things with a bit more tact!!

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  11. showtying says:

    no marcus to clear things up bro the fight was on like 4 days notice and i no you bin training so it was not the right time i thought we were boys….but please dont say your a bad match up for me bra cause if i have or HADE the 6 to 8 weeks to train like how you were training to fight when you said you would fight me for SHURE I WOULD OF FIGHT YOU….I NEVER BACK OUT OR SAY NO TO FIGHTS CAUSE I THINK THE GUYS NOT A GOOD FIGHT FOR ME SORRY BRO YOU GOT THE WRONG GUY….IF THE OPPERTUNITY COMES UP FOR ME TO FIGHT YOU NOW I NO YOU WOULD FIGHT ME, FOR SHURE I WOULD FIGHT YOU BRA LONG AS I GET THE RIGHT TIME TO TRAIN….RESPECT ALWAYS MARCUS….no disrespect intended i tell the whole story nothing but truth…and you also told me you told ken we were boys….RUFFHOUSE

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  12. showtying says:


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  13. Donald Duck says:

    LOL – Just when Marcus promises he’s over the drama he pulls it back in and surprise of surprises Tubby Dog is in there like a fat kid on a smartie.

    Marcus – I’m pretty sure I’ve said this to your face but it stands repeating, “Train more, post less.”

    Tubby Dog – No one cares. You’re a walking billboard for what’s wrong with this sport most days. Yeah you can fight and yeah you do occasionally make weight but for the most part you’re a stain on the under-roos of mma.


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  14. Donald Duck says:

    Oh and LOL at “I’m not trying to start drama”. Don’t f*cking post then man, stay off the internets.

    Team Shenanigans, EVER DAY!

    What what!!

    Rasta Donnie

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  15. Zach b says:

    Devon should you not be out assaulting elderly cab drivers ? Or is it females this week ? Low life , go back to your soup kitchen and pan handling for change .

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  16. DevonNoRemorseNeville says:

    bahahhaha can you make 145 dude

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  17. Just Laughable says:

    Nope i can’t but i am sure the cabby weighed more than 145 and it did not seem to bother you then????

    Oh wait i guess you still need that handy cab man advantage of 2 to 1

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  18. Just Laughable says:

    lol sorry i just had to laugh again at the 2 to 1 thug just made a reference to a fair fight at an actual weight class….. how ironic…

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  19. Dan says:

    Misha Cirkunov vs Zach Blaber

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  20. James says:

    looks like Zach falls victim of having two screen names as well. lol

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  21. Zach b says:

    Nope just one !

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  22. sean quinn says:

    I’ll fight Neville at 145. I’m a little plump at the moment. 145 would be nice.

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  23. showtying says:

    donnie for the last time YOUR LKE A BUG ON A DOGS DICK PUSSY BWOY…you reallY must be a bulldagger. YOUR now the only one trying to look for friends to talk sHit ABOUT ME…lets just put this all to rest. The next card im on please come to me faCe to faCe and express you feelings please duck shit. Now dont be the little bitch you are hidding behind a fake name because your scared of your own shadow and just approchE me with all this HATE you got build up inside you i would love to have a chat with you…..WERE IM FROM IF PEOPLE GOT A PROBLRM WITH YOU YOU INVITE THEM TO ADDRESS IT AND IT SEEMS LIKE YOUR THE ONLY LITTLE FUCKING TERBIT THAT HAS SOMETHING TO SAY…SO THIS IS YOUR INVITE… YOU ARE TRULY THE ONLY MUNGIE THAT POSTS ON THIS SITE..HATE RUNS DEEP IN THE HEARTS OF MANY..I KNOW YOUR GOING TO TYPE BACK SOME MADE UP BULL SHIT LOOKING FOR FRIENDS BUT I SAID WHAT I SAID AND STICKING TO IT…FUCKING SERPINT..TALK GOES THREW ME DO SOMTHING TO ME…

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  24. tyler davis says:

    Yea!!!! Sean Quinn justice…….id pay to see that.

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  25. Dan says:

    Blaber are you down to fight Misha?

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  26. Oilcity30 says:

    Love to see Quinn kick Neville’s ass!!!!!

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  27. Oilcity30 says:

    What’s a terbit???

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  28. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Dan thats not a fair fight,I dont even get along with Misha & would say he would kill blaber. Ur post is funny Blaber,ur right my record sucks,i didnt take things serious and i lost lots of fights showing no heart or cardio for that matter. Since training & taking it serious this last just over a year im 3-1,a ko of the night,& 3 straight fight of the nights. thnx for coming with the elementary school post. LMAO ur right i do have alot of losses,u might too if u actually fought anyone. blaber if i only fought the guys uve fought id be unbeaten lol u hayabitcha guys really think so highly of urselves,all too good to fight me. U talk shit on devon & his bullshit he went thru,dont hate cause he never won till he left u guys. Not everyone can he on the hayajuicea programor apart of the clique. I didnt think u would fight me but when they asked me I thought mayb u outgrew ur Vagina. Anyway i could care less lots of guys out there to fight,u enjoy ur 4 of 7 wins being over dudes with a combined 0-18record u stud lol 1 win over a guy with a winning record. @ Donald duck I agree train more post less lol this has been my 3rd or 4th post in the last 2mnths. & i had to beak about this guy who no one outside Alberta has ever heard of thinking hes so high & mighty. Hey Zach I heard they can get u a matchup with Dave Logan another high caliber opponent for u & ur record lol im gonna go cry now about ur mean comments,its funny i didnt even mention ur name & u jumped on that & had to comment,a little self concious mayb. & showtyng ur my friend but if u wanna fight me,the contract is signed & ready to go. Like I said u match up well for me,im down for that fight anytime. this is business. & its not disrespect on ur part Show to say u would fight me,thats what we do when u think ur better than someone in what we do u fight the guy. in Hayabitches case they bad mouth u tell u,u suck ,then find someone else to fight. feelings aside im hear to fight anyone at this level & that matches well,i thought Zach was that. Have a nice life Zach,im gonna go cry at ur mean comments that have lowered my self esteem,& donnie ur right back to the gym to train see u guys on here after my next win in Feb. KP 4 LIFE!

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  29. Oilcity30 says:

    Like the comment Marcus but zach ain’t the only one hating on Devon. Buddy commits crime and then post in here as devin no remorse Neville that’s border line disgusting. I personally would have removed that’s name from this website but its a free country. Accept the fight with Quinn Neville I’d even like to se le parwaz beat your ass give u a little payback or sign so Machan can put the fear in you. Past is the past but he post on here as no remorse. Makes me sick !!!!

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  30. Dan says:

    Marcus the question was directed towards Zach Blaber. We all know how you dick tucked the day before weigh in’s when you where in line for Misha.

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  31. Zach b says:

    Dan @ 85 ?

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  32. Dan says:

    He can meet you at 200

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  33. Zach b says:

    Seeking fights at 85 but thanks

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  34. gorny says:

    Yah marcus is.correct ill be training at KP when i.return to.edmonton. Besides im dropping back.down to 170 for good. Markhaille if you can make 170 then let five star make an off to my manager. I have nothing against you, just a fight is a fight and you kinda called me out. So if you can make 170 lets do it. But warning now if u come 1 lb over i will turn the fight down. Not because im scared but because ive always made weight and 9 of my 14 opponents havent. Disrespectful to the sport. No catch weights and you are renown for missing for whatever reasons. Regardless. 170 or no fight sir

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  35. Showtying says:

    Wow gorny we both no I cant make 170 anymore I fiht at 185 and so do you what’s with this 170 talk ..that’s a weird way of saying we can’t fight cause the whole of mma Canada knows I can’t do 170…fight me 185 and I’m all in

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  36. sean quinn says:

    Marcus, you sound like a complete fucking douche.

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  37. sean quinn says:

    I would retire Neville and he knows it. I was just playing, I know he would never accept the fight.

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  38. BLUNT says:

    Blabber is on a 6 fight winning streak.. and is scared to fight a guy who is coming off a loss lol.. Weight is his way of tippy toeing around the fight

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  39. Zach b says:

    Yes I’m scared ! You figured me out .

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  40. smash says:

    Quinn is back at it!! lol your reverse phsycology is slick haha

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  41. Joe Doerksen says:

    I’m 4-3 in my last 7. Anyone wanna pick up an easy win?

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  42. Zach b says:

    When are u thinking joe ?

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  43. Joe Doerksen says:

    Feb or March might work for me. I’m gonna keep gaining weight til Jan 1. Will take at least a month to get into sexy fight shape again.

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  44. Joe Doerksen says:

    Might not be available for a few months in the spring so if Feb or March don’t happen I’m not back in the game til summer.

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  45. Zach b says:

    Hmmmm the summer would work for me , let’s me get a fight at 85 under my belt , no disrespect but I would be honoured to throw leather in the cage with you !

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  46. gorny says:

    Mr wedderburn i dont know if you can or cant make 170. I dont follow your career sorry sir. But im dropping to 170 im done at 185. Ive been bouncing back between 170 and 185 for the last two years and ive decided to stay at 170. So since marcus is looking for a fight at 185 and you fight at 185 then you guys can fight but as for me its 170. Sorry sir hopefully they find you a fight at 185

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  47. Joe Doerksen says:

    I don’t feel there’s anything disrespectful about a fighter wanting to fight. If a deal can be made, it’s all good. A job is a job.

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  48. Joe Doerksen says:

    I actually think Marcus vs Wedderburn makes sense. Interesting match up.

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  49. Good on Mr. Tying for acknowledging 170 is a no-go. LMA v. Show would be good: two guys looking for redemption in this sport, both reasonable at smack talk. Regardless of some of the opinions on here, both of these guys can scrap when they are serious.
    “I dont even get along with Misha”….do tell, Mr. Hicks. I heard there were some accusations about vitamins and some spitting involved.

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  50. showtying says:

    yo kent im not looking for no redemption dude.dont get it twisted…

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