Canadian Rumour Mill – December 17


Gossip QueenWell Christmas is almost upon us. I hope you all have your Christmas shopping done or at least are very close. I have to say it’s been difficult with all these MMA shows on during the weekend. Havoc FC, UFC x2, Bellator, as well as my BF Andrei Arlovski taking care of business on IPPV in Moscow, it’s hard to find time to go to the mall.

Sucks that Nick Penner and Mike Ricci lost their fights this weekend. Penner was doing real well with two knock downs before he got caught and Mike Ricci did great making the finals of the Welterweight class when he’s really a Lightweight. I’m sure we’ll see success from both of these fighters despite the setbacks they faced last weekend.

  • Mike Ricci’s fight in the UFC marked the very first time that an athlete has progressed from amateur to professional to UFC fighter completely under the tutelage of Firas Zahabi.   Congratulations to Tristar MMA.
  • The Make me a Fighter Finale is being filmed December 22nd at the Capilano Convention Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. The show will pit Team Valimaki/Newton vs. Team Campbell/Cardinal. A couple of the competitors are Mark White, Sheldon Hinton,  and Chantel DeBoer. It seems like the general public is welcome and can buy tickets to this event. The gate profits from the event will be presented to the winning coaches’ charity of choice. Make sure you go out to this event and support local MMA and charity!
  • Despite the UFC announcing that Patrick Cote and Alessio Sakara would get a chance to go Back to the Future and re-do their UFC 154 battle at UFC 158 in Montreal on March 16, that fight is NOT happening. Sakara is medically unable to compete at this time due to kidney issues.
  • Look for Havoc FC to return with their second show on March 1st in Red Deer. Ryan Machan vs Nathan Gunn would be a great headliner!
  • ECC is planning two shows in two months. ECC 15 in February and ECC 16 in March.
  • Former MFC “#1 draft pick”, Alexi Argyriou will have one more ammy fight before turning pro. This Adam Zugec protege is definitely one to watch!
  • Why is Jordan Mein not fighting on the final Strikeforce show on January 12th?
  • Unified 15 will be on March 29th and is scheduled to have Rocky Biggs, Ryan Rother, Parwez Ghulam, Corey Lautisher and Jordan “Hellboy” McKay fighting on the show!
  • Good luck to Mitch Clarke who’s finally getting surgery this week on his injured knee from way back at UFC 149.
  • Look for Hard Knocks to hold at least 4 shows at the Century Casino in Calgary in 2013. Tentative dates are January 25, April 26, September 20 and November 1.
  • Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 1 will take place in Grande Prairie at the end of March.
  • Fivestar Fight League will also be holding a show in Grande Prairie. Their show will be on Feb 22nd and currently has Raphael Bergmann, Jon Ganshorn, Nick Campbell, Kris Miskenack, Dave McLennan, and Duncan Wilson scheduled to fight on the show. I’m hearing Bergmann is looking to move down to light heavyweight for this show.

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  1. tyler davis says:

    Rumor alert!!!!!! Eric Perez wants to come out of retirement so I can put him right back into retirement, as least he acts like he does…… P.s. Tough talk will only count if u actually want to scrap, otherwise stfu

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  2. Gnp says:

    Hope it happens…

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  3. smash says:

    Perez would be your toughest test to date by far. Is this some kind of brotherly revenge thing?

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  4. smash says:

    wait a minute the Mike Davis that Perez fought wasn’t your brother…. my bad. I retract my question

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  5. EPerez says:

    I posted a message I got from Ty a little while ago on facebook. I had congratulated him on the impressive pile of cans he’s collected. I guess he doesnt feel that any of the guys he’s fought can hold soup. I thought Id share with my topmmanews friends. Here it is, its pretty funny:

    wanna be a dick to me fine…..but really insulting my opponent on my page….fuck show some class maybe a shred of dignity or some common decency you know the stuff martial arts is supposed to teach. and what cans? the fight before this was the guy that easily stomped your midget ass, and i had very little problem taking him out. so please if you intend to be a dick just say yes to scrap me otherwise grow up and get a fuckin reality check bro, dont hate cause your outta the fght game…..peace

    p.s. i thought you were better than that…..really really low of you im surprised

    -Tyler Davis

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  6. EPerez says:

    The comments are better. Hopefully you can see them:!/eric.perez.946179/posts/10151133741251560

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  7. ATLEAST says:

    Just fucking NEED common decency.

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  8. Cody R says:

    I don’t understand your reasoning for bringing up personal convo. Between you and him, 1 question, are you planning on fighting him in the near future or not, cause either all the shit talk that’s bound to happen is gonna build up an awesome fight or just be gay useless space on the forum,

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  9. Jeff Harrison says:

    Randy Turner just made a practice cut to 125lbs:-) he will be a force at that weight!!

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  10. mark says:

    You both sound like dicks. Fight it out!!

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  11. Tyler Davis says:

    thats the great part about this sport isnt it? if you have a problem with someone you can fight it out. So as previously mentioned Eric scrap or stfu

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  12. booboo says:


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  13. Mitch Clarke says:

    Thank you gossip queen, it looks like the surgery was successful. Thanks for the well wishes

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  14. tyler davis says:

    Heal up Mitch best of luck

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  15. Gnp says:

    Wooley vs turner , Perez vs turner….???

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  16. tyler davis says:

    Perez already fought Turner and lost

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  17. smash says:

    wooley vs turner? greeeat idear!

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  18. Gnp says:

    Thanks Tyler … Was suppose to say Perez vs davis

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  19. PeanutButterJellyTime says:

    Wooley would repeatedly slam every 125er in Canada on their heads. Davis isn’t even the same caliber fighter as him, let alone near the top in Canada

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  20. steve hill says:

    wooley and turner would be a good tilt at 25 , to my knowledge davis fights at 35, and so did perez..and in all fairness not much going on at 25 YET !!!!hopefully in the near future…

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  21. 125 has a lot of potential to be a dynamite division in Canada. Just off the top of my head: Wooley and Turner are both great. Malcolm Gordon is super talented, Bojan would be great at 25, I’d love to see Scott Macovi get healthy and fight some little guys. I’ve heard rumours of Darson Hemings competing in MMA, and I think he’d be 25. And those are just guys I know of personally, this could be a deep exciting division in Canada.

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  22. Livendy says:

    Turner would never fight Wooley…he knows he couldn’t beat him. I’ll be surprised if any Canadian 25’r will take a fight with Wooley. TOTAL respect to the first one who does though.

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  23. mark says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  24. canadx says:

    Be careful with the Hinton brothers.

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  25. vlad says:

    Thank you for posting that EPerez. I completely agree with Tyler.

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  26. Chief says:

    What is Xcessive Force ?

    Besides a horrendous name for a promotion

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  27. Robin Black says:

    Wooley is a killer.

    If anyone thinks he’s just a “decent wrestler” they’re not very informed.

    Hopefully he gets a fight at 125 early in the new year.

    No one can really claim to be the top 25er in Canada until they beat him.

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  28. Cody Rempel says:

    Why would someone have to beat a guy who’s never fought at 125 to be the best Flyweight in the country, that would be like saying you’d have to beat Jon Jones to be the best Heavyweight in the world… In my opinion Mike Davis is the man to beat at 125, Wooley may very well be better than Davis but Davis has fought and won at 125! I guess a Wooley/Davis bout NEEDS to happen to really solve this issue.

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  29. Robin Black says:

    I mean because a ton of people are fully aware that Wooley is the man to beat.
    The upside is, Davis or anyone else can go in and go for it.
    My conversations with them tell me that the UFC is WELL aware of Wooley. If you can beat him at 125 you’re pretty much gonna fight your next fight in the UFC, guaranteed.
    Maybe that’s motivation to fight him.

    Love to see Davis go for him. Hell of a fighter that Davis. It’d be a monster match up.

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  30. Gnp says:

    Love to see Eric Wilson in that mix… And the Wilson , Davis rematch at 25 … Lots of possibilitys in that class….if Infact Wooley does start fighting at 25 … He would be a dominating force…..

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  31. Donald Duck says:

    Cody, that logic would work if Jones had fought at HW his whole career due to lack of a LHW division. Upon creation of said division and his decision to move to his more natural weight it make sense that you would considered him in the running for top spot. After all if you can compete and succeed at the higher less natural weight class it stands to reason you’d bring a solid skill set to the more natural small weight.

    Wooley fought at 135 cause there has never really been a 125 outside of Japan. 5 years ago we’d have probably seen Wooley follow Antonio’s route to Shooto.

    Mike is a nice enough guy but he did not have the success at 135 that Wooley has had which is a logical enough extension to want to see Davis/Wooley although if I was in Wooley’s camp I don’t know that a Davis fight makes much if any sense to them.


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  32. Brodes says:

    How does it not make sense for Woolley?^^^
    I’m sure he would fight mike on short notice, seeing as no one wants to fight him. I can only guess he would jump at the opportunity to fight mike.

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  33. smash says:

    sooo lets just hope one of these top flyweights steps up and asks for Wooley then!!!! Davis, Turner, your listening?

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  34. Rino B. says:

    Love this site! – you have a guy like Wooley who is looking to fight in the UFC, looking for an opponent. We hav a potential of guys that are looking to fight at 125 for the soul reason of getting to the UFC cause that should be the ultimate goal. We have a new division that is starving for a 125er let alone probably looking for a Canadian to get into the mix. Look at Wooley losses and it’s hard not to argue that he is not in the lead 2 be in the #1 slot, one dimensional or not (i dnt think so). If anyone that is in the fight game, young or old. Would you not take this shot if you can make the division to possibly achieve the #1 org in the World?? Their may never be an easier chance for anyone involved to get their, and if fail may still get a chance at it later-matchups make fights but this is a case that if you win, you may be in

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  35. MMAFAN says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  36. AMLEHTC says:

    I think Shady is not as good as you think he is and will get grinded out and eventually get submitted even though Smith been training under sensei Hicks

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  37. TNT says:

    Adrian Wooley is the top 125er in Canada, even if he hasn’t fought at the weight. Everyone can make a argument that this or that fighter will beat him, but ANY Canadian fighter at this weight, has turned the fight down, FACT. As of right now, Wooley has the #1 spot at 125 and everyone can argue over 2 through 10

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  38. Chad Pearson says:

    @tnt – agree 100%. Wooley is the top dog at 125. Its between Turner and Davis for 2 but until someone actually accepts a fight with Wooley there is no debate…period.

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