Third Time’s a Charm for Kent and Krahn… Barnier vs. Pelletier Also Set for ECC 15

Mike Kent vs Alderic Keith

Mike Kent about to throw a right (photo: Martin Blais)

After months of verbal battling on the Top MMA News message boards and two cancelled fights it seems Mike Kent and Cody Krahn are set to meet in the cage for a third time. was first to report the bout which was confirmed moments later on Facebook by Kent. Kent and Krahn will do battle for the Middleweight Title at ECC 15 on February 15 also on that card will be a Bantamweight Title fight between Syd Barnier and Stephane Pelletier.

Mike Kent and Cody Krahn were scheduled to meet at both MFC 33 and MFC 34 but both times Kent was forced out due to recurring hand injuries. Kent took some time off to heal and took a fight at Light Heavyweight and showed that he can hang with the a top level opponent but ultimatly fell victim to a second round TKO at the hands of Tim Chemelli at Aggression FC 14. Prior to the loss, Kent steamrolled the competition on the east coast to the tune of an 8-0 record to open his professional career.

Cody Krahn was announced less than 48 hours ago as taking on Paul Grandbois at MFC 36, Although I’m hearing that Krahn never officially agreed on the fight. Krahn enters the Middleweight grudge match on the heels of a two fight losing streak at the hands of Sabah Fadai and Jason Zentgraf inside the MFC ring. Krahn is in a 2-4 stretch in his last six contests after winning nine of his first eleven bouts. Krahn has finished all 11 of his victories inside the opening round.

19 Responses to “ Third Time’s a Charm for Kent and Krahn… Barnier vs. Pelletier Also Set for ECC 15 ”

  1. Cameron McQueen says:

    No Luke Harris…That’s for sure…Syd Barnier is a straight killer though.

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  2. Louden Swain says:

    I still want to see barnier and Friya

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  3. cody krahn says:

    I had verbally agreed to fight grandbois, But then this opportunity came up and obviously I couldn’t pass it up. Sorry to the MFC but there is no way I could not take this fight with Mike.

    I’d also like to point out I don’t personally believe that this should be a title fight seeing as how both Mike an I are coming off losses.

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  4. Brodes says:

    2 great fights, nice work ECC.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Pelletier is an awesome fighter but this is his toughest fight for sure.

    I have Syd a bit of a favorite. Straight killer.

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  6. I'll Say It says:

    Robin Syd might be pretty solid but to call him a straight killer is a little to much, he’s just above .500 at 4-3, After this fight Pelletier will get the recognition he deserves

    Pelletier wins this rd 2 sub!!

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  7. pissedoff says:

    at least krahn knows he shouldnt be in a title fight. he’d be lucky to have a champ let him clean their belt.

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  8. Jamie Locke says:

    IMO on the regional level it doesn’t matter who get the title shot. I personally like to see guys coming off of a win or two within the organization get title fights, but again at the regional level it doesn’t matter.

    The best thing about regional titles is it gives the fighters, and the fans, the opportunity for 5 round fights.

    Mind you UFC and MFC have both had 5 round non title main events, this negates my point entirely…

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  9. Robin Black says:

    Pelletier gets the recognition he deserves. Ringside champ, top performer, exciting, dynamic, awesome fighter.

    I just think Syd is a touch underrated. His record is deceiving and he hasn’t been super active.

    I had Fryia a favorite against Syd because of the skills match-up but in a match up with Pelletier it is very close.

    Pelletier has a great gnp game, even from guard, that he hasn’t shown in awhile and I suspect that will be his strategy. If he can get Syd down and get that going he can take the fight over.

    On the feet Syd is one of the heaviest hitters at 135.

    Big big fan of both and I absolutely love the match up.

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  10. Donald Duck says:

    Does anyone actually care about belts other than the UFC and Dream belts?

    Seems to me like being the ‘champ’ of some regional thing is the equivalent of getting gold in Musical Kata. Good for you but there are other things worth focusing on.


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  11. Robin Black says:

    When you’re “the champ” of a smaller organization I think most people understand its not that big a thing but, let me tell you, when you get old like me you sure love having a belt on your mantle, even if its the belt of the “Flin Flon Manitoba Fighting Champion”. It’s a physical thing that you have that represents what you did, all the awesome experiences.

    And chicks dig it and stuff.

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  12. Donald Duck says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  13. K.Rasmus says:

    About time you guys fight no matter what promotion !! Duke it out .

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  14. MMAPolice says:

    Krahn and Kent for a tile, what a joke.

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  15. BigDaddyKane says:

    I’m sure Krahn will never fight in the MFC again. Pavolich will ban him for sure. Krahn said he committed to the fight with MFC then went back on it, to fight Kent on a bogus show and chances are Kent or that show will cancel anyone want to take that bet ? Krahn’s a bum and Kent your worse.

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  16. Obviously says:

    Barnier’s loss to Taverninni was the work of infamous ref P Chartier , who called the fight for An arm bar that wasn’t even close to being extended. His loss to Lamarche he took on 2 days notice.. Leaving Wooley who beat him fair and square.
    Syd is under rated for sure and hopefully will get some love after he knocks out Stephane. Would love to see him vs Puric finally.

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  17. Jerobe says:

    Speaking of Justin Tavarnini, does anyone know what ever happened to that kid? He was really good. Anyone know?

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  18. I'll Say It says:

    Great points Robin, I just think Stephane is a more comPlete MMA fighter but the fight starts with both men standing it’s a great match up.

    As for the title fight it seems to be the new thing guys who do not deserve a title shot amd not only small promotions do it. Look at the UFC, Franky Edgar gets a title shot because he dropped weight classes and Chael Sonnen gets a title fight because he moved up to 205. Both guys comi g off losses.

    I know Edgar did have a huge run and 145 division is very weak but Chael does not deserve a title shot. And now it seems Nick Diaz will get a title fight.

    But with the trash talk some times fights

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  19. I'll Say It says:

    Continued from last post

    Times are changing and the truth is so
    E fights are more interesting then others, Krahn Vs Kent is a fight I want to see after all that talking a d who cares through a title in for grabs. Great job ECC

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