Havoc Fighting Championship Weigh-In Results

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Havoc Fighting Championship is holding its debut show on December 14, 2012 in Calgary, Alberta. If you are in Calgary, why not pick up a pair of tickets at Havoc FC?  There is nothing like live MMA! If not, Top MMA News will bring you all the coverage as usual.

Pro Fights:
170lbs- Nathan Gunn (170) vs. George Belanger (170.5)
155lbs- Wolfgang Janssen (145.5) vs. Aaron Armstrong (153.0)
137lbs- Mike Davis (137) vs. Adam Bodwell (130.5)
155lbs- Dia Grant (156) vs. Curtis Blackmore (156)
170lbs- Chris Mattock (170.5) vs. Matt Krayco (170)
145lbs- Andrew Bard (145.5) vs. Jesse Arnett (146)
170lbs- Elvis Vukaj (169.5) vs. Tyler O’Brien (172)*

Amateur Fights:
185lbs- Dusty Kramps (184.5) vs. Cody Evans (184.5)
170lbs- Dan Westbrook (168) vs. Donovan Hack (169.5)

*25% of purse

15 Responses to “ Havoc Fighting Championship Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Frenchy says:

    Wolfgang was 155.5lbs not 145.5lbs … If he can make 145 lets do a Mark Maruzs vs Wolfgang on the next show :-) :-) love fighting the red deer boys always awesome hard fights!

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  2. Coach says:

    I thought that weight was off.Well one fight at a time we know Armstrong is gonna be a really tough fight but I agree that Mark and Wolfgang would be a great fight down the road. Personally I think Armstrong and Wolfgang are my pick for fight of the night tomorrow. Two young killers gaining some great momentum for 2013 with a win. IMMA guys always come in great shape and are tough as nails so it is going to be a war!!

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  3. BJB says:

    So disappointed to be missing this event tonight, it’s going to be a great night of fights. I’ll be checking top mma news for the play-by-plays.

    Janssen vs Armstrong for Fight of the Night and Chris Mattock for Sub of the Night!

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  4. Wolfgang’s weight was given to me by the commission. I double checked with them because it looked wrong and they said 145.5. I will be keeping it at 145.5.

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  5. BJB says:


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  6. Chris chapman says:

    I’m really excited for this card, Elvis is real talented guy, bard vs armett is gonna be entertaining as hell, mike Davis has looked great in the gym, Wolfy and Armstrong is my pick for fotn but!!! George and gunn might steal the show for fotn. George never quits and neither does gunn

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  7. Brodes says:

    Bodwell came in at 130, for a fight at 137 lbs? What’s with all the catch weight fights lately? And why isn’t this fight at 125?
    Davis should be looking to fight at 125 as much as he can, that’s the weight he wants to be ranked at.

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  8. This fight was originally scheduled to be at 130. Gotta assume that Davis was going to come in heavy and they renegotiated for a 137 catch weight.

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  9. Vlad says:

    I meant it to be question :) He looks 155 to me

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  10. Slim says:

    Well it’s not like the Calgary Commission has never screwed up before…

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  11. Havoc FC says:

    Davis/Bodwell was scheduled at 135lbs. Mike had an issue with his medicals that required him to do a run to Edmonton and back to get his indefinite suspension lifted from his last fight.This came right in the middle of his weight cut and resulted in him coming in a little heavy when he checked on the event scale. He asked Bodwell if a 137lbs catch weight was ok and Adam graciously accepted. Classy on Bodwell’s behalf Adam just wants to scrap.
    Davis/Bodwell is going to be a fun scrap too with a consumate pro against a hard punching, tough brawler. Krayco vs Slim is interesting too as Matt is in great shape and has an experience edge, but will it be enough to deal with Mattock’s super slick bjj and reach advantage. Fun night of fights ahead guys. See you there.

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  12. rhondarouseystalker says:

    WAR Bard………

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  13. Slim by arm triangle, thigh punch TKO or perhaps by flying drop-kick to the liver.

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  14. cavemanbully says:

    pumped to watch this one!

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