Rory MacDonald Set to Rematch Condit in Montreal


UFC Logo ThumbnailAfter defeating BJ Penn in their UFC on FOX 5 fight, Rory MacDonald asked for a rematch with Carlos Condit. Now, he will get it.

According to, MacDonald (14-1) has been granted his wish by UFC President Dana White and will get to avenge the sole loss in his MMA career. The fight is scheduled for the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec on March 16 on the UFC 158 card.

MacDonald lost to Condit at UFC 115 in his home province of British Columbia. MacDonald clearly won the first two rounds of the fight, but Condit rebounded in the third and stopped Rory with seven seconds left in the fight.

Condit is coming off a loss to MacDonald’s Tristar teammate Georges St-Pierre. Condit lost a unanimous decision in his only shot at the UFC Welterweight title.

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  1. Dylan da Chin says:


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  2. wuzjustsayin says:

    Smart callout by Rory.

    A win over Carlos would secure him third position in the Welterweight division just behind Hendricks who will most likely be GSP’s next opponent.

    I really don’t think Diaz can stay off the pot long enough to get the next shot.

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  3. Gnp says:

    Sure rory has improved since he first fought condit … But do has condit….either way will be a great fight… Don’t think he will be doin any Ali shuffles against Carlos tho! as for Gsp vs Diaz … Hope it happens… Hey Nick… Just say no!!!!

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  4. Bigtoe says:

    If he is unwilling to fight GSP he may as well start bulking up for the MW. I don’t see any point to this fight other than experience. Even if GSP were to lose his next fight, the division will be tied up for a good year pending a rematch. Rory will be in a state of limbo no matter how you slice it.

    The good news is; there are some great fights at MW for Rory. Belcher, Okami, Belfort, Weidman, Marquart, Sheilds… In fact, I would love to see Rory beat down Sheilds, than Nick – The whole Stockton crew!

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  5. wuzjustsayin says:

    GSP is taking care of business outside of the UFC, capitalizing off of his position at the top and he will continue to do so until and after the Silva fight.

    The way I see it is GSP will be fighting Anderson Silva it’s just a matter of the right time and the almighty $$$$$$.

    In the meantime he has requested Diaz because he feels confident of the win and it will delay a possible loss to Hendricks.

    That would leave Rory with the task of taking on Hendricks if he gets by Carlos.

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  6. steve hill says:

    Gsp fightin silva is a fans dream fight….For gsp in my opinion its a nightmare fight…anderson is to big and strong, the reach is to long ,andersons striking is to good….Gsp,s only chance is to do what chael did and use wrestling , but come fight time anderson will be at least 20 lbs heavier minimum…..just cant see gsp winning, as much as would love to see it, infact I think he will get hurt….lets hope the payday is huge for george…..there is still lots of possible fights for george at welterweight starting with diaz….love that fight, good guy vs bad guy….I think there both great….

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