The Oilmen’s Pure Fighting Championship 10 Weigh-In Results


Pure Fighting Championship is holding their 10th show in Red Deer, Alberta. If you are in Red Deer, why not pick up a pair of tickets for the December 7th event? If not, make sure you come back to Top MMA News for all the results and play-by-play from the event.

Here are the weigh-in results for the event:

Pro Fights:
185lbs- Clay Davidson (183.6) vs. Caleb Grummett (184.6)
145lbs- Tyler Davis (145.2) vs. Mark Maruzs (144.8)
150lbs- Peter Neufeld (148.6) vs. Steve Dittrich (146.6)
135lbs- Ryan Brigham (134) vs. Michael Imperato (135)
185lbs- Marcus Hicks (181.2) vs. Brandon MacArthur (184.4)
150lbs- Rob Santos vs Brent Harvie***

Amateur Fights:
170lbs- Jayson Pyper (167.4) vs. Kellen Falt (167.4)
265lbs- Tony Chin (220) vs. Tyler Illerbrun (214.8)

*** weigh-in tomorrow pending release of Edmonton suspension for Harvie

30 Responses to “ The Oilmen’s Pure Fighting Championship 10 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. tyler davis says:

    Just wanna thank mark and Frenchy and the whole independent team for being awsome and welcoming towards me. I know mark is a very scrappy guy and winner of some fight of the night awards, I can only Hope I live up to my end and put on an exciting fight.

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  2. Donald Duck says:

    Same day weigh in? Who the f**k is sanctioning this?!?

    Dumb is dumb.

    If the fighter cannot weigh in 24 hours ahead of their fight then the fight should be scrapped. End of story.


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  3. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    And why would a suspension be reduced to accommodate a fight? That’s just silly. If there was a chance this would happen both athletes should have weighed in with everybody else, and if the suspension was lifted for a valid reason the fight could happen.

    If be curious on what type of suspension this would have been and why it would be reduced?

    Looks like more than athletes have some potential brain damage issues.

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  4. Gongshow says:

    Well looks like Dale Kliparchuk and Pat Reid are making a couple of bad decisions. These clowns want to run the Provincial Commission…..hahaha
    same day weigh ins…….sounds safe to me!

    the circus is in town folks
    welcome to the wild west

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  5. Jits Wizard says:

    Does anyone have any comments about Independant MMA? Whats the gym like? Who fights out of there? Good coaching?

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  6. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Which commission is overseeing this, who runs it, and how do they think same day weigh ins is a good idea?

    A provincial commission could be a great thing for Alberta. IF the right people are involved.

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  7. Gongshow says:

    I think Pat and his BFF Dale should run the provincial commission. They are the most knowledgable people in the wild west.

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  8. thesubzero says:

    Didn’t they weigh in last night?

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  9. thesubzero says:

    In fact they did weigh in last night.

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  10. thesubzero says:

    Nevermind I see. Just scrap that fight.. nothing good can come of it.

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  11. Suspensions can be eliminated at any time, especially indefinite suspensions based on doctor’s approval.

    Promoter and commission have been told that the suspension will be removed for a while. It has not been. If it has not been removed, the pair will not fight.

    In my opinion, the promoter and sanctioning committee are doing fine here.

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  12. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    If it was a matter of fulfilling some doctor requirements then i have no problem with it being lifted. But have seen Edmonton reduce suspensions for wierd reasons. IE the 88 day suspension.

    Still curious why they wouldn’t have weighed in with everybody else, and the fight hinging on the suspension being lifted.

    It’s disturbing allowing anybody to do same day weighins. Hopefully they go with a catchweight so these guys don’t kill themselves making weight.

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  13. Frenchy says:

    Awesome gym, very experienced coaching staff with ton of fighters in every weight class, great family, check us out at for details on all of our fighters, coaches, schedule and history!!! 5539-2nd street SW Calgary Alberta 1-403-554-2813

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  14. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    He’s french. How bad could he be?

    I heard the guys did weigh in yesterday, so glad to hear that it’s not a same day weighin.

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  15. Donald Duck says:

    @Keith – The issue is the same day weigh in. How can you say this is a good thing when there is a huge and well respected volume of information out there on the dangers of dehydration and loss of CSF?

    I get the point that they could be clearing up an odd ball suspension but the guy should have weighed in yesterday and the fight should have been parked pending commission approval.


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  16. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Donnie, they did weigh in yesterday aparently. Just didnt’ release the weights until they knew the suspension was lifted.

    What’s troubling about this is the suspension has now been lifted and removed from the database. The fishy part is that the notes and any details pertaining to the suspension were also removed. This should never happen and not sure why it was.

    But what’s new with Edmonton? They just do what they please anyways.

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  17. We were not live at the weighins so I received the results from Dale Kliparchuk.

    The two fighters did make weight and pass medicals yesterday according to Dale (and others who were at weigh-ins).

    Dale was not going to release the weights until today pending the lifting of suspensions. As my source, I agreed to post it as he requested. I believe this has to do with fighters not really supposed to weigh-in if they are suspended.

    However, Dale wanted to save the fight as the fighters, the commission, and promotion were told the suspension was done. It still needed to be removed from the database though.

    The suspension was lifted today.

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  18. Just looked up Harvie’s suspension. He won in a minute at AFC 14. Was suspended 14 days and his opponent was suspended 7.

    That fight was 14 days ago. Not sure if suspension is removed on the 14th day or day after 14th day.

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  19. Jamie Locke says:

    Marcus Hicks (181.2)- Is this the lightest Marcus Hicks eva?

    Glad to see he’s in shape, it’d be enetertaining to see him go on a tear.

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  20. Jason MacDonald says:

    You guys really need to get things straight before airing your uneducated OPINION!

    Both Rob and Brent weighed in last night and seen the Doctors for their medicals. There will be no same day weigh in. If there was ever a need to do that, it would have been done at an agreed upon rehydrated catch weight as both fighters made the agreed 150lbs. weight and both coaches and athletes witnessed that weight.

    As for the suspension: Brent Harvie won by submission in a one minute fight in Agression 13 days ago and received a 14 day suspension? I requested thru the Edmonton comission and Dr. Carpman to have the suspension lifted 1 day early so Brent could fight at home in Red Deer. Nothing fishy happening here guys but thanks for chimming in your OPINION! This type of thing happens all the time, UFC requested to have my suspension lifted after the Mia fight a few days early so I could fight Jason Lambert in Atlanta.

    I have documentation the suspension has been lifted.

    I’m not coming to anyones defense here but I followed all the proper channels, as did the 2 commissions to have a fighter cleared to fight a day early.

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  21. Jason MacDonald says:

    Donald Duck,

    As a fighter I to agree same day weigh ins are bad and there is a ton of info to support that.

    There was never any intention of having 2 fighters stay dehydrated for another 24 hrs. and then fight a few hours later. I had them weigh in with both their coaches present to verify they both made the contracted weight, which gave them the oppurtunity to rehydrate while I worked out the details. That really never came in to play because I received notification that the suspension was lifted moments later.

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  22. Donald Duck says:

    Thanks Jay, seems to be just a poor choice of words.


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  23. Jason MacDonald says:

    Yeah, I think it was written with limited information as to what was really happening.

    I think message boards are great for fans, fighters and promoters but many times partial truths and limited information go into peoples opinions. People tend to take hard stands on things that they have limited or bias info on.

    Thanks topmmanews for taking the time to cover weigh ins. I’m really looking forward to the fights tonight especially the main event.


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  24. Donald Duck says:

    While I think there is always a danger in people taking a hard stance I like that TMN has a forum where people can voice there concerns. I can think of a few fights that were mysteriously removed from cards after an outcry occured on boards like TMN and I like to think this is a good thing.

    Until MMA is sanctioned and regulated by fighters and coaches we’ll always be at the whim of fly by night promoters, track coach commissioners and political climbers who no next to nothing of the sport let alone how their decisions can and do impact the future of the sport.


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  25. K. RASMUS says:

    I really like comment #24 ! Their has to be clear cut rules and regulations that are enforced the same for every promotion and every fighter .All comissions seem to be run like an olden days Roman senate .

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  26. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    The wording in the article is what made it sound like the weighins hadn’t happened for those 2, but glad to hear they weighed in with everybody else.

    I’m still not a fan of suspensions being reduced due to an upcoming fight. Not sure how athletic commissions overrule a doctors suspension. Why even have the doctors do them in the first place.

    But with that same line of thought, I found it odd when we were in Calgary last time and fought, the doctor basically just asked how the fighter was on his way out of the cage, and there was no suspension.

    Then we go to Quebec a few weeks later, and we didn’t even have to see a doctor.

    Consistency in this sport is severely lacking.

    I’m curious how this guy won his fight in a minute by submission a few weeks ago and was given a 14 day suspension while the guy who lost only had 7 days.

    I wouldn’t blame the promotion for this by any means.

    My problems would lie with the Edmonton Commission for changing a 14 day suspension to a 13 day suspension.

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  27. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Thnx jamie for the nice comment. Im really trying to put in work & improve. Thnx to Kamikaze Punishment,coaches & my training partners for that. As far the weighin weight,Brandon asked a couple days before weighins if the fight could be at 185 instead of 180 the original weight. I knew everyone would think it was probably me that asked for it. So we accepted the higher weight & I made 180(u get a lb)to prove a point. I made that weight easy & without straining or dehydrating myself,I could have cut at least 6-8 more lbs easily without trying to kill myself like some of these other guys. Im looking to focus on improving my skills and technique,& will most likely be going to 170lbs in 2013. we’ve done a dry cut after the Janes fight & I made 171 but was drained and tired,hence working it gradually bringing my walk around weight down. this was supposed to be 180,then we were gonna look for a fight at 175lbs. For at least the nxt 3 or 4 fights focus on skill & technique improvement fight at 180 or 185 then drop to 170lbs properly in spring 2013. thnx again

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  28. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Oh & just wanted to point out,since i decided to take mma & my career & training serious Im 3-1(2-0 with Kamikaze Punishment)(only loss to Ryan Janes a straight up beast)1ko of the night on Ringside,& now 3 straight fight of the nights. For those in attendance tonight could attest,I wasnt even breathing heavy at any point in this fight. I feel like my conditioning is truly going to another level.

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  29. Jamie Locke says:

    Looking forward to your next one LMA, maybe back in Vic with AFC?

    Anyone on your short list for opponents?

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  30. Brent harvie says:

    Does anyone know where I can find video footage of these fights?

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