Tim Chemelli on AFC 14 Victory over Mike Kent

Razak Al-Hassan and Tim Chemelli at AFC 14

Razak Al-Hassan and Tim Chemelli will face off for the AFC title in 2013. (photo by Rob Trudeau)

Top MMA News‘ Cody Rempel talks with Cold Lake, Alberta’s Tim Chemelli following his win over Mike Kent at Aggression Fighting Championship 14 on November 23, 2012.  In the interview, Chemelli discusses:

  • his big win over Kent,
  • his upcoming AFC title shot against Razak Al-Hassan and how it’s his third time stepping up,
  • how people consider him one dimensional and he challenges people to take him down, and
  • his training in Cold Lake and at Frank Lee’s in Edmonton.

7 Responses to “ Tim Chemelli on AFC 14 Victory over Mike Kent ”

  1. cody krahn says:

    why did razak feel the need to take his shirt off for that photo?

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  2. KP Crew says:

    Agree that was a bit different.

    Should be a great fight.

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  3. Aaron Robinson says:

    I am officially challenging any willing combatants to finally figure out how to pronounce Tim’s last name properly. Should be one hell of a battle.

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  4. Lenny wheeler says:

    They actually asked razak to take his tarp off for the picture

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  5. Cody Rempel says:

    That’s my bad… I know how it’s pronounced, don’t know why I screwed it up! haha

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  6. Bdc says:

    Nathan gunn video is what’s comes up. It’s Tim’s face at start but the headline and video is of gunn.

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  7. Thanks for the head’s up, BDC. Fixed it up. I know this one was correct and Gunn was just put up recently.

    Hope all the videos are going to get screwed up.

    Thanks for the feedback. If you see this again, let me know.

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