Top MMA News Catches Up with Sean Pierson


(photo: Eric Gaudreault)

Top MMA News’ Don Wilson caught up with Sean Pierson who talks about his win against¬†Lance Benoist at UFC 152. ¬†Wilson and Pierson also catch up on Pierson’s recent video game exploits!

7 Responses to “ Top MMA News Catches Up with Sean Pierson ”

  1. harry balls says:

    great guy. when he retires, he is a shoe-in to do some commentating.

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  2. Sean Pierson says:

    Tx Appreciate it, I was going to start with Thanks harry balls but didn’t think it look right?


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  3. Sean Pierson says:

    I can’t edit my shitty grammar??

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  4. I can’t believe what a game geek Pierson is. I have not kept pace with XBOX and all that stuff and its like he is talking another language.

    Joystick circumference? Console Creatures?

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  5. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Grammar is out window when a post mentions Harry balls.

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  6. steve hill says:

    sean always brings it ! win or lose….look forward to seeing him soon

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  7. Sack Attack says:

    Love the video game talk. MMA and vidoe games go hand in hand. I am now a Pierson fan.

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