Top MMA News Catches Up with Sean Pierson


(photo: Eric Gaudreault)

Top MMA News’ Don Wilson caught up with Sean Pierson who talks about his win against Lance Benoist at UFC 152.  Wilson and Pierson also catch up on Pierson’s recent video game exploits!

7 Responses to “ Top MMA News Catches Up with Sean Pierson ”

  1. harry balls says:

    great guy. when he retires, he is a shoe-in to do some commentating.

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  2. Sean Pierson says:

    Tx Appreciate it, I was going to start with Thanks harry balls but didn’t think it look right?


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  3. Sean Pierson says:

    I can’t edit my shitty grammar??

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  4. I can’t believe what a game geek Pierson is. I have not kept pace with XBOX and all that stuff and its like he is talking another language.

    Joystick circumference? Console Creatures?

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  5. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Grammar is out window when a post mentions Harry balls.

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  6. steve hill says:

    sean always brings it ! win or lose….look forward to seeing him soon

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  7. Sack Attack says:

    Love the video game talk. MMA and vidoe games go hand in hand. I am now a Pierson fan.

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