Saturday Night Fights Round 6 Results


On December 1, there was a night of amateur MMA and Muay Thai held in Regina. Here’s the results from Saturday Night Fights Round 6:

Amateur MMA Results
155lbs – Elijah Richards defeats Ben Oliviero by TKO(Ground and Pound) in Round 1, 1:13
135lbs – Wesley Bowman defeats Ben Fehr by Unanimous Decision
155lbs – Aron Anctil*** submits Mike Creddle by Triangle in Round 1, 2:16
195lbs – Jamie Michaels submits Jamie Lafonde by Armbar in Round 1, 2:54
155lbs – Seth Kanigan submits Mike Gough by Side Choke in Round 1, 4:50
155lbs – Blair Turnquist submits Cornelius Krahn by Armbar in Round 1, 2:19
145lbs – Evan Isbester submits Cory Chambers by Armbar in Round 1, 3:06
117lbs – Deepy Sidhu defeats Alex Delgado-Lopez by Majority Decision
170lbs – Thomas Richardson submits Justin Sander by Triangle Choke in Round 1, 4:50
145lbs – Sam King defeats Ian Odland by TKO (Knee to Body) in Round 1, 0:24

Amateur MT
155lbs – Kurt Spirwaza defeats Calvin Harle by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)
170lbs – Nate Simon defeats Brett Haacke by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)
120lbs – Tammy DeLaforest defeats Andrea Craig by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)

Note: Aaron Anctil missed weight by 5 lbs at the weigh ins and came back 2 hours later and was actually heavier. Creddle agreed to fight if Anctil was no more than 165 by noon the next day. Anctil missed weight again and was 168.5 at noon. Creddle took the fight anyway and lost.

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  1. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Since when have they allowed pros to fight as amateur?

    Elijah Richards fought pro in manitoba this year already.

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  2. Tattletale says:

    Ian Odland weighed in at 133 lbs for his fight with Sam King. How was that fight still allowed? Where was the sask commission on that?
    How in the hell is a pro fighting amateur? That’s fucked up.

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  3. Swanriverskimboslice says:

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  4. pitbullLOVER says:

    and jamie micheals has fought before and they announce him as making his debut…???….?????

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  5. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Elijah fought pro July 28th this year in The Pas.

    He’s currently licensed as a pro in Manitoba.

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  6. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Jamie Michaels had an unlicensed amateur bout about 5 years ago or so.

    I remember Rudyard Moncayo being announced for multiple fights as undefeated yet never won a fight.

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  7. Gatlin Church says:

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  8. sean quinn says:

    Popcorn is ready. Im sitting down. Lets see how this plays out.

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  9. Bobby Karimi says:

    The action has now officially moved to this thread! I have a feeling this one will be something special, lol

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  10. Marc worked the AFC show in Winnipeg for the Manitoba commission just like he did in the Pas.

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  11. Jordy Correia says:

    Those r big comments from a guy who tries to tell guys they are fighting amateur and put them against pro opponents in pro fights without telling them.

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  12. Gatlin Church says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  13. sean quinn says:

    Hey fuckers, take this shit over to the Havoc thread.

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  14. Marc is not with Top MMA News. He was one of the two founders though.

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  15. sean quinn says:

    Btw, Gatlin Church has been added to the Party of the Pussies.

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  16. Let’s put Marc’s contributions to MMA out there:

    Fighter – Fought a bunch of times from 2000 on and trained with Manitoba’s best.
    Manager – Managed a bunch of fighters including a few who post here.
    Promoter – Promoted CFC with Giuseppe DeNatale
    Matchmaker – One of the better matchmakers in the country
    Journalist – Helped populate the original Sherdog Fight Finder and founded Canada’s #1 MMA web site.
    Commissioner – Consulted with the Manitoba Commission.

    I think MAD would say his status is ‘Fan’ right now. I would say he is is taking a well-earned hiatus.

    Gatlin…please fill the people in on your accomplishments with MMA in this country and your current status.

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  17. sean quinn says:

    Seems to me that Gatlin is a shoe in for president of the party of pussies.

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  18. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    If you don’t understand how I am or was involved in MMA why are you questioning me with this wierd passive aggressive tone?

    The current law doesn’t have amateur MMA defined, so each province or body that chooses to do amateur have varying opinions on how it works.

    manitoba doesn’t sanction amateur due it not being defined in the criminal code so amateur pro doesn’t make a big difference.

    In a place that only sanctions pros, without an amateur option, lower level pros could definitely fight as an amateur in the new year when the federal code is revamped and all the wording is agreed to.

    My question was more in relation to whether the Saskatchewan commission allows pros to fight as an amateur or not.

    Where this guy trains has no relevance to anything. Kinda like your place in MMA. You aren’t relevant and never will be.

    How exactly do I kiss up to Wamma? I trained there for a few years about 5 years ago, have known Curtis for a long time and have all the respect in the world for him, what he does for the sport, and how he runs his club, but I’ve been more affiliates with the CFC gym for th past 4 years so not sure why anybody would think I kiss up to a club I’m not a part of baffles me. I think it’s more a testament to your level of knowledge of MMA in manitoba.

    I was a founder of Top MMA news, and left when I got a job with the fight network April of 2011. It’s a site that I will always be proud of , a part of, and a place I would contribute any way I can.

    What are you trying to imply? That I made that up?

    I claim you are an idiot and should do some homework before you talk such stupidity.

    When’s your next show?

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  19. Thompson Wrestler says:

    The guy is scum that tries to fool amateur fighters into fighting pro. Thats why his events are black listed by WAMMA.

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  20. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    I’m not sure Gatlin what you mean “stirring the pot” and “Being thrown under a bus?”

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  21. Orest Zmyndak says:

    Part of the problem may be with the recordkeepers. The one that the commissions use have Elijah Richards as Eli Richard fighting pro on July 28 in The Pas as a pro and then as an amateur in Lethbridge on Oct 6. Sherdog only has him as Elijah Richards with one amateur fight in Lethbridge. The Lethbridge Commission should have caught the pro fight when they did a suspension check.

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  22. CMC says:

    Is this event at the pas where all of the Pas fighters famously went like 0-5 in that was dubbed “Constant disapointment?”

    That was a pro event? :S

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  23. Idolmaker says:

    I coined that phrase. Damned I’m clever!!! MAD you needn’t have to explain yourself, those who know anything, know enough!!!

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  24. cbrown says:

    eli isnt a pro, he wouldnt go pro his first mma fight, he fought a good fight last night, and he executed the game plan perfectly, if all this is true then gatlin is too blame, for throwing someone in there with no prior martial arts experience with a pro, and not letting eli know what could happen if he took the fight, but none of which should take anything away from his performance last night, i believe they were two evenly matched fighters, eli just hurt him first and finished, good performance and hats off to eli for the impressive victory

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  25. Trich says:

    Another impressive night for WAMMA!!

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  26. I agree @Orest. The official record keepers at are brutal. I remember trying to look up Brad Duguay’s record one time. He was under Brad, Bradley, and Drad Duguay. I see they have at least combined Brad and Bradley now.

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  27. Louis Fisette says:

    In Gatlins defence, who says you cant plan a show in 24 hours… who says you cant matchmake the day of weigh ins… who says you cant trick guys into fighting for pennies and convince them they are amateurs and not pros… who says you cant matchmake the worst events in mma history… common guys who says? IS MAD STILL INVOLVED IN MMA??? WHO THE FUCK IS GATLIN CHURCH?

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  28. Donald Duck says:

    I know I say this a lot but:

    The Canadian MMA Advisory Board seriously needs to happen.


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  29. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    More importantly did nobody get the Rudyard Moncayo reference?

    Am I that old?

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  30. Donald Duck says:

    Old like a Walkman and equally relevant.

    We should have beers sooon.


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  31. lol says:


    In Manitoba there is no amateur MMA!

    Jamie Micheals fight 5 years ago was considered amateur until someone cried about the entire card because they didn’t have their greasy little fingers in it.

    Elijah Edwards should be considered an amateur.

    the first CFC cards matchmaker was MAD….all winnipeg fighters won! Hmmmmmm.

    MAD manages Robin Black and got him a title fight when he had a record of 1 win 3 losses….Robin’s opponent for the title fight was???? Oh yeah I remember it was against the same fighter that he had his only win against! Did Robin ever defend that title? NOPE

    Just saying is all…just saying

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  32. Rickybobby says:

    Well I agree. Gatlins fault. He is trying to be involved in sport
    That he knows basically nothing about. The guy I an idiot. I think that was a fucked with a kids career. And health. And a family member yet? Nice.

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  33. Rickybobby says:

    The pas card was a joke. Kids training in the basement, or in kfc parking lot and being on te card. And it’s not fair for anyone to criticize Eli. He is a good young fighter. Gatlin is clearly the Stevan Seagal of Manitoba.

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  34. Rickybobby says:

    Gatlins accomplishments…..
    Can eat a fuck load of KFC
    That is all

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  35. Dave Mah says:

    Here’s my two cents on this subject:

    KFC Gravy is delicious.

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  36. BJC says:

    Not sure what the big deal is here…Elijah fought his FIRST fight with the understanding he was fighting another newbie in MMA…I heard Gatlin say that his bout was amateur…Elijah just started training this past summer…he was told he was fighting an amateur fight, he was not paid a penny for this “pro”fight…and he competed in two more amateur fights since then…he is an amateur fighter and will continue to fight as such as he learns the sport and gets better…don`t make a big deal out of nothing.

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  37. BJC says:

    and both events took place on the Opaskwayak Cree Nation reserve at the G.L.M.C arena – not at the Town of The Pas…might as well get that correct too…

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  38. cbrown says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  39. Gongshow says:

    Gatlin your a clown. Marc is one of the most knowledgable people on mma in Manitoba.

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  40. LBoutin says:

    WAMMA went 3-1 by my count on the night. So that’s a pretty decent result.

    That’s a douchebag comment about Oliviero. Seemed like a nice kid, that went out there and tested himself. Took a lot of punishment and kept going for subs until the end where it was just too much. Richards ground and pound looked good.

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  41. Jamie Miachaels fought on an unsanctioned show 5 years ago. What are you talking about somebody not having their greasy little fingers in it?

    I agree, Elijah should be considered an amateur. But the fact is he’s currently licensed as a pro in Manitoba for 2012.

    Glad you have the history of the CFC down, only you must have missed the first show as Mark Holst defeated Dave Zuniga in the main event. I wasn’t the easiest matchmaker for our locals.

    Robin had a 1-2 record when we got the offer to fight for the title in Moncton. I had an american coming up to fight Robin on CFC 1 and we lost him with about 10 days before the event. I brought in Stephane Poirier from moncton for that bout. Robin won, and few months later they offered us a rematch they could prepare for.

    Wouldn’t that imply i’m a decent manager? :)

    Appreciate your concerns anonymous person.

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  42. BJC, you are correct, the OCN band is who was putting on the show, with Gatlin Church as the promoter. I say The Pas so it wouldn’t confuse as many people.

    That also makes a great chant btw during the fights. OCN! OCN!

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  43. Lee says:

    CBrown……not sure what you are hoping to accomplish with your comment about Wamma. It is not fair, accurate nor warranted. You have been made welcome to train at one of Curtis’ affiliate clubs and I won’t have you bash him nor any of his fighters. Curtis is a class act both personally and professionally and he does not tolerate these poor attitudes amongst his club…..and we will follow suit. Come see one of us if you wish to train any further. If you still feel this way about his fighters, I am sure he could line something up for you to prove otherwise. Eli had a win in a legitimate fight and I don’t think your comments do anything to support him in the sport. If you have any class, the next thing you should type in this forum is an apology.

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  44. Louis Fisette says:

    hmmm bash a guy for losing a fight while your assumably FAT ASS sits on the couch and eats chips… CLASSY! And 3-1 in a night is not bad when realistically in this sport you have a 50-50 shot in winning

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  45. cavemanbully says:

    Wow just lost bout a half hour of my life reading all this :( if i was a better reader prolly would of only wasted 10 minutes but thats besides the point. I shocked as to how this promoter managed to trick fighters who are pro’s to go back wards and turn Amateur ??? and could he help convince my bank they owe me money for my mortgage?

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  46. LBoutin says:

    The promotor of this show (AJ Scales) didn’t trick anyone. He put on a great amateur show. There’s a debate as to whether a couple of the fighters had fought pro previously, AJ certainly didn’t “trick” anyone into going from pro to amateur.

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  47. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Absolutely not. AJ runs a great show and he is one of the very few who have run legit events in the 306.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 6

  48. cavemanbully says:

    must clerify i read fisettes comment about Gatlin
    not this Aj promoter

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  49. Thompson Wrestler says:

    Wow Cbrown. Ben is a good kid and to have u insult him over a loss is pretty pitiful. Anybody that steps in there and puts himself on the line weather he comes out a winner or a loser deserves respect, especially somebody as classy as Ben. Don’t be hating on the kid because he is in the warrior class of society and not ur not.

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  50. AJ says:

    Hey guys,

    I want to make a few short comments in regards to the Elijah Richards bout.

    The Saskatchewan Martial Arts Association did a great job in regards to this particular situation.

    Minutes prior to the fight they were informed of the possibility that Elijah had fought pro. Coaches, promoter and SMAA were all pulled to the side to discuss the matter.

    The result was this;

    1. Elijah fought in Alberta October 7, 2012 on a Pro, AM card as a amateur.

    2. The Lethbridge commission could not find any record of Elijah fighting as a professional and licensed him to continue to fight as a amateur.

    3. There had been two MMA cards held in Manitoba near The PAS, Manitoba. Both were assumed to be Pro/AM cards.

    One for sure I know that the Manitoba Commission had brought in the SMAA to over see the amateur portion of the card.

    4. Now, its my under standing that Elijah and Coach were under the impression that Elijah is an amateur fighter and will be until he has enough experience to move to the next step. And had never been told he was fighting as a professional or received payment to fight.

    5. The SMAA did a great job on catching the fact that there was an issue and did a EXCELLENT job dealing with myself, the fighter and the coach.

    And here is a quick comment on the Sam King and Ian Oland bout. Both fighter weighed in with in a range of weight for the bout to happen.

    That’s it guys.

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