Top 5 Maple Leaf Match Ups In December


Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the loyal TMN readers. With a tremendous 2012 now behind us, we have finally reached the doldrums of the winter months. With five shows planned but only three shows going down, we’ve had to shrink down the Top 10 to a Top 5 this month. Both Five Star Fight League and Extreme Cage Combat have decided to either postpone or cancel their December dates, so that leaves many fighters out of luck for the holiday season.  We should all wish a little extra holiday cheer for these unlucky few fighters that are going without an expected payday during this joyous month.

As always, TMLMU excludes all fights under the Zuffa umbrella as they will receive their own love and discussion in separate pieces.

Now without further ado, let’s warm up the egg nog, curl up beside the fire and enjoy this month’s best Canadian tilts:

Zuffa Fights

Top 5 Maple Leaf Match Ups in December
Michael Imperato lands a Right

Michael Imperato lands a right against Andrew Cseh (photo: Mike Fischl)

5. Clay Davidson (6-3) vs. Caleb Grummet @TrueGit185 (5-4)
Pure Fighting Championships 10 – Red Deer – December 7
Two quality Middleweights who recently righted their ships will look to take a step up the 185 lb ladder with a win at PFC 10. Davidson, a product of Champion’s Creed MMA, recently returned from a year and half layoff to score a second round submission win over Tony King at Caged Rage 6 this past October. The win snapped a two fight losing skid for Davidson who dropped back to back bouts to Jesse Taylor and Robert Drysdale. Grummet, a member of Kaminari Dojo MMA Academy, also bounced back from a loss to Peter Nolan at Discipline MMA by submitting Jason Bissonette via early round 1 guillotine choke at the Wreck MMA event this past November. Both men posses similar skill sets weighing heavily on the submission game, Davidson currently sports a 100% finishing percentage with his six wins all coming by way of submission while Grummet has won four of his five wins by way of tap out as well. For Davidson, this is a chance at redemption as prior to his back to back losses he was becoming a hot commodity on the national scene.  A win over Grummet could easily rekindle that low burning fire.

4. Wolfgang Janssen (2-0) vs. Aaron Armstrong (4-2)
Havoc FC 1 – Calgary – December 14
Only one western Canadian Lightweight prospect will get to open the gift of victory this holiday season. Janssen, an Arashi-Do Martial Arts specialist, has impressed in his first two pro outings defeating both opponents in the first frame. Armstrong, who trains out of Independent MMA, has already notched two solid wins over Allan Munroe and Tim Tamaki with his only defeats coming at the hands of the ever improving  Derek Boyle. Both men share some small similarities, they have both quietly flown under the national radar at 155 lbs while also both training at gyms that seem to be having breakout years in 2012.  Come December 14th only one combatant and team will be celebrating a happy holiday.

Nathan Gunn vs Nabil Khatib

Nathan Gunn and Nabil Khatib go at it (photo: Mike Fischl)

3. Ryan Brigham (5-4) vs. Michael Imperato @MichaelImperato (4-1)
Pure Fighting Championships 10 – Red Deer – December 7
The hot Bantamweight prospect Imperato faces his toughest test to date when he meets five year pro veteran Brigham. Imperato, a Tap Star protegé, will make his first appearance in 2012 after a successful 3-1 run in 2011. Brigham, a CMC trained fighter, looks to continue his winning ways as he is currently riding a two fight win streak which oddly enough spans two years in length. This match up actually carries more weight than meets the eye, with the Imperato hype train rolling strong, he’ll be heavily favored coming into this bout. However,  with Imperato’s quick loss to Mike Malott not forgotten, the cagey Brigham has all the tools to ruin Imperato’s night and considering Brigham has finished his last two opponents before the clock hit 90 seconds, this tilt just got a whole lot more interesting. Can Imperato live up to the hype? Or will Brigham prove to be the next big thing out of CMC?

2. Nathan Gunn @NathanGunnTbay (9-3) vs. George Belanger (5-4)
Havoc FC 1 – Calgary – December 14
Two veteran scrappers will celebrate this glorious holiday by delivering some season’s beatings for us all to see. Gunn, a member of Leading Edge Gym, will look to erase the memory of his May Bellator loss to Dom O’Grady by returning to his winning ways of the past that earned him wins over Lindsey Hawkes and Nabil Khatib. Belanger, a product of Arashi-Do Martial Arts, returns from a year and half layoff and will look to build upon his most recent win over Josh Powell by ruining “Gunner’s” Christmas with a TKO. Considering both men love to exchange in the pocket and the fact that both are tougher than a coffin nail, this fight has fisticuff fireworks written all over it. All I want for Christmas is tremendous KO and Santa Clause has marked this fight with an express delivery.

Jarod Milko vs Tyson Steele

Jarod Milko fights Tyson Steele (photo: Jim Beattie)

 1. Chase Maxwell (8-2) vs. Jarod Milko @JarodMilko (5-2)
Unified MMA 14 – Edmonton – December 21
Two top 20 Canadian Welterweights will duke it out to see who can cement themselves as the one to watch come 2013. Maxwell, a member of the Hayabusa Training Centre, returns from a twelve month sabbatical to reestablish himself as one of the best at 170 lbs in the country. With his only two losses coming at the hands of Advin Omic and Travis Briere, Maxwell looks to rekindle his now dull flame. Milko, a product of PFA and WAMMA, will look to rebound after a tough loss to Tyson Steele where he gave the “Man of Steele” everything he could handle en route to a unanimous decision loss. This is a much closer match than stats show. Sure, Maxwell has the more impressive resume in terms of name recognition but with Chase’s long layoff and the fact that both men possess close to the same skill set, an impressive soil game is sure to take place.  With both men looking to reassert themselves on the national stage a lot is line for both men. Will “The Milkman” deliver in time for Christmas? Or will Maxwell maximize on his return? Only the lucky fans that pack the Mirage Banquet Hall can wassail this Welterweight war.

15 Responses to “ Top 5 Maple Leaf Match Ups In December ”

  1. EPerez says:

    Milko is from Dopplar River too.

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  2. Cody R says:

    Tim shady should get atleast recognition, title defense?

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  3. I'll Say It says:

    Who is Shady fighting?

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Shady is fighting Matt Spisak

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  5. mark says:

    just read the name Jarod and it got me thinking. where in the hell did Jared Kilkenny disappear to?? Haven’t heard from this guy in a long time, but he used to be one of the up and comers out of Lee Meins . Did he retire or just take some time off?

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  6. Brad Wall says:

    Mark, that would be a great idea, where are they now? So many of those up and comers who aren’t in the scene right now? I thought I heard J-rod was boxing?

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  7. Donald Duck says:

    Last I saw him was at a charity event in Calgary. A friend’s company bought a table and the ‘entertainment’ was a boxing card. Saw J-Rod do his best impression of a boxer for a few rounds. Sad to say it looked like he’d been hanging out at McDonalds more than the gym that night.


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  8. Cam Yallits says:

    J-rod is fighting Nick Dragich on the next KO boxing card in Edmonton.

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  9. Graham Weenk says:

    Milko caption… “Nathan Steele” lol thats Tyson Steele, ha ha ha, too much Nathan Gunn on the mind i think! we’ve all been guilty of that at one time or another! lol

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  10. Damn…that is the 2nd time I have called Tyson, Nathan. I do the same thing with Antonio Carvalho and call him Carlos once in a while because I used to work with a Carlos. Sorry about that! I updated it.

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  11. Gunner says:

    Tyson is far to good looking to be confused with me, and keith your making me blush if your always thinking of me i thought only Doerkson, Black and MAD looked at me with those eyes

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  12. mark says:

    brad are you baked or something? what idea??

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  13. Brad Wall says:

    Lol, baked just think that there are always lots of names, but what ever happens to them? Derek Medler what happened to the guy? So many others.

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  14. Hungry Hungry Hippo says:

    Davis vs Maruz could of made this list if know either guy know it would be fire works !

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  15. Sack Attack says:

    Weak month. Merry Christmas!

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