SFL Fight Video: Canada’s Charmaine Tweet vs Puja Kadian


Check out the Puja Kadian vs Charmaine Tweet fight video from Super Fight League 10.

8 Responses to “ SFL Fight Video: Canada’s Charmaine Tweet vs Puja Kadian ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Tweet doesn’t look like she’s really pleased. Strange reaction to winning, kinda ho-hum

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  2. Donald Duck says:

    Long way to travel to crush a can.


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  3. Brad Wall says:

    Tweet vs Germaine de Randamie would be a great match up.

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  4. Obvious fake name says:

    Tweet sucks. That opponent was a joke. Those promoters are putting on some of the shittiest fights I’ve seen in “professional” mma.

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  5. JasonMMA says:

    No offense,but Germaine deRandamie would crush Tweet faster than what Tweet did to that tiny indian girl. Why go to India?? was the USA and Canada out of tomato cans?

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  6. Why not get the free trip to India to fight?

    That is a great bonus to being a fighter if you can get to travel to another country!

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  7. Louden Swain says:

    I agree with Keith, Who wouldn’t want to visit a foreign country?Definitely a perk for a job that doesn’t pay very well. Looking back, one of my favourite parts of my amateur athletic career was travelling with my training partners and friends, and making new ones.

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  8. Just Laughable says:

    WOW did anyoen just watch the live SFL 11 heavyweight fight that Mr Beauchamp was reffing ??????? First those 2 were HORRIBLE wow go watch the replay where you can, then watch Brian and his great reffing letting the guy just stand there punching a helpless chump in the back of the head then he taps then he lets him get punched again lol

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