ECC 15 Pushed Back to February


For people who were looking forward to seeing some live MMA this holiday season in Halifax will be in for a tough break. Extreme Cage Combat 15: Carnage, which was scheduled to take place December 8th at Olympic Hall, has been pushed back to February. Top MMA News received a message from promoter Peter Martell stating the following

“I have been forced to reschedule ECC: Carnage to February. We had 14 fighters pulled due to injuries, concussions, medicals etc. My apologies to the athletes and supporters. I am looking forward to February.”

The event had seven scheduled fights on the card including a main event that featured up and comer Gavin Tucker against Bellator veteran Jesse Gross for the promotion’s vacant featherweight title along with Ricky Goodall facing Iraj Hadin. No word on a specific date at this time or if any of the fights will be moved over to the next event

***Update-The event’s Facebook page said that the event will now take place on February 16th

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  1. Cameron McQueen says:

    Bush league…Jesse wins a big fight and then the streak of bad luck continues right after. Need to get Jesse a fight since he is so exciting to watch. What’s Brad Cardinal doing? I would pay to see that. Any word on what is next for SFS after last Friday?

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  2. The event will now take place February 16th

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  3. Snyper says:

    Cameron. Bush league? 14 cards to date. Pioneers of MMA on the East Coast. Have you any idea what goes into putting on a show? The card will happen in a short time. Have some respect for guys that go through the stress of putting on shows.

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  4. Cameron McQueen says:

    ECC was a much better product when Rob Walker was in charge. You have at most 7 fights booked and expect the fans to pay a high price for your product. Pioneer or not if you product is lacking then you will not sell tickets. Why should a fight fan shell out their money for seven announced fights? You should always book extra fights and expect some of them to fall through. I feel for Jesse who has been training and dieting very hard for this fight. You can call me at 519 200 4080 to discuss. I dealt with Rob in the early days of ECC when Mark Pavelich, him and I had a good working relationship.

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  5. Snyper says:

    This has nothing to do with Mr.Walker (who did a good job) I am just an observer who also supports. As previously stated call my number.

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  6. Snyper says:

    Your number comes up with no name but from London Ontario. Please provide your name so I can call you and hear you out.


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  7. @clinchcraig says:

    This is not the norm for ECC, I think this might be the second time in what 6-7 years they have had to pull a card. Sucks that it happened but hopefully they can fill a card foe Feb.

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  8. anthony says:

    Way to wait until 2 weeks out to inform the guys who have been working their butts off to fight on the card. Very unprofessional and shows lack of respect for the athletes.

    ECC is a decent organization no doubt, but this isn’t a good sign of things to com. If I were these fighters I’d look to fight on a different card. That’s it

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  9. Cameron McQueen says:

    My name is at the top of all my posts?

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  10. JohnnyG says:


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  11. Mma guy says:

    Who is Johnny g? U from Hali?

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  12. JohnnyG says:

    Yes sir! born and raised in Halifax! Moved to Edmonton in 2006 and have done 5 pro MMA fights with a record of 3-2. I have been wanting to fight in Halifax for years!

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  13. mike kent says:

    I will be competing on this card ! Very happy to be coming back to my hometown . ( at Middleweight )

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  14. I'll Say It says:

    What type of opponent you looking for Mike? Another cN or do you want a solid opponent?

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  15. JohnnyG says:

    hahaha Mike does anyone on the internet like you?

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  16. mike kent says:

    Yeah my woman just added me on FB lol .

    Johnny call peter Martell 902-830-9111 tell him you’ll sell tickets and want to fight and he will try to match you up forsure man . He likes ticket sales

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  17. I'll Say It says:

    I do like to see Kent fight but hope he doesn’t go back to the can crusher again,

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  18. Main Attraction says:

    I love the way Snyper handles business. Its too bad the card couldn’t take place in Dec, but shit happens. I can’t wait for this card to go down. I will be fight, I just need an opponent who won’t back out last minute again. I’m so glad my boy Mike Kent will be fighting on the card. You know it will be a packed house between him and Goodall (I’m assuming Ricky will be on the card). From the sounds of it, it will be a stacked card: Kent, Tucker, Goodall, Pat Carroll, Me (Mike Malott), Etc. Don’t miss it!

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  19. Idolmaker says:

    Main attraction, whats your opinion of mike Kent’s tattoo? Does it look like one of the plants from the little shop of horrors to you as well???

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  20. Idolmaker says:

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  21. Snyper says:

    Lol no you’re being mean

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  22. Idolmaker says:

    Haha I’m just messing.

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  23. mark says:

    every post i look under, Mike Kent is posting. Is the internet your only life outside of fighting? lol jokes

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