Canadian Rumour Mill – November 26


MFC 34 Ring GirlBlack Friday shopping madness! I bought a new TV, what kind of deals did you guys buy?
Aggression FC’s “Make me a Fighter” TV auditions were last Saturday, I wonder if any hotties got picked for the show?

  • Most people thought Tim Hague’s retirement would be short lived, well it looks like they were correct as Tim Hague could be returning to MMA. “The Trashing Machine” is in a pretty humorous twitter battle with James “The Colossus” Thompson and the two of them seem to be headed towards a Heavyweight clash in the MFC.
  • If Tim Hague and James Thompson do have a showdown, it will surely be in Tim Hague’s upcoming autobiography. Hague is currently writing the book and it should be an interesting read.
  • In a lot of sports, you get quite a few offspring of professionals making the big leagues. Brett Hull, Dale Earnhardt Jr, and Peyton Manning are just a few. Could British Columbia’s Lance Gibson Jr. become a 2nd generation UFCer? His father, of course, is Lance Gibson and went 1-1 in the UFC and Junior won his first amateur MMA fight this fall. Gibson Sr.’s fiance is Julia Budd. With the UFC introducing females to the roster in 2013, maybe we will see three Gibsons with UFC experience before all is said and done.
  • Rising MW prospect Micah Brakefield is scheduled to be on the Feb 16 BFL card in Penticton. Despite calling out the Riot Maker, do not expect him to tangle with Matt Baker on this card.
  • Sad news this week with the retirement of Nick “The Ninja of Love” Denis. I’m sure he’ll keep it sexy and succeed in his future endeavours. Thanks for the good memories Nick! And I do have to say, remember you heard about Denis considering his unfortunate retirement on the Canadian Rumour Mill first!
  • Charmaine Tweet defeated Puja Kadian by Guillotine Choke) in less than a minute at Super Fight League in India.
  • Philip Deschambeault will have his hand’s full at SLAMM1 as he is facing BJJ black belt Ryan Hall this week.
  • Former top 10 Featherweight Brad Duguay has been talking about a return to the cage in early 2013.
  • Is “The Finisher” finished? After initially not making weight and then being forced out of his AFC 14 bout due to medical reason just minutes prior to him hitting the cage, the Edmonton Commission has decided to place Victor Valimaki on indefinite suspension.  Now “indefinite” could mean a week, a month, or forever, but I’d like to see Valimaki stop battling with weight cuts and just stay at Heavyweight.
  • Speaking of Valimaki, his forced withdrawal from his fight with Razak Al-Hassan automatically pushed Al-Hassan into the Aggression FC Light Heavyweight title fight vs Tim Chemelli on March 23rd in Edmonton. Chemelli earned his spot by knocking out previously undefeated Mike Kent.
  • AND another amateur MMA fight in Edmonton on a show run under the guidance and supervision of the ECSC, so is amateur MMA sanctioned in Edmonton? I’m confused, Pat Reid, do you care to enlighten us?
  • Prestige FC will hold their next event in May and just may have a one night only special attraction for MMA fans. Rumour has it the much beloved “D-Bomb” Dwayne Lewis will return to the cage for one fight in front of his hometown fans. Aron Lofton or Ray Penny?
  • The Chairman of the Ring, Keith Crawford was released from his Score Fighting Series position. Crawford will work the first Havoc show on December 14.
  • Are the Fryia brothers becoming the Canadian MMA version of the NHL’s Sutter brothers? We know about Brent and Mitch, but now there’s Josh. Josh Fryia will make his MMA debut when he competes at “SSFL: December to Remember” in Mount Pleasant Michigan on December 8th. Josh has moved into MMA after a successful high school wrestling career. The oldest Fryia MMA brother, SCMMA head coach and owner Brent Fryia will also step back into MMA arena on January 25, when he travels to Calgary, Alberta to compete at Hard Knocks 30.
  • Four MMA fighters will appear on KO Boxing: Sudden Impact in Edmonton on December 7. Nick Dragich will be taking on Jared Kilkenny, Layne McTaggert will make his pro boxing debut against Steve MacGillivray, and Matt Jelly will be making his pro boxing debut versus Max Gagne.
  • Yan Pellerin will return to combat sports as he makes his boxing debut against Jean Bernard Gagnon on Ali Nestor’s boxing card on December 8th.
  • Caleb Grummet will take on Clay Davidson in the main event of Pure in Red Deer on December 7th.
  • Anyone try out for that Bellator reality show?  I have not heard from any Canadian fighter that may have tried out.  Let me know!

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244 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – November 26 ”

  1. mike kent says:

    messing with his livelihood ? wtf . he owns hayabusa and fights on local circuits a few times a year , thats reaching abit to say that i hurt his wallet. And he cant be poor or he wouldnt have taken a 5000 dollar pay cut to fight me inthe first place .

    There im done ..

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  2. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Mike you said a half hour ago that you don’t have an opponent.

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  3. mike kent says:

    yeah dont have anyone signed but have someone pretty close to being finalized that im pretty sure will make alot of people happy .

    When i signed to fight in halifax for the MW belt i never had an opponent just a few proposed opponents. just like luke doesnt have an official opponent but was still signed to fight for MFC in feb so u should be familiar with that Kyle .

    To some all this up in a Nutshell i tried to fight luke and got shot down , then you got pav to change his mind and by that time i had moved on . not really any need to go any further ,maybe if Mark didnt make a habbit of taking a massive dump on everyone thats not on his next card and talked reasonably with me we wouldnt be in this situation .

    It was you myself that told me not to ever get involved with mark , ill show you the emails if youd like

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  4. Kyle Stoltz says:

    So you have a tentative opponent same way Luke did so you could back out and after calling a guy out the only reason your not taking the fight is cause the promoter talked down to you? What ever happened to a guys word? I mean you contacted Luke himself for the fight then back out.

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  5. mike kent says:

    This is my last response becuase this is getting rediculous man. My exact messgae word for word to Luke ( before i talked to Mark ) was: Hey bro you have an opponent for Feb 16th Yet ?

    thats all i said ! what word did i give i asked mark for fight and asked luke if he had one lined up ? jesus.

    My choice after talking to mark and not thinking the was another choice was to fight for my old team at ECC at home in halifax for garunteed double what mark would have offered ( i still have no idea ) Thats the only word i gave was to peter martell and im going to keep that one . i signed the papers and its done. Marks ringing your guys dinner bell so run along puppet

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  6. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Good to know you kept you word with someone. You seem to be tucking to me.

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  7. Oilcity30 says:

    Poor career choice mr kent!! Unless your scared I get that. Mark p is a douche everyone knows that come man enough with excuses. You never did mark any favors why should he be nice to you. You buy yourself outta your contract then u call back asking for a main card fight coming off a lose your lucky he didn’t just hang up on you. Your makin yourself look foolish. You asked for the fight now u can have it biggest fight of your life and your gonna say No

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  8. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Also lets go over his flip flopping about this so called Feb. 16th fight in Halifax. His last post he said its signed. Then before that he told us it was a tentative opponent. Then his exact words at 11:36. “Come to Halifax in my home town Feb. 16th and fight me for the ECC belt, we still don’t have an opponent. I’ll call Peter martell right now and give him your contact info.”

    So in 3 hours it went from no opponent, to a tentative opponent to a signed opponent. In another couple hours I’m sure the story will change again. I have learned if you talk to Mike long enough you catch him in lies or contradicting himself.

    I could care less if someone doesn’t want to fight someone fine that’s cool. But for a year Mike has said all over town including on the win threads of Luke’s cards that he wanted to fight him. Now it’s right in front of him and one excuse after the other. I never bust guys out like this but this is the 5th time he’s done it to Luke and I have had it.

    This my folks is publically showing Mike Kent and why so many fighters can’t stand him he does this stuff time and time again.

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  9. mike kent says:


    I never said i had an opponent i said that i had some names we were kicking around and waiting for answers but my agreement was in and i am contractually obligated to compete on the card.

    And we do have 2-3 opponents right now interested and talking to them but im sure if Luke wanted to make the trip to halifax and fight me for the belt he wouldnt have much trouble jumping to the front of the line. i am not ducking anyone . get luke to sign to fight me and ill refuse to fight anyone else on the ECC card except him , Oh wait luke contractually obligated to fight for MFC right ? see how that works ? if hes not make some calls and lets fucking fight.
    Theres only two groups of fighetrs on this planet that i care if they like me or not Kyle and thats Titans MMA and Bowmans MMA and i have great relationships with both my teams. I couldnt give a damn less what every other fighter thinks, i hope they despise me and hate me and want to fight me . There nothing to me. but its weird everyone seems really nice when we meet and friendly so its all good. Even fighters from lukes gym so thats odd.

    So think about what you just said to me about agreements and how i wasnt signed and have tenative agreements ,. pretty simialar to luke right ? so get on the phone with dean and peter martell and tell them to make the fight happen in halifax and ill sign today. Otherwise STFU and go away

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  10. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Luke is not obligated to fight for only MFC he can fight anywhere he wants. Problem with you is this would be time 7 you some how would mysteriously back out of a fight with Luke.

    Yeah we’re the ones that need to sign or STFU, not the guy who has now backed out 6 times to fight someone.

    Actually this is the second time you claimed come to Halifax to fight you then we agreed last time you signed with MFC after we agreed then took zero fights and begged to get out of your contract there once we signed there. Right around the same time you said if I could get Luke to fight for Aggression vs. you would be great then backed out of that too. See a pattern here.

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  11. Joe Doerksen says:

    Reading this page of comments makes me wish I had never heard of this fucking sport. It’s fucking embarrassing.

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  12. MKB says:

    Who is Joe Doerksen? Does he even trane?

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  13. mike kent says:

    This is why as much as I loved coming on here and posting and joining conversations and giving my input I feel like I shouldn’t even post anymore . Its gone from discussions to non stop fighting , bitching and filling up every thread with never ending arguements that no one wins. When you have someone like Joe doerkson and other respected fighters and people in the mma community posting displeasure like that its a wake up call that this is getting out of hand. im disapointed i have been a key person in bringing down the level of intelligence on here . Obviosuly something went wrong somewhere when days are spent arguing and having convos that should be private on a open forum. I’m finished making myslef look foolish And getting back to fighting whoever I chose whether the critics like it or not . I’m done

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  14. sean quinn says:

    I’ve won every argument so far.

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  15. Joe Doerksen says:

    Quinn, you really don’t have to explain or apologize for anything. You are exempt from all of life’s rules, save one. Don’t touch my junk. Any more. I’m in a relationshit now. Need you to respect those boundaries.

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  16. wuzjustsayin says:

    Kent must be ill:(

    Here’s something for your fever!

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  17. harry balls says:

    End the ‘nobody wins’ arguments with a fucking face pounding.

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  18. booboo says:


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  19. Tim Hague says:

    Well said Donald

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  20. Donald Duck says:

    Thanks Tim.

    I remember seeing you at a show in Calgary.
    It was bloody and awesome.


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  21. Jamie Locke says:

    I found this thread entertaining…

    I think Kent should fight Luke for the ECC title. ECC will definitly have to do an IPPV for it though so we can all watch this drama end.

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  22. smash says:

    Check out this thread on Adrian the Bully Wooley’s recent wrestling matches that took place at 132 pds. Can’t wait for his 125 pd debut!!!

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  23. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Jamie we would be open to that but last time we said we would do that Mike so oddly signed an exclusive with another promotion, right as the fight was really getting close to be finalized. Stuff like that has happened 6 times now with Mike in a year with Luke, I will let you guys draw you own conclusions on that.

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  24. I'll Say It says:

    @Kyle just curious Mime says Luke has an opponent already for Feb. If this is true would you not be doing the exact same thing that that you are comPlaining about?

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  25. I'll Say It says:

    That was was supposed to say Mike

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  26. Kyle Stoltz says:

    No, not really. We have been trying to get the fight with Mike for a year and our opponent for February had a back up opponent in place that he already agreed with. So our opponent understood and was fine with it. See how that works if I do that I make sure the guy we did that too is still taken care of. Mike to me does this stuff and could care less how it affects everyone else. A huge reason Luke didn’t fight in early 2012, is cause Mike did this to us 3 times in like 3 months leaving us with nothing so had to be pulled from cards. Also Luke didn’t message the opponent and the promoter asking for the fight then back out. I’m not a fighter but if I emailed a guy and told everyone that would listen that I want to fight said person no chance would I back out. To me as a man I would go through with it.

    Trust me if our original opponent had this done to him 6 times by us and 3 of those times resulting in it pulling him from the card entirely he would not be so understanding. If this was the first time it happened I would be like so be it, but its happened time and time again. It’s all but a running joke with us, if his name comes up we know some how some way he won’t take the fight that he requested.

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  27. Donald Duck says:

    Like sand through an hour glass so to are the days of the f’d up MMA world!

    Alright people I’m going to flex some Dr. Donnie Phil here:

    1. Kent – Stop posting and get back in the gym.

    2. Kyle – Stop posting and get back to doing what ever the hell it is you do as a manager.

    Listening to you guys talk is like hearing my buddy who totally hooked up with a European super model that one time I wasn’t there and she lives far away and doesn’t have a phone….

    Seriously people, this sport is about fighting not online drama.


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  28. Cody Rempel says:

    It’s getting to the point where we’re going to have to hold a tag team ladder match or something… Harris and Hope vs. Kent and a mystery partner! Hayabusa vs. Bowman’s! lol

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  29. Tim Hague says:

    “Seriously people, this sport is about fighting not online drama.”

    Again, well said Donald.

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  30. AMLEHTC says:

    I think you’re only doing one Tim and it’s not the fighting part

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  31. I'll Say It says:

    Tim are you fighting again? 1 more fight Tim drop the pen and pick up the gloves and settle the beef with James Thompson

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  32. Bdc says:

    Mike the drama queen kent

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  33. t.r.o.n says:

    The problem with Kent is that he actually believes he’ sin the same company as such great MMA pioneers such as Doerkson, Hague, Harris….

    In reality he’s in company with guys like Chiappe, Krahn, Gorny, Kalmakoff!

    LOL sorry but i felt i had to add in the classic Kalmakoff joke to get some laughs

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  34. Just Laughable says:

    Tron your whacked for putting harris with Joe and Tim, harris has fought no one and is still a low level 185’er in MMA yea he is a jitz wizard but a metiocre MMA fighter who has a long long way to go before he gets to the level where Tim & Joe have been. If he EVER does as i dont see him ever over coming that fear of being punched you cannot teach that to go away

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  35. Tim Hague says:

    I might fight again some day. No interest right now. Just having a blast writing my book.

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  36. t.r.o.n says:

    Ya you may be right JL, I haven’t always been a fan of Harris but for some reason he’s grown on me. Maybe its the mutual dislike of Kent and his antics. Hague right on man I’ve always been a huge fan of yours. We’ve met a handful of times and you have always been a gentleman and gone out of your way for fans. Cheers and i wish you all the best for success for your book. I for one will definitely interested in the read. Having never met Joe i hear he’s awesome and always has some, lets say “interesting” stories :)

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  37. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:


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  38. Dean Panas says:

    J-Rod’s knockout was Crazy!! Dragich was out cold. Nick had knocked J-Rod down three times in the first two rounds. Kilkenney knocked Dragich down once earlier in the third before the DEVISTATING knockout.
    Not the most technical fight but VERY entertaining and both guys are very tough! I am happy to hear Nick was doing fine from what I was told.
    Hague came in the ring after the fight , congratulated J-Rod and challenged him to a boxing match.

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  39. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Thanks for the info Dean!

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  40. Dean Panas says:

    You’re welcome Bobby. On a side note, from what I remember, J-Rod weighed in at 272lbs and Dragich was 284lbs.

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  41. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    That’s a lot of weight lol. I remember a 2-3 yrs ago Jrod was 205ish

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  42. Dean Panas says:

    I was impressed at how well he carried the weight. I had a good chat with him after the fight. He said he arm was no issue and he’s open to getting back in the ring or the cage.
    It was great to see him back in action!

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  43. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Good he always put on exciting fights

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  44. the dude says:

    i really like luke, hayabusa gym and hayabusa gears. and i suppose i respect his manager also but he sure makes luke look bad talking so damn much about this and that.

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