Aggression Fighting Championship 14 Photo Gallery


Rob Trudeau was in Edmonton, Alberta for Aggression Fighting Championship 14.  Here are his great pics from the event:

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AFC 14 - Shane Campbell vs Stephen Beaumont

Shane Campbell submits Stephen Beaumont by Guillotine Choke Campbell wins Lightweight title

AFC 14 - Tim Chemelli vs Mike Kent

Tim Chemelli defeats Mike Kent by KO (Punch)

AFC 14 - Lenny Wheeler vs Adam Lorenz

Lenny Wheeler submits Adam Lorenz by Guillotine Choke

AFC 14 - KB Bhullar vs Jason Gorny

KB Bhullar defeats Jason Gorny by KO (Knee)

AFC 14 - Joe Keesick vs Mike Newton

Joe Keesick defeats Mike Newton by TKO

AFC 14 - Brent Harvie vs Cole Campbell

Brent Harvie submits Cole Campbell by Rear Naked Choke

AFC 14 - Travis Cardinal vs Ivan MacKenzie

Travis Cardinal submits Ivan MacKenzie by Rear Naked Choke

AFC 14 - Ring Girls

Aggression Fighting Championship Ring Girls

AFC 14 - Misc

Various AFC people

AFC 14 Weigh-In Photos

AFC 14 Weigh-In Photos on November 22, 2012 in Edmonton, Alberta

*** All photos by Rob Trudeau | Rob T Sports Photography


15 Responses to “ Aggression Fighting Championship 14 Photo Gallery ”

  1. Snyper says:

    Great shots Rob T

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 1

  2. MacGrubes says:


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  3. john cena says:

    First off nice under armor compression shorts, and I didnt know John travolta started coaching mma?? Im sure frenchie and him had a great shower after the fight, cause we all know JOHNNY T is gay!

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  4. krispy kreme says:

    GREASE LIGHTININ!!!!!!!!! Whose Lennys main man on the right I swear thats John travolta!!!!

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  5. curtis jackson says:

    he is this the same guy from an ammature fight?????

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    You shoulda seen him at weigh ins! lol

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  7. JA ruuuuulllleeeee says:

    heres a shot from the crowd great shot!!

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  8. funk masterflex says:

    fuck that is a john travolta looking mau fucka gravy colered hair bitch. how much dipity do up in there!

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  9. goerges st pierre says:

    ehhh i was not impressed by your performance!!

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  10. rick ross says:


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  11. nonamejoe says:

    thats his dad

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  12. nonamejoe says:

    its actually a “local celebrity” in the Edm fight scene lol

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  13. Lenny wheeler says:

    Hahaha that is super funny, I was definitely in need for a hair cut or shave but was way to busy. Lol and that stuff about john travolta is some funny stuff

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

  14. Dutch Professor says:

    That’s a good quick finish Lenny. Way to Steal the Show kid. Now comes the titles.

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