Buckland Out, Ford Left Without an Opponent for Aggression FC 14


All Ryan Ford wants to do is fight in front of his home town fans one last time before he makes the jump full time to Bellator. Unfortunately, that is looking less and less likely to happen. Top MMA News has confirmed with Andrew Buckland that he was forced to withdraw due to a shoulder injury that he suffered in a grappling tournament over the weekend. Buckland stated that when he accepted the fight his shoulder was sore but during training today it began to feel worse and worse.

Buckland stepped in to take the fight after Ford’s original opponent, Tyler “TNT” Jackson was forced to pull out after suffering an elbow injury in training. Aggression officials worked tirelessly to find a replacement with less than a week to go prior to the event and managed to pull a rabbit out of their hat with Buckland. Will they be able to find another late notice opponent? Not only does Aggression have the difficulty of finding someone to take on the 5th ranked Welterweight in Canada on only a few days notice, they also have to have the opponent approved by Bellator.

Keep it locked on Top MMA News and we will continue to update you should any further developments arise.

41 Responses to “ Buckland Out, Ford Left Without an Opponent for Aggression FC 14 ”

  1. Oilcity30 says:

    Ouch!! He never should have excepted fight if he had a sore shoulder could have gave afc a few more days to find opponent. Weigh ins today I would say its a miracle if they found a replacement on 1 day notice. Shitty deal for ford and afc and especially the fans.

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  2. Darren Owen says:

    We won’t stop searching until it’s too late. Couldn’t believe it when I got the txt from Buckland (we were not informed about any pre-existing shoulder injury). 3 opponents drop out since Sunday. Booked 6 flights in total that cannot be refunded. It’s a frusterating situation. It’s going to be very difficult now, no time to get new bloodwork done, Bellator must approve the fight and who the hell has big enough balls to fight Ford on a days notice.

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  3. Oilcity30 says:

    Think Buckland just realized he might not see another Xmas if steps in the ring with Ford. Had mad respect for you when took fight but just lost it all. 1 day before fight and you dropout . What’s your deal man why would u accept fight as a fan I’m fuckin pissed!!

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  4. Darren Owen says:

    Oilcity: Buckland was starting to cut weight by hitting mitts in a sauna suit and his shoulder just went on him. I truly believe he felt good to go when accepting the fight. Then just suffered an injury cutting weight. We are all disappointed.

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  5. Joe Doerksen says:

    Unfortunate situation for Ford, Buckland, and AFC. However, there’s still a lot of good fights happening tomorrow night. Gonna be a great show. Let’s all try to enjoy the fights still happening.


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  6. Donald Duck says:

    Wait if Joseph is in town why not do Joseph versus Ryan?


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  7. Oilcity30 says:

    Ya I’m sure he did just really disappointed that’s all! Life of a fighter can’t be an easy one. For them or the promoters. Like joe said still a great night of fights I will still be stoked for kent vs chemelli !!! So is it official no Ryan Ford ?

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  8. Oilcity30 says:

    Ryan vs The Duck lol come on Donnie save the fight haha

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  9. Joe Doerksen says:

    Joseph is fat and lazy, 212 pounds, and doesn’t feel like fighting til 2013.

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  10. Donald Duck says:

    Donnie is fat and lazy as well however in shape he’d be happy to lace them up against Ryan. I’d probably get my head kicked in but that’s never stoped me from doing something stupid.

    Besides if one of the top quality Edmonton Refs was in the ring I’d probably only take 15 or 20 extra shots after I went out…


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  11. joe says:

    how about mark holst? he’s been doing good at 170. maybe brandt dewsberry?

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  12. CM says:

    I believe Dewsberry is fighting tomorrow in Hamilton.

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  13. I'll Say It says:

    Shannon the cannon lol

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  14. Donald Duck says:

    @Eight Pack – So aboriginal fighters are on par with tomato cans in your book? I know a few boys who’d take that comment personally.


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  15. Robin Black says:

    I’m Metis, and I take that personally.


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  16. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    First off it’s the co-main that fell threw, secondly there were so many different ways to phrase your comment that would still get your point across @Eight Pack

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  17. fox says:

    eight pack!!! your a fuckin douche bag, id have to say most aboriginal are some of the toughest dudes ive met and fought , Border line racist comment, you really shouldn’t be on here if that’s the BS that comes out of your mouth! you fight him see what happens or fight any of the so called aboriginal tomato cans you talk about!

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  18. Demitri (trev) says:

    I like you topmmanews guys but it’s pretty bad if you don’t delete the racist comment.

    No one needs to see that and it doesn’t look good on your site

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  19. james says:

    i agree it was racist, but he does have a point. the promoters in edmonton do use them. i don’t think its right at all, natives have lots of pride and are willing to fight anyone and enjoy it. but you have these promoters using them as what some call “cans”. they put them put against guys they think they can build in their promotion, also pay them very little. look at unifed cards. they put them up against 0-0 guys but have good training camps and gym and could have been killers in boxing, wrestling and what not. mfc used them as well put the against guys like scott payne to keep cost down and build scotts record. agression did the same with putting them in with robbie marril and to build his, paulo and everyone knows what paulo can do. just because carnial is willing to fight him do not make it right. this is not only the promoters faul but also the commission. i agree they should not be called cans but that is what some promoters are doing. hate it or not it is true, robin if you do some research you will see the mismatching that was done in edmonton with them. he might have said to get one for ford to be an asshole but it does have some turth. elmer is a guy on short notice that would fight i bet and i would actually think can give a go. but anyone else i say no.

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  20. Dean Panas says:

    There are many “white guys” that take fights on short notice and are a disgrace to the sport. There was no need to mention race in the earlier post.

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  21. james says:

    o no doubt about it dean, but you can’t say you never hear people say that about them. look at who shane campbell faught at mfc???? think about it. you might not want to admit it but they do use them and if you cant your lying to yourself.

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  22. Robin Black says:

    You keep saying ‘them’. You say promoters use ‘them’, meaning aboriginal people.

    These are people of a particular background, these are not a ‘them’.

    WTF is wrong with people?

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  23. Idolmaker says:

    Eight pack has obviously never seen Greg large do battle!!!

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  24. Idolmaker says:

    Ftr I’m a them

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  25. james says:

    robin i was not meaning to refer always to them yes they are aborinal people that are used by promoters just like any white guy. it just happens that abroignal’s are used in more mis matches than anyone else. don’t start this bull shit about right, i have a sister n law than is aborignal. i do not hate anyone i am just pointing it out. its a bunch of bullshit. they do have a right to fight but not to be mismatched.

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  26. james says:

    robin you are totally taking it the wrong way. but do some work and see who they put them in with. you might not want to touch on this subject since to get along the promoters. but its true you can go into gyms and you’ll hear the same

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  27. Dizzy Dean says:

    Wow, you all sound like a bunch of cry babies. Did someone hurt your feelings? Maybe some of you didn’t finish school, but you need to re-read that post and open a dictionary to what racist means
    So robin you’re part metis…thanks for clearly making his point
    i do agree natives are tough guys who are hard to knock out, but most beleive in the Dave Herman theory, which makes some easy prey to submissions
    i will take into account that those who live in the alberta, sask. manitoba provinces ahve a different way of thinking, are more a country/redneck type of folk and have a few less braincells then other parts of Canada

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  28. Dizzy Dean says:

    At least one person understands the truth

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  29. Robin Black says:

    And what exactly is the advantages and disadvantages of being white in an MMA match? What special issues do Asians have in a fight? Do black guys fight a certain way?

    Wow. Just f#@king wow.

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  30. asshole says:

    james you better hope you dont end up in this half breeds neck of the woods,along with any of you other racist bitches,HALFBREEDS and NATIVES are some of the toughest athletes/fighters ANYWHERE!
    -John Kordic
    -Theo Fleury
    -Gino Odjick
    -Sandy Mccarthy
    -Chuck Norris (google it dummies)
    -Chris Simon
    -Jim Thorpe (probably have to google that too)
    -Robin Black (good luck bro)
    along with all of the other unsung athlets/heroes that so many of mine and Robins people were,people you’ll never here about because some white dummies tell you they never existed lol keep the racist shit the fuck off here dude,how do you hillbilly crackers say,”thems fighting words”
    -ps. we’re better looking too,thats why your old ladies stare LOL

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  31. james says:

    robin you are so blind to it all in edmonton or you just don’t want to beleive it. i think its bad when you cant admit it but fighters and trainers in edmonton can. i am not saying of them are being you but a good bunch are.

    look at campbells, paulo’s, robbies, kb bullar’s and others lol. its sad that you think i am trying to be racist here which i aint. i’m pointing out they are being used.

    if you can take the time and understand that i feel bad. as for the promoters using natives, white black purple green and everything else i feel bad for you guys. i feel bad for any fighter acepting a fight when you know its a total mis match in favor to you.

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  32. james says:

    holy smokes i did not say natives were not tough. they are tough and most can fight. but i am saying they are being used in edmonton to build guys records and are mis matched. holy ol fuck i dont know why you guys cant understand that. you are totally taking it the wrong way.

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  33. varnier j says:

    Enough of the bitching ,this site is turning into a joke.Same 20 guys bitching..go get layed

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  34. trig says:

    5 of the 8 also are drunks or drugies….. coincidence???

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  35. Idolmaker says:

    Druggies… At least this one can spell!!!

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  36. Idolmaker says:

    There’s no such thing as part Metis! You are or you are not!

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  37. Donald Duck says:

    Seriously, is someone going to clean up these posts?


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  38. ruckus780 says:

    Excited for a good night of fights….And just since this post has got so offensive heres my two pennys….Homosexuals should not fight any combat related sports….It would cut down in the ammount of suckers who take fights then back out…at flight time lol juss saying Andrew Duckface Suckmen….this was the biggest payday you was ever or ever will be offered…Your a chump at least you lyed and said you was injured….keith smetana your a wrump wrangler too….Tyler tnt Jackson too bad for your LEGIT INJURY….your a Class act and handled a bad sittuation like a stand up dude….Lol Victors going to get killed…He was 209 and looked the smallest I have ever seen him

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  39. jamon says:

    native fighters are also good for the ticket sales

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  40. harry balls says:

    haha nice to have you back Ruckus! Still peeking in Ford’s window?
    Missed the eight pack comment, but I’ll say this: who cares about a fighters racial make up? Cans and studs come in all colours and religions.

    ….actually , not enough fighters thanking science and reason instead of god post fight. I’ll even take a shout-out to Satan. Can one of you guys do it?

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