Playing the Spoiler; SFS Brings Tristan Johnson In to Lose Every Time

Tristan Johnson throws a left at Will Romero

Tristan Johnson throws a left at Will Romero (photo: Mike Fischl)

It’s the rematch that was on everyone’s wish list except Tristan Johnson’s.

“[Fighting Will Romero] wasn’t a choice of mine,” Johnson said about his Score Fighting Series (SFS) bout this Friday. “The Score offered it up to me and he’s another top ten fighter and they wanted to give him the rematch.”  The Romero vs Johnson rematch will be the first in SFS since its inception where both fights have been contested under the SFS banner.

The Featherweights first fought each other at the inaugural Score Fighting Series event in June 2011 in Mississauga, Ontario.  In that fight, Johnson (7-3) won via unanimous decision.

Since the defeat, Romero (9-3) has publicly stated that he wanted a rematch with his rival.  However, Scott MacLean, Johnson’s coach, said in a SFS press release (read it HERE) that they “never thought Romero deserved a rematch.”

Tristan justified MacLean’s comments because they had been here before and it did not really make sense to do it all over again.  Yet, Johnson doesn’t share the same mindset as his FitPlus trainer and says “top ten fighters can fight other top ten fighters.”

Nevertheless, when SFS offered the rematch in Hamilton, Ontario, Johnson accepted.

 “All my fights I have a drive, so it doesn’t matter who I fight,” said Canada’s fourth ranked Featherweight.  “I’m always looking for the W.”

Following his victory over Romero, Tristan was immediately added to the second SFS card where he flew into Ontario and quickly finished Lyndon Whitlock, another hometown fighter.  Despite the two consecutive wins for the Score, Johnson had a lengthy wait before fighting again.  Johnson says he loves fighting for SFS and it’s the best show around, but it was “a little rough” with an exclusive contract and a ten-month layoff with no injuries.

 “I wasn’t injured at all. I was ready to fight [after Lyndon Whitlock in Oct. 2011] and I just never got a phone call [from SFS] and I don’t know how I’m suppose to feel about that, you know what I mean,” Johnson said.

“That’s real hard to stay motivated because you feel like they don’t care about you and are just bringing you in to lose every time, you know?  I’ve fought hometown guys every time besides Rick Glenn and I don’t get a call for ten months and it’s hard to stay motivated with pressure like that.”

Tristan Johnson Wins Decision in First Fight with Will Romero

Tristan Johnson defeats Will Romero by Decision (photo: Mike Fischl)

Johnson suffered a TKO defeat to a very tough Rick Glenn at SFS 5 this August.  The 28-year-old says the loss has re-motivated him – motivation that has been hard to come by for Johnson this year.  As one who always puts “a lot of pressure” on himself to win, Johnson’s hopeful to get back to being comfortable when he’s in the cage to perform at his peak.

“I was always looking to make a big name for myself and for my last fight I didn’t fight the way I normally fight and I tried to go out there and make a statement instead of going out there and just being myself.”

In preparation for Friday’s tilt with Romero, the Jordantown, Nova Scotia native has been doing a lot of work with UFC Lightweight TJ Grant and is “feeling confident again.”  Fans can watch the Tristan Johnson vs Will Romero rematch and the entire SFS 7 card live on Top MMA News starting at 7 p.m. EST.

With his mindset clearly focused on Romero and victory.  Tristan Johnson is looking to play the spoiler once again.

17 Responses to “ Playing the Spoiler; SFS Brings Tristan Johnson In to Lose Every Time ”

  1. showtying says:

    like wow

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  2. Robin Black says:

    I think Tristan is awesome.

    Its too bad he sees it the way he does.

    He’ll be more excited about this great fight with Will when he he’s rehydrated and has a full belly and gets in there and does what he loves.

    There’s no question there HAS to be a hometown guy in every fight.

    Since Tristan isn’t from the area, that means he’ll be the visitor every time, and he’ll always be fighting a local guy.

    That doesn’t mean he’s brought in “to lose”. It means he needs to fight a viable local 45er who generates local sales because his travel costs are high and he doesn’t have the local ticket buying fans to make the math work without a local opponent.

    Regardless, this has nothin’ to do with his skills or with how bad ass he is.

    Great fighter. Exciting fighter.
    Can’t wait to call this fight!

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  3. Going to be a great fight. Who are you calling the fights with @Robin Black?

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  4. Robin Black says:

    With The Voice, Michael Chiavello.

    Absolute class act. Learned a lot from him last show and had a blast.

    Really lookin forward to this!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 0

  5. mark says:

    I think Robin Black should be banned from commenting on Score threads. The complete bias for the promotion is ridiculous….of course he is brought in to lose! The guy does NOT have to be “hometown” there are lots of other 45ers NOT from Hamilton. He fights hometown guy after hometown guy then fights the best 45er they have in Rick Glenn? Glenn someone SFS is clearly trying to build up. It just sounds stupid when Robin tries defend his employers and it is so obvious what is going on is true. Tristan is a tough SOB comes in and kicks all these Hamilton boys asses and leaves. He should have a right to his opinion and I agree 100% with him. NEVER SIGN EXCLUSIVES WITH ANY REGIONAL PROMOTION!! That is just a bad idea and that should fall on his management team.

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  6. Woodrow says:

    Obv mark has never held an event!!! U should look into it might make more sense to to you

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  7. Woodrow says:

    Obv mark has never held an event!!! U should look into it might make more sense to to you

    And i think tristan or his management can clear up the fact he was not under an exclusive contract. The writer may be wrong on this one

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 3

  8. Robin Black says:

    Put your name here and tell us how you have any knowledge about the MMA business or else we will assume you have none.

    Not only does Tristan have every right to his opinion, his opinion is encouraged.

    I am a huge fan and think he is the shit, and I’ve been on record saying it hundreds of times.
    I’m merely saying that he is not “brought in to lose”, his being on a card does not make financial sense from a business perspective unless he fights a local.

    They did it once, in his last fight, and brought Rick Glenn in from Milwalkee so he could have a non Ontario opponent.
    If anyone was trying to be “built up” in that fight, wouldn’t you think it would be the Canadian who has Canadian fans and has been showcased nationwide a number of times?

    Like I said, I am an enormous Tristan fan, and was commenting on the business areas of this kind of logistics.

    Y’know, some people may find it interesting to have the analyst and commentator give an inside perspective on things.

    Let’s ban Joe Rogan from commenting on the UG about the UFC.

    And, for the last time, I am a huge fan of Tristan and can’t wait to call this great fight.

    His perspective on this is his own, he’s entitled to it, and it in no way affects how great a fighter he is or how great this rematch is for me.

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  9. Robin Black says:

    And, for the record, The Score is not my employer.

    I am an independent contractor hired as an analyst and color commentator, and paid about as much as an undercard fighter for that service.

    Working these shows, and calling these brilliant athlete’s awesome displays of skill and heart, is the greatest thrill in my life, and a duty I take very seriously.

    I have no problem with someone making fun of my hair, or my mediocre fighting skills, or my shitty band or that I’m a romo or whatever.

    But I am proud of the work that I do as an analyst and color commentator, and proud of my staunch record as an honest, reliable, trust-worthy member of the media in this country.

    I take offense to having my integrity questioned. I don’t appreciate that.

    At the same time, I too am cutting weight for a fight next weekend so maybe I’m testy too.

    Anyhoo, enjoy the fights.

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  10. Idolmaker says:

    No bias on robins part mark. It’s pretty clear as to what’s going on. If you care so much about Tristan, why don’t you address it with yourself, and add Tristan to your very deep fw roster…..hahaha.

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  11. Idolmaker says:

    You are what you eat robin. Testes! Haha

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  12. my $.02.

    Rick Glenn and Tristan Johnson was a fair fight on paper between two guys that appeared to be headed to the UFC.

    Unfortunately, Tristan finished second in that fight and needs to regroup. A rematch against Romero seems fair seeing as how Romero has won three in a row and worked his way back up.

    As for Robin, I like the Voice/Black pairing. I also don’t care who is signing your cheques, your comments are very welcome on this site.

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  13. Beefstorm says:

    Robin Black might have best hair in the game!!! With hair like that integrity should never be questioned….
    ps good luck on upcoming battle may your hair guide you, as yoda would guide Luke!!!

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  14. Steve hill says:

    Lol …, great hair for sure

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  15. Alex Caporicci says:

    Hey guys,

    Couple things. I had breakfast with Tristan’s coach Scott Maclean this morning, so nothing I’m writing here will be a surprise to him. There is absolutely no strain to this relationship at all.

    – You need to sell tickets in regional MMA to be able to run shows. So once Tristan cleared out the top 145s as potential opponents, we did not have any local opponents for him. So we did not offer him a fight for longer than even we expected. It was hard on all of us cause Tristan delivers everytime he fights and we are all big fans of his and it was frustrating for him and us. But sometimes economics comes before personal feelings. Eventually we brought in another potential future UFC fighter to fight him in Rick Glenn because we saw potential matchups in the future. Win or lose.

    – Tristan did not have an exclusive deal with The Score Fighting Series between the Whitlock and Glenn fights. So he was free to fight elsewhere. Unfortunately he couldn’t get the fights he deserved.

    – With every negative comes some positives. With the loss to Glenn, it opened up some options for Tristan. The Johnson/Romero rematch may not have been a fight his camp felt necessary, but it has created much buzz. Win or lose, there are potential matchups now for him with our roster.. for example, Horodecki, Gross, Toner, Fraser, Whitlock.. probably missing a few.

    – Obviously the locals are important, but at the end of the day we don’t care who wins. All we want at SFS is good fights. So when we need an out of towner, we have our go to guys like Tristan, Ryan Healy and others.

    – Just another point… Its obvious that Ryan Healy is coming in to be the potential fight that gets Jesse Ronson to the UFC. Our goal all along has been to give Canadian fighters the OPPORTUNITY to get to the next level.

    But, you need to look at it from the other side as well. Healy is coming in and getting the opportunity to fight someone on the verge of getting to the UFC. He can easily play spoiler and get himself even closer. We really like Ryan and if by winning at SFS helps him join his brother in the big show, we are just as happy as we would be if Ronson made it.

    Weigh-ins coming up.. very excited for this one!

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  16. fitplusmma says:

    The article is misleading and whether intentional or not there are several inaccuracies.

    -Our camp was in contact with SFS on a consistent basis since Tristan’s first fight vs Romero and to this day and we have a great relationship.

    -Tristan has always been involved in decisions concerning him so to say he doesnt share his trainers mindset is false.

    -Tristan wasn’t under an exclusive contract during his layoff. He wasnt exclusive (in Canada) until his fight with Glenn.

    I can assure everyone Tristan is happy fighting for the SFS.

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  17. Robin Black says:

    I also had breakfast with Alex and Scott and the steak and eggs was fantastic.

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