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Well my boyfriend was kind enough to take me to Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 last weekend! It was fantastic, what a great guy!!! UFC with GSP and Twilight all in the same weekend = Dream weekend!

Now this weekend is just as good.. AFC & SFS + Red Dawn + Grey Cup!!!

  • The Main Event of Fivestar Fight League 3 in Waywayseecappo, Manitoba between Elmer Waterhen vs Martin Trendota looks to be in trouble.  Elmer Waterhen received a 30 day suspension following his five round unanimous decision victory over Garett Davis at KOTC: Stand & Deliver. If “The Warrior” is out, I wonder who’s taking his spot?
  • Randa Markos Thomas made her long awaited pro debut this past weekend at the Palace of Auburn Hill’s in Michigan. Randa moved up twenty lbs to secure this fight and took on 9-2 ammy and 1-0 pro Allana Jones of Michigan. Randa overwhelmed Jones from beginning to end before submitting her in the second round.
  • Nice to see Ontario ref Todd Anderson getting some work in Rhode Island, USA at Bellator 81.  Its funny, in Ontario, Todd has never reffed more than one fight per Bellator card.  In Rhode Island, Todd reffed three fights and showed why he is becoming a great Canadian export when he stopped the Sandro/Neace fight as soon as Neace went unconscious.  Anderson was right on top of the action and may have been the only person in the building, other than Sandro, that knew Neace was out. Well done!
  • Its been a few weeks and suspensions are still not posted for the Victoria AFC 13 card.  Who the hell runs this commission anyway? Thank goodness BC is getting their own provincial commission!!!
  • More Fivestar Fight League 3 info: Aaron Shmyr (4-2) vs Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz (2-0), Travis Cloud (2-2-1) vs Ryan Boux (1-3), Jon Ganshorn (4-3) vs Taylor Bull (1-5), Derek Abrahamson (2-0) vs Tang Thongpheng (2-2), Duncan Wilson (2-3) vs Vyron Phillips (1-0).
  • Junior Assuncao may be signing a multi-fight deal with the MFC.
  • Kurt Southern is off the AFC 14 card, after both John Alessio and Dave Mazany had to withdraw due to injury. Unfortunately, no other opponents took the fight on short notice, leaving Southern without an opponent.
  • Real Deal Ford vs TNT Jackson is not happening, Tyler Jackson has been forced to pull out due to injury. It still looks like Ford will be competing on the card, his new opponent is expected to be named shortly.
  • Mitch Fryia will be on the Battle at the Border card on December 2 in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan facing Kelly True.  Top MMA News is told that Vyron Phillips is also scheduled for the card.  Weird how Fivestar also has him on their card the following week.

Odds to win a UFC Fight Between Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre

Anderson “The Spider” Silva -160 (5/8)

Georges “Rush” St. Pierre  +150 (3/2)

Will Anderson Silva face Georges St. Pierre in 2013?

Yes 1/3, No 2/1

Where will Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre take place?

Dallas 5/4 – Brazil 5/2 – Toronto 5/2 – Las Vegas 6/1

  • Ooops!  Forgot to mention that Ryan Chiappe is heading to Beirut, Lebanon to fight on December 15th.  Ryan will main event against Muslim Salihov

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58 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – November 20 ”

  1. CM says:

    @ real talk – Beauchamp has reffed in Ontario so what are you talking about?

    I’m not sure how you use the words “pure professional” in describing him though after his “celebrity ref” letter. I’m amazed Hayashi even gave him the chance to work there after that.

    I’d also add Jerin Valel to the list of refs better than Beauchamp.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 1

  2. Gongshow says:

    Brian in the cage has shown he is an average ref, and as Kieth says all ref miss something.
    Outside the cage this guy is a menace and has said and done many things to hurt many other officials in the industry. He has a huge ego….
    Edmonton doesnt use him so plus there for Pat.
    Brian is BFF’s with Dale Kliparchuk so nuff said there.

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  3. fight club 101 says:

    All the best refs make bad or ‘botched’ calls…
    so far what I’ve seen from Beauchamp is that he’s been pretty consistent.
    Plus as a fighter I know that most fighters that know him have a lot of respect for him not just because he’s an accomplished competitor but a competent ref.
    It’s arguable as to who is the best ref in Canada, I get the feeling Beauchamp is very outspoken outside of the cage and probably ruffles some feathers and rattles some cages. He’s always been civil and professional in my interactions with him so I wouldn’t know.
    Still I gotta give mad respect to someone who speaks their mind and tells it how it is, lets be honest many of us are not too happy with Mr. Hayashi and how he mismanages the sport. Telling matchmakers, promoters, refs, & judges how to do their job when he probably has never been slapped before let alone has any legit qualifications to be the all mighty for combat sports in Ontario. If Beauchamp wants to call bullshit and point out Hayashi’s incompetence and corruption I’m glad that there’s people out there like him.
    Either way I think we can all agree that local Ontario refs all deserve more opportunities to ply their trade and perfect their craft. ‘Celebrity refs’ have had their moments to shine and be part of history. Give our locals a chance.

    Here’s hoping there’s a yachting accident sometime in the near future :)

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  4. :) says:

    sounds like Beauchamp is not out to make friends…its a small industry though not a great strategy to make a list of enemies.
    Regardless he’s a solid ref no complaints from a fans perspective. Don’t know the inside stories so not gonna judge. Just keep the controversy to a minimum in the cage, outside just doesn’t concern an average Joe like me :)

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  5. jew-jitsu says:

    I’ve heard Beauchamp is a savage on the mats and a multiple world bjj champion, anyone with those kinds of accomplishments probably has an ego to stroke…not sure if that hurts or benefits his officiating skills imo

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  6. Jamie Locke says:

    I think Brian is a great ref, I’ve also never had a problem with him. I find he’s incredibly honest and always calls it as he sees it both inside the cage and out. I have no problem with guys like that, but I undertsand how other people can.

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  7. slim says:

    You should have just forgot about chiappe all together. Unless the persons 1-10 he should just stay home

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  8. Donald Duck says:

    Brian is Canada’s equivalent of Josh Roshenthall. Maybe not the ‘best’ ref from a promoter’s perspective and maybe not the most fan friendly ref but he’s consistant.

    Does that make him ‘perfect’? Far from it. He’ll stop the same fight early 9 times out of 10. As a fighter and coach I like that though.


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