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MFC 34 Ring Girl

Well… it’s raining MMA fighters lately as November is flooding with MMA fights.  This weekend a bunch of our Canadian MMA boys will fight at UFC 154 in Montreal and next we have the Score and Aggression facing off on the same night.  Great times to be a Canadian MMA fan!

On to my rumours:

  • After two fights in two weeks, is Kendall Grove fighting on AFC 14 on November 23? He still thinks he is, is he? If so, who will he be facing?  Zach Blaber?
  • Sounds like UFC is balking at the BC commission’s proposal to garnish a percentage of PPV revenue from events held in that province. It may cost Vancouver a 2013 UFC event!
  • Who the heck is Kurt Southern fighting at AFC 14… Alessio, nope… Mazany, nope… someone?
  • Wolfgang Janssen vs. Aaron Armstrong has been added to Havoc FC 1 in mid December.
  • Hardeep Singh was submitted with a Brabo Choke by Tom McKenna in his Super Fight League debut.
  • What’s the Real Deal have to do to get into the Bellator WW Tourney! Come on Bellator, Ryan Ford‘s been tearing it up for you guys!
  • BC is taking the Provincial Athletic Commission and MMA sanctioning seriously. They will be hosting a COMMAND seminar with Big John McCarthy and Jerin Valel on November 24-25 at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel.   If you want to become a judge  (or just hang out for a weekend talking MMA with two of the best minds in the sport), make sure you register.  More info can be found HERE or click on the poster.
  • Iraj Hadin is fighting twice in two weeks. Here’s hoping he gets through his first fight well, so that he’ll be able to take on Ricky Goodall as the semi-main event at ECC. Always risky!
  • We’d like to send our best wishes out to Josh Machan, who had a workplace eye injury and will be unable to defend his KOTC Canadian FW belt this coming weekend in Edmonton.
  • Once hot rising prospect, Jordan McKay (6-1) has signed a multi-fight deal with Unified MMA and will finally return to MMA this March. McKay will have been off for about a year and a half going into his March bout at Unified MMA.
  • Some Davis Bros info: Mike and Tyler Davis went head to head in the Advanced Muay Thai finals at the Brock Myrol Memorial Tournament in Red Deer… Mike won by split decision. They also cleaned up in other divisions.
  • The Elite 1’s top Welterweight Richard Arsenault must be working on his striking as he’ll make his boxing debut on November 24th in Moncton, taking on Guy Desforges (5-10). Desforges holds 2 boxing victories over MMA fighers (Jeff Lundberg and Todd Henry). Also appearing on this card will be undefeated amateur prospect Darcy McKenna (3-0) who’ll make his pro debut in boxing taking on Sandy Robb (8-0-1).
  • The WarDog‘s opponent has been changed in his upcoming boxing contest. He’ll now be taking on the professionally experienced Excell Holmes (2-1-1) on December 1st.
  • Matt Spisak will challenge Tim “Shady” Smith for the Unified MMA Lightweight Title at Unified 14 on December 21st.  I’m hearing Jose Rodriguez and Tony Stiles were also offered the fight.
  • Matt Veal continues his impressive US run, by winning in Minnesota by guillotine! That guy is unstoppable in the US, time to transfer some of that success back up north to Canada Kid Lightning!  Also appearing on the card were 2 other Leading Edge fighters, Brandon Gardner (Won) and Brock Peters (Lost).
  • Bellator is looking to spread it’s brand across Canada and it seems like Bellator and Spike TV will be holding a show in the Edmonton Area, at the former home of the MFC at “The Venue” in River Cree in Enoch, Alberta.

NOTE: These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen. If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email:

17 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – November 12 ”

  1. kid lightning says:

    leading edge gym also had ronald leonard fight on saturday and he didnt get the win but definitely put on on stop fireworks against a tough opponent in what was definitely FOTN!

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  2. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Actually Craig’s opponent change twice in 24hrs…Matt White backed out …no reason givin after 5 weeks of training camp allready put in…so Adnan Shakarahm stepped up before we even knew about it and accepted fight…his camp did a press release about the fight before we knew…then the promoter called and told us of the change which was fine…not even twelves hrs later of Adnan accepting fight and doing press release about it …he backs out(caught chicken flu I guess)…so than Craig was offered Excell Holmes which Craig was only to happy to accept …we would like to thank Excell Holmes for stepping up on 3 weeks notice to face the WarDog…gonna be an exciting night of fights…Dec.1 Hershey Centre

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  3. topmmafan says:

    How in God’s name is Tyler Davis who is 8-2 and has won his last 6 fights fighting Mark Maruzs who is 3-4 and lost his last 2? You would think after Tyler’s last win they would be looking for a step up in competition not 3 steps down. Whose his manager? Do you need a new one?

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  4. I don’t know tyler, but i can’t give a guy a hard time for staying active…. If it’s this fight or no fight, why not take it?

    From his perspective he gains cash, experience, and likely another W…

    If he’s ducking a tougher fight, then hey, flame away…

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  5. Cody Rempel says:

    I know of at least 2 fights that Tyler has had lined up in the last few months that fell apart, it’s tough to stay active, you’ve gotta take what you can get sometimes!

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    Nothing wrong with fight Maruzs. He’s a tough dude. Good luck to Tyler

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  7. topmmafan says:

    I’m pretty sure there’s someone else far better that would take the fight. Managers just not trying hard enough. Again, do you need one? Lol

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  8. cdnmmeh says:

    so what does the AFC card look like now? Last I saw there were like 5 or six holes to be filled.

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  9. Chase Degenhardt says:

    WAR Spisak!!

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  10. evan blakely says:

    darcys out of the boxing fight and his mma record is 4-0

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  11. WTF says:

    Seriously, Spisak gets a title fight? He’s 4-4 and has only fought fighters with losing records. WTF… Shady has turned down lots of fights, I guess he finally found one he is comfortable against. Whatever floats your boat there ‘champ’.

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  12. BodySnatcher says:

    ^^^^ i agree with WTF…should be chad laprise fighting him and not spisak

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  13. I'll Say It says:

    It’s not always the fighters fault I’m sure Davis would take bigger fights but promoters don’t want to pay travel expenses, we all know that’s the case with Sunny and Unified but According to many on here Tim Smith will fight anybody because he fought Campbell,

    I think they told him if he took that fight with Campbell they would take care of him the rest of his career just my thoughts

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  14. Jamon says:

    Ford vs daley would be sweet in edm

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  15. TheRealDealMeal says:

    Ford fighting 9-7 Tyler Jackson lost 4 out 5 and hasn’t had a fight in 2 years another tough one. Lol Daley would kill Ford, easy

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  16. Idolmaker says:

    Oops that was meant to be a thumbs down loser.

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  17. How it is says:

    Who cares about smith or the Davis ‘s , they are not relevant in the least ! Ford has had how many tough fights in a row , he deserves a little easier test on short notice . Grove would kill Blaber , Blaber is a one trick pony , dodge the right and you can beat him all night look what kuchera did . Body snatcher is a real fighter look forward to what he does next

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