Wreck MMA Play-by-Play – Holst Bests Khatib, Turner Retains Belt


Who will win the Nabil Khatib vs Mark Holst rematch?  Will Randy Turner defend his Wreck Bantamweight title? These are just two of the questions fans are looking to answer at Wreck MMA’s final show tonight.

Top MMA News Awards

  • Fight of the Night – Abdulah Teymouri vs. Mathieu Papineau
  • Submission of the Night – Adrian Vilaca with a Rear Naked Choke
  • Knockout of the Night – Taylor Solomon with his three right straights down the pipe that KO’d Chris St Jean

Here is Don Wilson’s play-by-play of the entire event:

Randy Turner vs BJ Ferguson
Rd1: Turner ducks under a right hand and they tie up. Turner secures the takedown and works some short shots from Ferguson’s closed guard. Turner bull rushes in again and lands another double leg takedown but quickly disengages. Back on their feet Turner lands a head kick then hoes for and lands another takedown. Turner stands delivers some big punches then disengages again. Ferguson rushes in a forces the action into the corner but a lack of action forces the ref to stop it. Another takedown by Turner and again he disengages as soon as Ferguson hits the mat. The fighters have one final exchange as the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Turner

Rd2: Turner comers out striking this round land some nice short punches on the inside, they tie up Turner trips him to the mat then disengages again. Turner avoids an uppercut from Ferguson trips him to the mat then backs off. Another quick exchange. They tie up and Turner throws him to the canvas and backs away. Again Turner throws Ferguson to the mat and backs away. Ferguson finally gets position and looks to take the back but Turner shucks him off. Back on their feet, Turner wobbles Ferguson with a big right straight but can’t capitalize. They tie up against the ropes and Turner throws him to the mat with a single leg and backs off. Ferguson finally baits Turner into a striking exchange and lands to big hooks on Turner who is ducking and weaving looking for the counter. Turner regains position they tie up and again turner gets the takedown as the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Turner

Rd3: Turner looking to strike moving in and out well without letting Ferguson counter. Turner throws him to the mat again lands two big downward shots then backs off. Ferguson back up like lightning and comes right at Turner who turns him, forces him against the ropes , pushes his head out and lands some big knees to the head. Leg kick by Turner on the lead leg. Big hook from Ferguson lands but can’t follow up. They tie up and Turner looks for the throw but Ferguson blocks it with a nice wizar. Turner landing some solid combinations ending with big uppercuts. Ferguson connects again with a winging over hand but Turner keeps coming forward tying up as the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Turner

Rd4: Turner comes out swinging and so does Ferguson who seems to have and extra inch of reach which he uses to land 3 clubbing rights on Turner. Turner responds with a brutal non blocked kick to the body. Big left hook and horizontal elbow rock Ferguson who tries to tie up but gets thrown to the mat. Back on their feet Ferguson finally get a toss of his own but when he tries to jump on Turner, Turner rolls and they wind up back on their feet. Turner starts working over Ferguson’s lead leg. Another big head kick from Turner dazed Ferguson Turner jumps in for the kill just as the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Turner

Rd5: Ferguson rushes in only to eat some fast jabs from Turner. Ferguson rushes in again for the tie up but Turner pushes him off and down to the mat. Ferguson gets only only to be met by an onslaught of Turner punches with drops him to the mat and he turtles up. Turner continues punching until the ref dives him to save Ferguson fro further abuse
Turner defeats Ferguson via TKO (punches) at 1:53 of Rd5

Mark Holst vs. Nabil Khatib
Rd1: Holst bull rushes Khatib but won’t commit and Khatib lands a teep. Holst goes for a big head kick but misses they tie up against Holst unloads some big punches that catch Khatib. Khatib ties up and muscles Holst to mat. Khatib lands some short punches until Holst escapes under the ropes. Another barrage of strikes by Holst rock Kahtib who ties up in the corner. Holst lands a head kick that fazes Khatib then knocks him down with another barrage of punches. Holst jumps on for the RNC but Khatib escapes to his feet. Holst traps Khatib in the corner and is pelting him from the out side with jabs and straights. Khatib rushes in for the body lock takedown but Holst fights it off until the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Holst

Rd2: Two leg kicks from Holst start us off. Holst keeps kicking that lead leg of Khatib. They tie up and Khatib lands a big right hook on exit. A Low leg kick from Holst trips Khatib to the mat who also receives a brutal elbow as he gets up. They tie up in the corner, Khatib looking for the body lock takedown but Holst defends. Holst beating Khatib to the punch every time, Khatib eats to Holst knees from the plum but breaks out and smiles at Holst. Holst continuing to batter Khatib’s leg then following up with a left cross every time. Holst landing leg kicks and staying out of Khatib’s range. The horn sounds just as Khatib had trapped Holst in the corner.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Holst

Rd3: Khatib comes out willing too touch gloves but Holst has none of it. Holst goes back to the legs then another combo that all land flush on Khatib. A sneaky head kick from Holst lands. They tie up against the ropes and both men unleashes their fists in an exciting exchange. Holst tries the low kick trip again but Khatib sees it coming and dives for Holst’s legs as he falls and winds up in Holst’s guard. Khatib working some short punches on top while Holst is using some nifty short elbows off hhis back. Holst escapes and is back to his feet. Both men seem flat footed as Holst lands a crushing head kick but Khatib keeps moving forward. Holst lands another grazing head kick then a side high kick. Both men exchange one final blow as the horn sounds. It sounds one sided and probably was but everyone in the Casino de Lac Lemay tonight feel they just saw an amazing tilt.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Holst
Holst defeats Khatib via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

Maxime Dubois vs. Pablo Santos
Rd1: Both men let their fists fly as Santos cracks Dubois on the chin and Dubois crashes to the mat. Santos jumps on while Dubois collects himself and Santos looks for the front choke but Dubois makes his way to his feet. Dubois unleashes a haymaker but misses and Santos clinches up and lands some big knees. Santos body locks and forces the actions to mat but Dubois escapes out the ropes. They restart and start tossing fists with Dubois landing big on Santos but Santos ties up and the action goes to the canvas. Back on their feet Dubois nails Santos on the chin and Santos falls head over heels. Dubois jumps on Santos grabs a leg and looks to get up while Dubois is landing hammer fists. The ref jumps in a stops the action at which seems to be an odd time. Santos was out but by the time the ref made it in to stop the fight he had woken up grabbed a single and was defending.
Dubois defeats Santos via TKO at 4:01 of Rd1

Stephane Bernadel vs. Tim Tamaki
Rd1: Bernadel with some solid striking. The fight gets brought to mat and Bernadel takes Tamaki’s back. Bernadel sinks in the hooks and works for the choke but Tamaki defends well and escapes the fight is back to the feet. Tamaki bull rushes in landing some big haymakers as they tie up in the corner. Bernadel comes over top with a vicious elbow.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Bernadel

Rd2: leg kick by Bernadel as Tamaki lands a big superman punch. Tamaki forces the action into the corner and they tie up. Tamaki working some hammer fists to the thigh. They brake and Tamaki lands some big shots and an uppercut on the inside. Bernadel with big kicks high and low as they separate. They tie up against the ropes and Tamaki lands some knees to the thigh. Bernadel forces the action to the canvas. Back on their feet a big push kick from Bernadel lands to face, a huge body shot by Bernadel drops Tamaki but Bernadel can’t finish him and Tamaki makes it back to his feet. Bernadel is picking him apart as the bell sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Bernadel

Rd3: Brutal kick to the body by Bernadel can be heard across the casino. Tamaki forces the action back to the corner and they tie up. Tamaki drops down for the double but Bernadel defends. Tamaki goes for the double again and succeeds only to eat Bernadel elbows off his back. Bernadel just picking Tamaki apart with body shots and crosses but Tamaki is still standing. One final body blow by Bernadel drops Tamaki to the mat and the ref jumps in while Tamaki is writhing in pain.
Bernadel defeats Tamaki via TKO (body shot) at 3:13 of Rd3

Caleb Grummet vs. Jason Bissonette
Rd1: Bissonette landing some solid low kicks while Grummet is still working on finding his striking distance. Big right hand from Grummet sends Bissonette into the ropes and they tie up. Grummet with a tight standing guillotine, Bissonette fights and trips Grummet to the mat who still has the choke in place. Grummet rolls on top and tightens the choke forcing Bissonette to tap.
Grummet submits Bissonette via Mounted Guillotine Choke at 2:20 of Rd1

Chris St-Jean vs. Taylor Solomon
Rd1: Big leg kick by Solomon and they tie up. St Jean goes for the toss but Solomon defends and winds up with top control. St Jean with a nifty arm bar but Solomon shows he’s been working his sub defense and turns and flips out of it. Back on their feet St Jean looks for the double leg but Solomon blocks him and slams him right on the mat. Some big elbows and punches from Solomon in top position. Solomon postures up throws 3 straight punches down the pipe that send St Jean’s head rattling off the mat. The third one puts St Jean lights out and the ref jumps in and halts the assault.
Solomon defeats St Jean via TKO at 4:29 of Rd1

Andrew Walters vs. Matt Parsons
Rd1: Both men tie up and Parson unleashes a hail of punches off the break. Parsons grabs a single leg and fights the bout to the mat. Walters quickly locks up the triangle but Parsons goes for the slam, Walters tries to tangle the leg but Parson slams him down at full force and his knee lands right on Walters head and Walters is out cold. Parsons follows up with a couple shots before the ref can get in and halt the action
Parsons defeats Walters via KO (slam) at 1:48 of Rd1

Jeff Chan vs. Adrian Vilaca
Rd1: Chan lands 3 solid leg kicks and a right cross. Chan misses with a right straight and Vilaca ducks under for the takedown but Chan sprawls out then turns under and takes the back but can only sink in one hook so he let’s go and transitions to top position. Chan lands some short elbows and Vilaca bucks. Chan traps in Vilaca in a reverses triangle but can’t finish it and the fight is stood up. Another big leg kick and straight from Chan but Vilaca shoots under and secures the double leg but the fight goes under the ropes and the fight is restarted. Vilaca body locks and muscles Chan to the canvas. Vilaca lands some short punches from half guard as the buzzer souds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Chan

Rd2: An inside and outside leg kick by Chan seems to unsettle Vilaca walking ability. Vilaca body locks and again muscles the fight to the mat. Vilaca lands a big elbow from top position. Vilaca stands and deliver some big downward shots but Chan throws up the legs and almost catches a triangle then transitions to an arm bar but can’t secure it. Vilaca squirms around back and takes back control, he quickly sinks in the hooks and choke and Chan is forced to tap.
Vilaca submits Chan via RNC at 3:46 of Rd2

James Kouame vs. Matt Socholotiuk
Rd1: Socholotiuk shoots in but Kouame defends well. Big leg kick by Socholotiuk. Kouame responds with a grazing head kick. Kouame with a vicious front kick. Kaoume unleashes a brutal leg kick, body kick right straight combo that bloodies up Socholotiuk nose. The fighters come at each other like bulls and Socholotiuk lands a sneaky right straight that puts Kouame on the mat. Socholotiuk follows up with some ground and pound on his fallen foe until the ref pulls him off.
Socholotiuk defeats Kouame via TKO at 3:48 of Rd1

Abdulah Teymouri vs. Mathieu Papineau
Rd1: The fighters exchange at centre ring then tie up. Teymouri is able to muscles Papineau to the ground but Papineau quickly reverses and winds up in top position. Teymouri uses some short short up kicks to created space and make it back to his feet. Teymouri lands a solid right hook on Papineau who ties up and flips Teymouri to the canavs with a picture perfect judo throw. Teymouri looks to stand up and Papineau goes for the head and arm choke but Teymouri escapes. Teymouri lands a solid knee to Papineau’s chin from the Thai plum but Papineau fights through it. Teymouri attempts a throw but Papineau reverses and again winds up on to taking Teymouri’s back. Teymouri turns into the choke while Papineau sets up a triangle then transitions to an arm bar which Teymouri escapes with via flip.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Teymouri

Rd2: Papineau lands a grazing head kick. Teymouri returns with a vicious leg kick. Combo and teep kick lands flush on Teymouri who rocks Papineau with a crushing right hands that sends Papineau to the canvas. Teymouri dives on for some ground and pound and lands some big downward punches. Papineau regains he senses and avoids a further onslaught by pulling a tight guard. Papineau working a high guard the transitioning to an arm bar but Teymouri responds with short painful elbows. Papineau pulls off a beautiful reversal and winds up in mount but goes for an arm bar that Teymouri escapes. Teymouri in top position rains down some solid ground and pound. Back on their feet Papineau is coming alive with big right hands and a head kick that staggers Teymouri right as the horn sounds
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Papineau

Rd3: Papineau scores with a body kick and a solid left straight. A huge right hook from Teymouri drops Papineau down to one knee. Papineau recovers and they tie up in the corner. Papineau looks for a hip toss but Teymouri defends ands takes his back for only a brief second as Papineau works back into top control. Papineau working short elbows from half guard. Teymouri looks to get back to his feet but Papineau takes his back. Papineau can’t secure the choke and both men stand. Teymouri tries to catch Papineau in a arm triangle on the feet but Papineau slams him down and rains down more short elbows until the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Papineau
Teymouri defeats Papineau via Split Decision (29-28,29-28,28-29)

Paul Cressaty vs. Brandon McGourty is off. McGourty did not have medicals complete.

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  1. mjy3577 says:

    before you start any shit with me,I’m not disrespecting you or him,only saying that I’ve heard the same thing

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  2. Donald Duck says:

    The only thing taking a beating around here is the English language.


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  3. mike Kent says:

    Lol yarmouth is where allens from and I lived for a while Snyper knows I have never ducked anyone becuase he’s my kickboxing coach since before I ever fought . I’ve already admitted that when I was three and 0 my coach turned down a fight with allen becuase he had 14 fights . I don’t think that’s ducking and then after allen lost to Todd Henry who I beat and was 6-0 they said a fight with allen was stupid . I so what my managers ask . At the time was peter now its dean panas. I will fight anyone . I requested this fight with chemilli on my own. This is just a dumb distaction . But I don’t undertand the scared part. If anything judging by allens last few fights if I wanted another meaningless win it woulf be a perfect easy fight . Allens not the most indimadating fight around . Instead I take a fight in a higher weight class against a ranked fighter and I get called scared to fight aLlen lol

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  4. Donald Duck says:

    Please people, even Cecil Peoples would have stopped this fight by now.

    English is starting to look like what Yuki Kondo would have looked like had they allowed his fight with Wanderlei to go to the second round.


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  5. Mike, why are you even justifying any of this bullshit with a response? I think your 8-0 record, despite any opinions on the whos or whats needs any explanation. I’ll tell you what, when you lose 5 in a row and Allen wins 5 in a row (HA!) then you guys should fight. Until then don’t waste the energy it takes to type a fucking letter.

    It’s a shame that shit talk actually gets rewarded by guys like this getting fights they would otherwise NEVER deserve to have. What ever happened to working your way up the ranks and taking pride in who and when you fight. This business irks me a lot sometimes.

    On that note GSP has been ducking me for a year now and I’d like an explanation, where’s my fight homie? You scurred?

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  6. I had no interest in seeing Kent vs Post and I have no interest in Kent vs Hope, especially if Kent beats Chemelli.

    Love how Hope says Kent has a recorded padded by cans when Hope could not beat Todd Henry in his 15th MMA fight when Kent finished Henry in only his second MMA fight.

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  7. sean quinn says:

    Goddammit, I’m out of popcorn.

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  8. mjy3577 says:

    Good luck Kent,I hope you beat chemelli,nothing against him I just think he’s really one dimensional.I havent watched many of your fights but you seem more well rounded than he is,take him down man,use leg kicks,ju-jitsu,just dont stand in front of him for long lol

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  9. Tim Chemelli says:

    I’ve been working on my flying arm bar mjy3577 just for u bro!

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  10. Oilcity30 says:

    Never seen mike fight and man I’m glad I can attend this great night of fights. Not a kent hater just think u should stop waisting

    your time explaining yourself or gettin worked up on here. I take it back kent vs hope stupid was checking hopes record and well Mike he’s not in your class props to for wanting these big fights a lot of guys just pad records to look good. I respect u for taking chemelli fight so you can prove your self to us keyboard warriors but really u don’t have to your a fighter I’m rigger not a fighter. Peace out and get in there and getter done!!!

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  11. mjy3577 says:

    not your bro chemelli,you better be working on something cuz you aint that good a fighter,you punch hard THATS IT.I just finished watching valimaki destroy you,your gassed before the first round is done,and you do look sloppy.you have the balls to get in the cage,I respect that,but so do lots of other guys. for someone who has been fighting and training as long as you have you should have a lot more endurance,oh your elbow was hurt thats why you lost to valimaki,i forgot,please respond because everyone knows the truth hurts

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  12. mjy3577 says:

    oh and you have been padding your record,as well as taking your two last fights with middleweights

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  13. mjy3577 says:

    you dont have to like my opinion but I am entitled to it,freedom of speech assholes

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  14. mike Kent says:

    How the hell did this turn into bashing chemilli. I entertain the trolls not Tim . Lol tim has fought two ufc vets in his last 3 fights and is 9 and 2 . He’s a good wrestler as well as a stand up fighter . I think he just likes to bang . If he took fighters down you would shit on that lol.

    losing to valamki and going three with penner is nothing to be ashamed of . His first 8 opponents didn’t do as well .

    It will be a great fight . Jesus u guys are hard on everyone lol

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  15. mjy3577 says:

    wasnt trying to bash him,hes tough enough I guess,i am entitled to my opinion of his fighting abilities and dont think hes anything but a hard puncher,why fight middleweights if your a 205er?if you want to improve you would look for other tough lhw’s right?you are undefeated and deserve your shot,best of luck to both of you

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  16. Snyper says:

    YarMouths play on words. Its funny to me.

    Good to see Chimelli joining in the shitstorm that surrounds Mike on these forms. This is Mikes biggest fight to date and Chimelli is proven fighter. I bet these two battle hard and give big props and beers to each other afterwards. That doesn’t sound right but you know what I mean

    Looking forward to meeting some if these folks in a couple weeks.

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  17. Snyper says:

    Chemelli sorry about the spelling of your name in my posts.

    Guys I heard Kent… Nevermind

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  18. Robin Black says:

    Great post by Ricky Goodall.

    This is definitely some crazy stuff.

    Good luck to Kent and Chemelli 2 great driven competitors.

    These 2 will put on a hellova show.

    All this other stuff- Quinn, pass the popcorn.

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  19. booboo says:


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  20. mark says:

    BOB SAPP!!!!

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  21. Sean Quinn says:

    You’re an idiot. Maybe you should shut the fuck up anonymous pussy.

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  22. BDC says:

    You are a tool. Do sum yoga or sumthin too get the hate out of you and it would make you more flexable when your daddy is pounding you in the bum.

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  23. "The Real" Robin Black says:

    Alright, it looks like I have to come out of retirement to set some records straight here….

    Anyone, and I do mean anyone, who insults Robin The Intergalatic Rockstar Black has cleared got their head so far up their @ss they’re starting to choke on the fumes.

    Any guy who has the balls to play Yahtzee with Wanderlei, take their first fight at the advanced age of 43 and openly battle serious health concerns needs to be respected.

    Also, having not only seen the Robin Black experience and the Ballroom Zombies, people have to remember how his musical efforts bridged the gap between bands like Red Fisher and Jawbreaker to Limblifter and other bands.

    Now, please either sit the f*ck down and shut the f*ck or apologize to the other Robin.

    “The Real” Robin Mother F*ckin’ Black!

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  24. Robin Black says:

    Uh that’s not me and I’m training lots and stuff and too busy to have fun times talk to you guys soon

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  25. Robin Black says:

    But I do like yer style Real :)

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  26. "The Real" Robin Black says:

    You’re the fake Robin, please do try and keep up.


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  27. Donald Duck says:


    SMOKE BOMB!!!!

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  28. tyler davis says:

    My next investment will be on a fledgling smoke bomb manufacturer

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  29. harry balls says:

    “What does ” Chan looked sharp… he drew a real opponent” mean? Were they looking for a can? ”

    Not at all. Chan is fun to watch and has stellar stand up. But an 0-0 guy could be anything: awesome,terrible, somewhere in between(both Chan and Vilaca were awesome btw). It was an exciting fight and the guys were really closely matched.
    Allen, welcome and please post more. Shit gets mad boring around here and I love it when Kent mixes it up. His spelling may be hit-and-miss, but he consistently makes me chuckle. WAR KENT!

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