Battlefield Fight League 19 Weigh-In Results


Battlefield Fight League is having its 19th show this weekend in Penticton, British Columbia. If you are near the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre, why not pick up a couple of tickets HERE?

Here are the results courtesy of Battlefield Fight League:

Pro Fights:
170lbs- Matt Dwyer (168.8) vs. Ryan Chiappe (169.4)
*** BFL Welterweight title

185lbs- Micah Brakefield (184.5) vs. Stephan Fritsche (188.3*)
145lbs- Mike Adams (147.6*) vs. Roy Bradshaw (151.3*)
170lbs- Mark Dobie (169.3) vs. Nolan Clark (170.3)
185lbs- Darwin Douglas (195.5*) vs. Dave Logan (190.3*)

Amateur Fights:
137lbs- Joe Pirrotta (140.9*) vs. Matt Shannon (136.1)
145lbs- Marlan Hall (145.9) vs. Gagan Gill (145.5)
158lbs- Brandon Shorter (157.6) vs. Cleve Bentley (157.8)
175lbs- Justin Aujla-Field (174.1) vs. James Foster (175.5)
170lbs- Bryce Kilpatrick (170.5) vs. Cuba Echegoyen (169.6)
135lbs- Alex Ziesk (134.4) vs. Devon Gaipo (135.7)

*Missed weight

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    Micah Brakefield posted on Facebook that his opponent was 3lbs over

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