Randy Turner, Louis Fisette Visit Top MMA Radio


It’s Bantamweek on Top MMA Radio !

First, Louis Fisette comes on the program to talk about his big win against Diego Wilson at AFC 13 in Victoria, British Columbia. Fisette (5-1), out of WAMMA, talks about his training for the fight and the streak of wins he has had of late.

Then, Canada’s #9 Bantamweight Randy Turner joins the show. Turner (6-2) talks about his upcoming WRECK MMA title defense against BJ Ferguson as well as his title win against Eric Perez. Turner, from OAMA, also discusses his military training and how his MMA career is a perfect fit for his soldiering career with the Canadian military and vice versa.

As usual, Big Win and the Machine talk about last weekend’s stacked Canadian MMA card and then break down this weekend’s events.

Check it out by pressing play:

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4 Responses to “ Randy Turner, Louis Fisette Visit Top MMA Radio ”

  1. Mike Davis says:

    great episode, really enjoyed Louis Fisette he went up in my books after this. As always Turner is just a class act

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  2. Louis Fisette says:

    Thanks for this opportunity guys. Really enjoyed being able to talk MMA with some of the best!

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  3. Jamie Locke says:

    Great show.

    I have to say though that I don’t see the CF sponsoring any fighters anytime soon. There is still alot of resistance in the miliatary against extreme sports, and mma specifically. Unit approve members to compete on an individual basis, Randy has a great deal where he is right now. You have to understand that it likely wasn’t an easy task to get the position he’s in now and be approved to compete. It’s not that the CF is against combat sports, they just don’t have the numbers to have guys getting injured. In a static posting (a place where you’re not required to deploy overseas) it’s a lot easier to get approval for out-service competition.

    They are making progress, and more and more soldiers are competing in combat sports, but it will be some time before there are alot of soldiers in the combat sports spotlight.

    The US has the US Army Combatives program, they offer training and a tiered system of competition. This is something Canada needs to get into, but again, we just don’t have the numbers.

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  4. ERK says:

    Not sure who these guys were but i figured i would try the podcast on itune. Above average grade for the show and these fighters seemed like nice guys. Can i watch this turners fight online? I’m a fan now.

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