Ryan Ford on Bellator 79 Win over Kyle Baker


photo: Mike Fischl

In this Top MMA News interview, an emotional Ryan Ford talks about his November 2, 2013 fight at Bellator 79 against Kyle Baker. Ford discusses:

  • how Kyle Baker was the toughest opponent he has faced,
  • the possibility of fighting later this month in Edmonton,
  • the possibility of fighting in the next Bellator tournament on Spike TV,
  • the training at Tristar and in Edmonton,
  • and what his family means to him.

4 Responses to “ Ryan Ford on Bellator 79 Win over Kyle Baker ”

  1. E-town Mma says:

    I guess Ryan figures all e town gyms are bunk!!!!!

    That’s a hit to e town

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    There are some great gyms in Edmonton but Ford is going to be one of the top guys at any gym in town, It’s hard to compare the gyms in Edmonton with Tristar. GSP, Zahabi, Rory, Marqurdt, Hawn, Makdessi, Ricci, Torres, Kajan and that’s just the guys that are there full time, there’s always world class fighters coming through for training camps too!

    Ford needs to train with guys that are better than him to keep improving, If you’re the best guy in the gym there’s nowhere to go from there except to a world class gym to get you ass kicked. I don’t think it’s a knock on gyms here, just needs to take the training to the next level!

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  3. Jerobe says:

    There’s lots of guys in Edmonton that will give Ford good training. If Ford wants good Muay Thai sparring he can Spar with Jimmo, Shaolin or Maramo. If he wants some good rolls he can roll with Luke Harriss or Paulo Azumbuja (No way hes tooling Azumbuja on the ground, no way). There’s some pretty good studs at the UofA Wrestling club like Yurick thats around 170 that Ford wont throw around. Lots of good Boxers at Beverly Bronx and Cougar gym. Lots of good places to train, but I agree, Tristar is the way to go to push yourself for a world class fight. Good on Ford, he is the straight up man and the best 170 lb fighter in Alberta by far!

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  4. TheRealDealMeal says:

    Can someone please tell this guy to stop talking in 3rd person it sounds so stupid.

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