Canadian Rumour Mill – November 5


Well let’s start this round of the Rumour Mill with a certified fact, our very own Cody Rempel competed at the Cia Paulista Open and placed 2nd in the No-Gi Heavyweight Division. Cody managed to get his first ever submission victory after sweeping his opponent from full mount and moving to side control and securing a head and arm choke for the tap out victory. Overall a very positive experience!


  • Unfortunately John Alessio seems to be out of his AFC 14 fight in Edmonton with Kurt Southern due to the accidental eye poke he received about a minute into his battle with Dave Mazany (No Contest) at AFC13 in Victoria this past weekend. Luckily, Dave Mazany has stepped up and committed to taking on Kurt Southern on November 23 in the Aggression cage, if John Alessio is unable to do so.
  • So MFC wants three title fights for MFC 36, here’s some thoughts:
    • Spencer Rohovie should take on Graham Spencer for the Featherweight title.  Rohovie won his last MFC fight at Featherweight against Matt Veal and holds a win over Bruno Capdeville.
    • Kajan Johnson demolished Ryan Healy at MFC 31 and is 3-1 in the organization.  He is the obvious #1 contender to Mukai Maromo.
    • Smarten up!  Hackert vs Rama should be for the title, not for #1 contender.  Hackert knocked off Hague twice and Rama is on a Heavyweight rampage.  What more do you want in a title match?
  •  Charmaine Tweet (1-3) will travel all the way to Mumbai, India to take on Puja Kadian (1-0) at Super Fight League 10 on November 23rd.
  • Battlefield Fight League 21 has been cancelled. The show was scheduled to take place on November 30 in Penticton, BC.  Some fighters, like Mike Adams,  from this card will move to the BFL 19 card that is in Penticton this weekend on November 9.
  • Dan Miragliotta had better luck this weekend and was able to cross the border this weekend to work for Bellator.
  • I’m hearing that the resurgent DREAM (really Glory from Holland) has reached out to OneFC in hopes of having Canada’s #1 ranked Bantamweight Bibiano Fernandes compete on their New Years Eve show.
  • Following a couple quick losses to tough opponents, Christina Barry says she is quitting MMA and focusing on BJJ and her family. As well, Christina Barry received her BJJ blackbelt from Sylvia Behring shortly after arriving home this past weekend…
  • SLAMM’s November 30 event near Montreal will feature a pair of fighters currently under contract with the on-hiatus Instinct MMA promotion. In order to compete for SLAMM both will have to pay Instinct $500, with the cost being split by the fighters and SLAMM.  Despite the one time exception, both fighters will remain under Instinct contract following the fight.
  • More Shane Campbell news, with the victory this weekend in his Muay Thai bout, Shaolin will be fighting Shawn McInnin for the North American World Muay Thai Council belt on March 2nd. Good luck!
  • Craig “The WarDog” Hudson (0-1) returns to combat sports on December 1st taking on Matt “Pain” White (0-2) in a boxing fight at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga.

NOTE: These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen. If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email:

18 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – November 5 ”

  1. mark says:

    Wreck MMA announced wreck mma 10 the last stand, their last show. Bye bye wreck. It was a solid promotion. Wreck MMA went to afghanistan and put on a good show for the troops. This years card happened to be around Remembrance Day, so, it’s a good time to show support to the members of the canadian forces.

    Lest we Forget

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    Fantastic MFC title fights… It’d be cool if those had a chance of happening.

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  3. Joe Doerksen says:

    Might wanna change that to “November 5”.

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    I don’t know about Rohovie, he may have a win in the MFC but he’s coming off a loss… say what you will about Pavelich but I doubt he would put someone coming off a loss up for a title!

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  5. K. RASMUS says:

    I bet Cody Rempel could give the Canadian Heavy weights a run for their money.

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    I also don’t agree with Rohovie, I think they should have a few more fights in the new 145lbs division before crowning a champ.
    Would rather see Mutapcic defend his belt than see a 145 champ crowned.

    Mutapcic vs John “Doomsday” Howard would be a great scrap!

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  7. Cody Rempel says:

    Haha… I doubt that K. Rasmus, there may be one or two that I would have a chance against, *cough* Bobby Kalmakoff *cough* but the Heavyweight division is really starting to pick up in Canada!

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  8. Bobby Karimi says:

    Cody did great at the tournament. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cody as well!

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  9. Cody Rempel says:

    Thanks Bobby, appreciate it… Glad you talked me into competing! I can’t wait to get in there again and keep improving!

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  10. tyler davis says:

    Cody ” the reaper” Rempel

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  11. Idolmaker says:

    Who’s ass is that in the pic gossip queen? Rikishi?

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  12. terry robertson says:

    here is another one, it’s funny how it’s guys who are the farthest thing from real mma athletes.

    well not funny but stupid that they are called mma fighters.

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  13. TheRealDealMeal says:

    Do all the partners from AFC know that the Tv deal from Youtoo Tv is bye bye, the network pulled the deal from the two guys in Edmonton. No deal for AFC

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  14. Gunner says:

    I think besides the fact all named in these cases are cowards and the furthest from true PRO mma fighters. These reporters and writers should be reprimanded for the way the categorize there criminals

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  15. Cody Rempel says:

    If anyone is interested in watching Hardeep Singh’s return to the cage, Super Fight League 8 streams live and free on Friday morning at 11:30 am! It doesn’t specify but I’m guessing that’s eastern time!

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  16. Donald Duck says:

    Alright which one of you jokers is Jack?


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