Top MMA News Readers Pick November’s Top 10 Canadian Fights


Top MMA News readers complained about this month’s Top 10 Maple Leaf Match Ups column and suggested that they should vote.  Well, Top MMA News aims to please so we put 29 fights up for a vote and 96 voters voiced their opinions in less than 20 hours!  Great participation!

Here are the Top 10 (as of November 2, 2:00pm):

Place Fight Points 1st Place Votes
1 Jordan Mein vs Forrest Petz, SFS 2213 34
2 John Alessio vs Kurt Southern, AFC 14 1968 7
3 Ryan Ford vs Kyle Baker, Bellator 79 1925 2
4 Jesse Ronson vs Ryan Healy, SFS 1844 3
5 John Alessio vs Dave Mazany, AFC 13 1831 2
6 Mike Kent vs Tim Chemelli, AFC 14 1754 4
7 Gregor Gracie vs Tyson Steele, WSOF 1720 3
8 Josh Hill vs Rafael Rebello, SFS 1690 2
9 Stephen Beaumont vs Shane Campbell, AFC 14 1689 3
10 Adam Lorenz vs Lenny Wheeler, AFC 14 1599 0


Others receiving first place votes:

Fight First Place Votes
Derk Boyle vs Curtis Johnson, Rage 25
Randy Turner vs BJ Ferguson, Wreck 2
Andrew Buckland vs Joel Powell, AFC 12 2
Victor Valimaki vs Razak Al-Hassan, AFC 14 2
Ryan Dickson vs Brandt Dewsbery, SFS 1
Mark Holst vs Nabil Khatib, Wreck 1
Alex Ricci vs Kevin Morin, SFS 1
Garret Davis vs Elmer Waterhen, KOTC 1
Mike Adams vs Josh Rettinghouse, BFL 1

6 Responses to “ Top MMA News Readers Pick November’s Top 10 Canadian Fights ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    I had a feeling the Derek Boyle fight was going to be the surprise other #1 vote getter, someone from his team or gym posted a link and asked people to vote him up!

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  2. Calgirl MMA says:

    So how are the points determined? By the votes?

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  3. Best fight vote is 29 points
    2nd best fight is 28 points
    3rd best fight is 27

    29th best fight is 1 point.

    Add them all up for a fight and that is the total points that fight gets.

    Good question!

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  4. BodySnatcher says:

    shoop that derek boyle hahaha smart idea though. although the return of de lorenzi should of snuck in at #10 he’s kinda a big deal to the lw division IMO

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  5. BodySnatcher says:

    good fan list though. as i made it on at #4. not bashing BIG hwins list either.

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Nice to see Lorenz vs Wheeler made the top 10 peeps in the know know that’s an exciting one. :)

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