Elite 1 MMA Weigh-In Results


Elite 1 MMA held their weigh-ins on November 2, 2012 to make their fight card official. Unfortunately, they lost a few fights but will still have a good show tomorrow.

If you are in Moncton, pick up a few tickets and watch some live MMA. If you are outside the area, why not watch the Internet PPV. If neither option is for you, Top MMA News will bring you live results tomorrow.

Here are the official weigh-in results from Moncton, New Brunswick.

Pro Fight Card:
Main Event

170lbs- Alderic Keith (170.4) vs. Jeremiah Bernard (165.8)

Semi Main Event
155lbs- Phil St-Pierre (155.4) vs. Steven Rogers (155)

185lbs- Todd Henry (184) vs. Dan Fowler (185.6)
145lbs- Jeff Miller (144.8) vs. Morgan Rhynes (143.4)
145lbs- Chance Whalen (133.8) vs. Mitch Rogers (135.6)

Amateur Fight Card:
155lbs- Mike Thorne (155) vs Mathieu Mazerolle (155)
170lbs- Gabriel Vienneau (169.4) vs. Ryan Potter (168.8)
155lbs- Brandon Chaisson (154.4) vs. Joseph MacDougall (155)

Chris Currie (6-4) vs. Justin “The Ninja” Ruhl (2-1) is off due to Justin Ruhl having a shoulder injury
Ryan Gallant (3-0) vs. Shelby Murray (2-0) is off. Ryan Gallant decided to hang up the MMA gloves.

10 Responses to “ Elite 1 MMA Weigh-In Results ”

  1. mark says:

    what? he decides to hang up the gloves on the night of the weigh ins? classy!!

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  2. mark says:

    P.S Elite 1 MMA needs to go to St.John’s NL. Second biggest city in eastern Canada. Bunch of drunk newfies love fights.

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  3. Cameron McQueen says:

    Had a feeling Justin Ruhl fight wouldn’t happen. Sucks about the injury. What a bummer.

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  4. @clinchcraig says:

    Is Justin Ruhl, Justin Primmer?

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  5. Cameron McQueen says:


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  6. @clinchcraig says:

    he does this shit a lot does he not?

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  7. Cameron McQueen says:

    Tonnes. Very disrespectful.

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  8. Mike says:

    Ruhl cant professionally he doesnt have what it takes

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  9. Mike says:

    The guys a bum, says he has a gym but in reality there’s no such place. It’s all in his head.

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  10. Just Laughable says:


    Justin Ruhl says:
    September 14, 2012 at 12:05 am
    Really Cameron? stick to things you know ok buddy! My past is one of which stemmed from a non intentional drunken violence case almost 10 years ago, so get your facts straight. What’s important now though is that I’m free from parole and I am a better man today, My life has changed for the better and MMA has helped changed my life too. I’m proud to be back fighting for Elite 1 and my fight with Chris Currie will be an honourable and respectful action packed fight with hands shaken at the end regardless of the result. The Ninja is back!! I love MMA I love the East Coast and all the people out there!!!!

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