Pure Fighting Championships 10 – Red Deer – December 7


Date: December 7, 2012
Venue Westerner Park in Red Deer, Alberta

Pro Fights:
185lbs- Clay Davidson (6-3) vs. Caleb Grummett (5-4)
145lbs- Tyler Davis (8-2) vs. Mark Maruzs (3-4)
155lbs- Peter Neufeld (5-3) vs Chris Heatherly (4-0)
135lbs- Ryan Brigham (5-4) vs. Michael Imperato (4-1)
145lbs- Tim Tamaki (15-26) vs. Steve Dittrich (1-1)
180lbs- Marcus Hicks (12-21) vs. Brandon MacArthur (7-23)

Amateur Fights:
170lbs- Jayson Pyper (1-0) vs. Kellen Falt (0-0)
135lbs- Austin Ryan (1-0) vs. Jason Diep (0-0)

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  1. Robin Black says:

    @ Jerobe

    You are correct sir. Mike I, Michael K, Darson H, these guys are all developing at a scary rate. And of course Misha is scary. And Steve Simms. And Peter Nolan. You get the picture.

    Sam Zakula is imo one of the very best at arming his troops with an aggressive and technically spooky ground game. You can try to train for it but you can’t stop it.

    Like, man, Darson just won the Abu Dhabi NA trials and then the WORLDS a few weeks later. That is LEGIT.

    Its a pleasure to see this group develop. Excited to watch it continue.

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  2. ?? says:

    Honestly how does a guy with 41 pro fights end up fighting a guy 2 that aint right

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  3. Donald Duck says:

    But Dittrich is a warrior, he’ll fight anyone anywhere anytime. You guys just don’t appreciate what a high quality fighter is able to do. And Tim needs to be shown respect as a vetern of the sport. He’s always stepped up and if he wants to fight and Dittrich wants to fight then they should be allowed to fight. You guys just don’t understand MMA….

    Donnie just f’n gives up.

    Let anyone fight, why bother trying to grow the sport?

    I’m going to go back to watching football.


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  4. Rickson says:

    @Robin Black

    You are correct sir. Tapstar is one of the most talented and under appreciated fight teams in the country. Some may hate on them, but that’s only because they fear stepping up or have been beaten at mma or grappling competitions. Also, you forgot to add Adrian Wooley(possibly the top 125er in Canada) and UFC fighter Sean Pierson.

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  5. durr says:

    How can someone be the best at a weight class they have never fought at?

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  6. durr says:

    remi morvan, mike davis guys who have fought and won at that wieght

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  7. Donald Duck says:

    Look, I’ve been critical of people in the past but to question why Wooley would be considered as “possibly” (note the specific word that was used there) one of the best (again, very unique and deliberate wording) at that weight then you probably shouldn’t be watching MMA.


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  8. tyler davis says:

    Go clay Davidson

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  9. Wakitabbaki says:

    How does a guy with 40 fights get matched up with a 1-1 guy? People allow this? Is this considered good match making?

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  10. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    There’s two fights on this card that are poorly matched up, being in Red Deer I’m not sure who the commission is but how they were approved is beyond me!

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  11. Jamie Locke says:

    Looking forward to seeing Hicks’ weight today. If he shows up on wieght and in shape he should have this fight.

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  12. DevonNoRemorseNeville says:

    hicks for the win!!!! and tim tamaki i’d like a fight at 145 when yer done with this guy

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  13. Mike Davis says:

    Hicks came in at 183!

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  14. Cody Rempel says:

    181 actually… could we actually see Hicks at Welterweight eventually???

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  15. tyler davis says:

    Hicks looked scary in shape

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  16. burred says:

    Hicks gets the win, and I bet throws his hat in the ring for his next fight! Does anybody want him next? You better think about it. Congrats to Marcus and his team at KP.

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  17. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Thnx jamie for the nice comment. Im really trying to put in work & improve. Thnx to Kamikaze Punishment,coaches & my training partners for that. As far the weighin weight,Brandon asked a couple days before weighins if the fight could be at 185 instead of 180 the original weight. I knew everyone would think it was probably me that asked for it. So we accepted the higher weight & I made 180(u get a lb)to prove a point. I made that weight easy & without straining or dehydrating myself,I could have cut at least 6-8 more lbs easily without trying to kill myself like some of these other guys. Im looking to focus on improving my skills and technique,& will most likely be going to 170lbs in 2013. we’ve done a dry cut after the Janes fight & I made 171 but was drained and tired,hence working it gradually bringing my walk around weight down. this was supposed to be 180,then we were gonna look for a fight at 175lbs. For at least the nxt 3 or 4 fights focus on skill & technique improvement fight at 180 or 185 then drop to 170lbs properly in spring 2013. thnx again
    Oh & btw-ive learned train more,talk less. I appologize to alot of people for disrespecting mma before by just running my mouth & not training. Alot of u guys work hard,& ive grown a valuable respect for all u guys puttin in work. I feel good & as my teammates will tell u,Im a gym rat now spend more time in our gym than anyone. In fact 12 noon tomorrow,ill bve there back training to clean up the early thinking too much tonight & sloppiness early on. thnx to Jay Mac & PFC for having me on their card,Brandon for taking the fight & my team Kamikaze Punishment & BRAD Foster especially for helping to become the fighter i believe i can be. Watch this team is gonna do big things Me,Tim shady smith,Jarid Bussemaker,Ryan ford,Behrang Yousefi,Chris Ade,Jason Kuchera& A shit load of young beasts.

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  18. PUCK says:

    That a boy Marcus keep it up! The last 4 fights I have seen of yours are great!

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  19. Cody Rempel says:

    I’d love to see Marcus Hicks vs. Jason Gorny! Another guaranteed FOTN!

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  20. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good fights,
    Hicks vs Gorny
    MacArthur vs Gorny
    Hicks vs Thorne (where ever that guy is)

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  21. Just Laughable says:

    Personally if i were Hicks i would stay at 185lbs the canadian 170 division is far deeper than the 185 and i hate to say it but i dont see winning streak lasting long if he goes down from 185, that being said congrats on the win and nice to see you taking postive strides

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  22. Cody Rempel says:

    I think as long as he stays away from those UFC vets and takes the right kind of fights he can keep making gradual improvements and put a good streak together!

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  23. Dean Panas says:

    A focussed and determined Marcus Hicks is a very good fighter. Glad to see he is on the right track.

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  24. Donald Duck says:

    I’m sorry but Marcus has done this before. He looks great and then returns to his old ways. No doubt he has talent but I’m going to need to see more than a couple of fights before I’ll forget some of the crap he’s pulled in the past.


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